Rao Yeleswarapu - Moblin Overview Apac Roadshow 2009 For Gnome


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  • Power Optimizations: taking advantage of the power states in the Atom architecutre (C-State, P-State, T-State), by keeping the CPU in deeper C-states for longer periods of time, and leveraging the power optimizations from LessWatts.org Fast Boot Optimizations: The Moblin distribution includes several technologies to improve the system boot time, which ranges from Kernel patches, revised init scripts, etc…. The effect of the fast boot technologies/optimizations is to enhance the overall Moblin user experience by improving system responsiveness. Moblin introduces a new compelling user experience based on Clutter. Clutter is an open source software library used for creating sleek, fast and visually rich interfaces with 3D effects and animations, and new intuitive touch-screen based paradigms. It uses OpenGL for rendering but with an API which hides the underlying GL complexity from the developer. Moblin also provides high level platform specific Clutter toolkit (e.g. NBTK for netbooks) which make development of these compelling experiences and applications even easier. Multimedia frameworks: Moblin contains extensive support for technologies that enable multimedia usage models including streaming content from the web, capturing and viewing locally stored video content, listening to locally stored music, capturing and storing images locally, as well as sharing multimedia content with others using YouTub, MySpace, Flickr, etc…Moblin supports both Gstreamer and Helix multimedia frameworks thus offering choice and flexibility to meet customer needs. Many popular open source multimedia applications use Gstreamer for example, whilst a number of multimedia related technologies are part of Helix including Helix DNA Server.Connection Manager: often short named ConnMan is a daemon for managing Internet and Intranet connections in Moblin. It was initially launched by Intel in 2008, and then re-launched as a joint Intel-Nokia project in June 2009. Currently it is co-led by Intel and Nokia. ConnMan is designed to be thin (very small footprint), with minimal dependencies such that it can fit in embedded systems. It includes plugins for various wireless technologies (3G, WiMax, WiFi, …)- Moblin is an OS that will be used in many countries by people speaking multiple languages. Currently, Moblin is translated in these languages: Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Spanish (Castilian), Swedish. We have also have new community translations in Laotian, Malay, Ukrainian, Catalan, Norwegian, Punjabi, and Turkish.
  • Rao Yeleswarapu - Moblin Overview Apac Roadshow 2009 For Gnome

    1. 1. Moblin OverviewFor APAC Roadshow<br />Rao Yeleswarapu<br />Open Source Technology Center<br />Intel Corporation<br />
    2. 2. Agenda<br /><ul><li>Background
    3. 3. Moblin Overview
    4. 4. Moblin Features
    5. 5. Ecosystem
    6. 6. Summary</li></li></ul><li>2 H 2009<br />2H 2007<br />1 H 2009<br />2H 2008<br />1H 2008<br />Moblin - Background<br />Moblin products from OSVs<br />Moblin v2 UI for netbook debuts at Computex gaining rave reviews around the globe<br />Moblin v2 UI for MID handheld and IVI demonstrations<br />Microsoft* Silverlight for Moblin<br />Moblin-based netbooks /nettops in the market<br />Moblin v2 alpha and beta releases expand community innovation <br />Intel Atom Developer Program and Moblin Garage<br />Intel acquires OpenedHand; brings Clutter based 3D UI to Moblin project<br />Moblin project hosting transitions to the Linux Foundation <br />Moblin-based handhelds in the market<br />Dell + Intel &quot;Mt. Olive&quot; board announced Moblin v2 products<br />Intel initiates Moblin.org<br />
    7. 7. Moblin – Common Core Across Multiple Segments<br />MIDs/<br />Smartphones<br />Netbooks/<br />Nettops<br />Auto<br />Embedded<br /> Moblin <br />OS &<br />Sys. Infra.<br />OS &<br />Sys. Infra.<br />OS &<br />Sys. Infra.<br />OS &<br />Sys. Infra.<br />Platforms based on Intel® Atom™ processors<br />Optimized Linux Operating System Project for Intel Atom Processors<br />
