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Education in china


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Education in china

  1. 1.  The Educational System in China is very competitive and there are many tests through it. Despite that, student´s levels of failure are very low and the literacy rate exceeds 94%.
  2. 2. Basic levels of Education: Primary Education: It usually begins at six years old and is mandatory. Its duration is usually six years. Secondary education: It is divided in lower secondary education and upper secondary education. The first and second cycle are mandatory and they usually last 3 years.
  3. 3.  Professional education: In 1996 was created the Vocational Education Law, which established a well-structured professional education system. Higher education: It is taught in universities, colleges and vocational training centers. There are 3 types of it:• vocational training• higher education• postgraduate (Masters and PhD) The academic year is structured around two semesters of about 20 weeks each. The first begins in September and the second one in February. Class attendance is mandatory.