    8. 8. Moblin v2 Beta Reviews<br />Phoronix <br />The Moblin V2 User Interface Is Very Impressive<br />...more to get excited over than just amazing boot times. Moblin 2.0 will introduce a Clutter-based user interface and from our initial encounters with this release, it is very impressive!<br />ArsTechnica <br />Hands-on: Intel brings rich UI to Moblin Linux platform<br />it&apos;s an enormously impressive step in the right direction. When Moblin finally arrives on devices, it will make Linux netbooks significantly more competitive and appealing to end-users.<br />Download Squad<br />Moblin Beta 2 evolves into a capable Linux option for netbooks<br />... the fast-booting Linux distribution aimed at providing a better instant-on experience. Today marks the official release of Beta 2, and it&apos;s taking shape rather nicely.<br />Gizmodo<br />I&apos;d Actually Use a Netbook With Intel&apos;s Moblin 2.0 OS<br />Intel&apos;s Moblin 2.0 OS is designed specifically for netbooks, and marks the first time I&apos;ve ever been tempted to utter &quot;wow&quot; and &quot;netbook&quot; in the same sentence.<br />Information Week<br />Moblin Moves Into The Public Eye<br />... Moblin&apos;s native interface, which straddles a curiously wavering line between netbook, notebook, and phone interface.<br />jkOnTheRun<br />Moblin v2.0 Video- Finally, a Real Mobile UI for Netbooks<br />My initial impression: It’s one of the first, true mobile user interfaces for netbooks and not just another desktop environment that’s tweaked for the small screen.<br />ArsTechnica <br />Hands-on: Intel brings rich UI to Moblin Linux platform<br />it&apos;s an enormously impressive step in the right direction. When Moblin finally arrives on devices, it will make Linux netbooks significantly more competitive and appealing to end-users.<br />TechGeist<br />Moblin is Front and Center<br />... has now bloomed into a workable, and fairly awesome netbook based OS. Moblin developers, keep doing what you are doing, cause you&apos;re doing it well.<br />
    9. 9. Moblin Key Elements<br /><ul><li>An Open Source Community Project
    10. 10. A complete Linux stack – kernel, drivers, OS+UI+Apps infrastructure, core apps, tools, SDK
    11. 11. A common software platform across MIDs, Netooks, Nettops, IVI, Embedded (Mediaphone)
    12. 12. Productized by 17 Linux OSVs WW
    13. 13. Moblin project = technology
    14. 14. Moblin products = OSVs</li></li></ul><li>Moblin Software Platform Overview<br />Moblin Ecosystem<br />Moblin Software Stack<br />Moblin Core Tools<br />PowerTOP<br />Atom Developer PRGM<br />Moblin Core Applications<br />Image Creator<br />Compliance<br />Moblin UI Services<br />SDK & Tools<br />OSVs/Distros<br />Moblin App Services<br />LatencyTOP<br />Community/Developers<br />Linux Kernel & Drivers<br />
    15. 15. The Moblin Software Stack<br />Platform Specific UX<br />UI Services<br />App Services<br />Moblin Core<br />Linux Kernel and Drivers<br />Moblin Core is common across platforms<br />User Experience is specific to a platform (e.g. MID, Netbook, IVI, …)<br />
    16. 16. Moblin Software Architecture<br />Platform Specific UX<br />WM + Clutter Compositor<br />Customer Provided<br />UI / Apps<br />Clutter toolkit<br />Reference UX<br />3D User Interface Library (Clutter)<br />QT<br />UI<br />Services<br />QT Embed<br />(clutter-QT)<br />Media Playback<br />(clutter-media)<br />GTK+<br />Physics<br />(Box2D)<br />Web Rendering<br />(mozilla-clutter)<br />GTK Embed<br />(clutter-GTK)<br />Comms Services<br />Internet Services<br />Media Services<br />Graphics Services<br />Other Services<br />3D Graphics<br />(OpenGL)<br />Network Mgmt<br />(ConnMan)<br />Message Bus<br />(D-Bus)<br />Layout Engine<br />(Mozilla Gecko)<br />Media Services<br />(GStreamer, Helix)<br />Moblin Core<br />i18N Rendering<br />(Pango)<br />Telephony APIs<br />(Telepathy, GSM)<br />Web Services<br />(REST, Mojito)<br />Audio Mgmt<br />(PulseAudio)<br />C Services<br />(Glib, GObject)<br />App<br />Services<br />2D Graphics<br />(Cairo)<br />Bluetooth<br />(BlueZ)<br />OfonoTellephnyStack<br />IP<br />VoIP, IM,<br />Presence<br />Location<br />(Gypsy, GeoClue)<br />Content Mgmt<br />(Bickley)<br />PIM Services<br />(EDS)<br />X<br />Codecs<br />Device Sync<br />(SyncML, gUPnP)<br />WiFi / WiMAX<br />(Drivers, OMA-DM)<br />Linux<br />Kernel<br />Linux Base Services<br />WiFi, WiMAXBluetooth, 3G Data<br />Power Mgmt<br />Device Drivers<br />Platform Support<br />Graphics system<br />
    17. 17. Moblin v2 Features Overview<br />
    18. 18. Moblin v2 Features Overview<br />Moblin SDK<br />• Compliant Application Development Tools <br />• Includes standard 3rd Party Application Installer <br />• Reference code and Documentation<br />
    19. 19. Moblin Software Development Kit<br />Core Development Tools<br /><ul><li>Image Creator
    20. 20. PowerTop / LatencyTop
    21. 21. GNU Tool chain</li></ul>Intel® Software Development Products<br /><ul><li>Intel®C++ Compiler For Linux*
    22. 22. Intel®IPP Libraries
    23. 23. Intel®VTune™ Analyzer
    24. 24. JTAG Debugger / Apps Debugger</li></ul>Sample Apps & Documentation<br /><ul><li>Open source sample apps
    25. 25. Application Design, Development, and Optimization Guides
    26. 26. Moblin Porting Guides</li></li></ul><li>Moblin v2 User Experience<br /><ul><li>Integrated - Personalized Social Networking Services & Infrastructure
    27. 27. Easy to Use and Build Upon - Full Internet, Rich Media Consumption, Standards-based
    28. 28. Customizable – Branded Customer Experiences, Flexible Look and Feel, Powerful 3D Tools and Animation</li></ul>13<br />
    29. 29. Moblin v2 myzone <br />
    30. 30. Moblin User Experience: MID Example<br />Integrated Personalized Social Networking <br />Optimized <br />Full Internet<br />Browser<br />Personalized<br />Phone Dialer <br />
    31. 31. Moblin - Services Platform of Choice<br />Moblin provides choice & flexibility to create a differentiated service offering to satisfy your end users’ desires & your business goals <br />Simplified consumption of Cloud-based services into the customizable, rich UI<br />Extensible open source stack which enables OEM/SP branded services<br />Menu of 3rd party services partners ready to go<br />Support for multiple runtimes and app stores<br />3rd Party Runtimes & App Stores<br />OEM/SP Branded Services & App Stores<br />3rd Party ISV Apps & Services<br />Cloud-based Services<br />Moblin<br />
    32. 32. Silverlight for Moblin<br />New endpoints for Rich Experiences<br />Single Toolset, 3 screens<br />Shipping Summer 2010<br />Get Started Today<br />http://www.silverlight.net<br />
    33. 33. Moblin Working Model<br />Commercial <br />Moblin Compliant<br />OS Products<br />PRC<br />WTEC<br />Thailand<br />OxMs<br />Moblin.org hosts the development of the open source sw stack<br />Commercial OSVs deliver moblin compliant, customized products<br />
    34. 34. Moblin Compliance<br />Moblin Compliance will enable Moblin compliant applications to run on all devices running Moblin compliant OSes with segment specific adaptations<br />Moblin Compliance<br />Without Compliance<br />With Compliance<br />ISVs<br />ISVs<br />OSVs<br />OSVs<br /><ul><li> Fragmented Ecosystem
    35. 35. Greater ISV costs  fewer ISVs
    36. 36. Inconsistent OSV feature set
    37. 37. Doesn’t Scale!
    38. 38. Unified Ecosystem
    39. 39. Leverage ISV investments  larger ecosystem
    40. 40. Uniform OSV capability
    41. 41. Great Scalability</li></li></ul><li>Intel® Atom™ Developer Program 21ST Century Developer Program: focused on business, fueled by technology<br /><ul><li>Drive innovative applications and usage models for end users
    42. 42. Provide developers and ISVs with tools, SDKs, and community of support
    43. 43. Access to development support, application validation and a framework for a worldwide distribution channel
    44. 44. App Store framework for developers to sell applications and make money!</li></ul>Learn more at appdeveloper.intel.com<br />
    45. 45. Moblin GarageA Simple Way to Find and Install Moblin Applications<br />21<br />
    46. 46. Moblin Ecosystem Momentum<br />community<br /><ul><li>Thousands of apps
    47. 47. Hundreds of applications optimized for Moblin
    48. 48. PC Linux* applications and middleware “just run”</li></li></ul><li>Moblin Success Story- Vietnam Education PC<br />Video - <br />15 city-roadshow; 20,000 visitors<br />Ecosystem<br />Vietsoft OSV (Asianux consortium) <br />Ministry of Education and Training (MOET)<br />Intel Atom processor based nettops from Local OEMs<br />
    49. 49. Case Studies: China &quot;Go Rural&quot; 电脑下乡<br />Affordable Moblin based netbooks & nettops from OSVs & Local OEMs for rural usages<br />Red Flag (Asianux) enables<br />- Tribal village tour booking<br />- e-Village accommodation booking<br />- Pinggu Rural District Mobile Office Automation<br />CS2C customizes<br />- Agricultural information systems by<br />working with industry vendors<br />
    50. 50. Moblin Summary<br /><ul><li>A complete, standards-based, Linux reference stack with dev environment and documentation
    51. 51. Moblin delivers a visually rich internet and media experience
    52. 52. A common software platform across MIDs, Netbooks, Nettops, IVI, Embedded
    53. 53. A commercial distribution by 17 Moblin Compliant OSVs WW
    54. 54. An Apps Store to monetize ISV products</li></ul>Moblin is a Complete Program – Compatible Stack, Dev Tools, Multiple Platforms and Apps Store to Monetize Your Products<br />
    55. 55. Moblin Forum in Hanoi <br />November 24Horison Hotel1:30 PM – 5:30 PMTo register:Vu Phuong Thao thaovp@vinasa.org.vn<br />
    56. 56. Moblin Forum in HCMC<br />November 26Duxton Hotel1:30 PM – 5:30 PMTo register:Vu Phuong Thao thaovp@vinasa.org.vn<br />
    57. 57. Thank You!<br />