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Visual aids inspired by 'Kanban' and 'Task Board' can help to organize and structure the collaboration between teammates. These collaboration boards are intended to make explicit, with a minimum of formality, the operating rules of the team. In this session, we will present how collaboration boards are essential to improve outcomes from shared accountability. Come and learn how to set visual rules for collaboration between teammates.

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  • Collaboration boards

    1. 1. Collaboration BoardsMario CardinalAgile Coach & Software Architectwww.mariocardinal.comVersion May 20 th
    2. 2. • Agile Coach & Software architect• Leading independent consultant• www.mariocardinal.comWho am I ?
    3. 3. "The real voyage of discovery consists, not in seeking new landscapes, but inhaving new eyes.”Marcel ProustA. Collaboration with a SlingboardB. Software development with multipleSlingboardWhy are we here?Agenda
    4. 4. Collaboration BoardsSection ACollaboration with a Slingboard
    5. 5. SlingboardDefinition• Visual tool that guides collaboration betweenteammates by using sticky notes• Each sticky note is a visual aid for signalingcollaboratorsColumn 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column NRow 1Row 2Row N
    6. 6. SlingboardTwo-Dimensional Grid• Each column helps to accomplish a workflow• The rows are usedto group andorganize the yellowstickies in a logicalmannerStep 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step NColumn1 Column2 Column3 Column NRow1Row2Row N
    7. 7. SlingboardSimple example:Task Board• Display the operating or progress status• Provide immediate feedback to peopleTo Do In Progress Done
    8. 8. SlingboardWhy?• Helps TEAMMATES who are dissatisfied withoutcomes from SHARED ACCOUNTABILITY– Get better results for your team– Get more commitment from your teammates• Provides teams with VISUAL RULES to improveCOLLABORATION between TEAMMATES– Get individual responsibility aligned with teamwork
    9. 9. • As soon as teammates must collaborate a boardcan be usefulSlingboardMore than just software developmentFactoryInquiryInquiryNewinquiryQuotat ionOrder SampleValidate orderPaymentReadytobuildInvoiceInquir yInquiryInquiryInquiryInquir yInquiryInquiryInquiryInquiryInquiryInquiryInquiryInquiryInquiryManufacturingUserStoryUserStoryUserStoryUserStoryUserStoryUserStoryUserStoryBacklogNew UserStor yReady toRankRankingReady toSizeSizingReady toConf irmReady toSplitUserStoryUserStoryUserStoryUserStoryFinancial institutionabcabcNewabcquote Order Phone Agr ee Bill CallInvoiceabcabcabcabc abc abcabcabcabcabcabcabcabcabcReadytobuildabcabcabcBacklogBacklogRecruitment firmabcabcNewinquiryQuotat ionOrder SampleValidate orderInvoiceabcabcabcabcabcabcabcabcabcabc abc
    10. 10. SlingboardVisual Management• Each column represents a state of the process– The aim is to move each sticky note from state to state toaccomplish a workflow.InquiryInquiryNewinquiryQuotation Order SampleValidateorderPaymentReady tobuildInvoiceInquiryInquiryInquiryInquiryInquiryInquiryInquiryInquiryInquiryInquiryInquiryInquiryInquiryInquiryNewinquiryReady tobuildQuotationOrderSampleValidateorderIs confirmNoYesInvoicePaymentWorkflowof aFactoryOrderSlingboard of a Factory Order
    11. 11. SlingboardVisual Rules• Each column is a visual rule that improves the collaborativework by setting individual responsibilitiesInquiryInquiryNewinquiryQuotation Order SampleValidateorderPaymentReady tobuildInvoiceInquiryInquiryInquiryInquiryInquiryInquiryInquiryInquiryInquiryInquiryInquiryInquiryInquiryInquiryCollaborator ACollaborator BCollaborator CCollaborator BCollaborator D
    12. 12. SlingboardIt is all about sharing responsibilities• Intend to guide the action of the group members– Identifies the flow of work and what is being done– Helps to understand and indicate priorities– Highlights when something is going wrong or nothappening– Cut down on meetings to discuss work issues– Provides real time feedback to everyone involved in thewhole process– Allows to see whether performance is met
    13. 13. SlingboardIt is all about transparency• Aim to increase the efficiency and effectiveness ofa process by making visible the collaboration rules– Shows group members information they care about(without having to ask anyone a question)– Reduce friction by making explicit the “invisible”knowledge
    14. 14. SlingboardPinning a Status Tag• Status tag is used to visualize issue that is notdirectly associated with the value-added stepsdisplayed by the columns• Pinning creates visibility and awareness and allowsthe right people to react quickly to that new status$ 20kCompany ABCView Order“Blocked”StatusTag
    15. 15. Collaboration BoardsSection BSoftware Developmentwith multiple Slingboard
    16. 16. Software Developmentwith Slingboards• How we use Trello & Google Docs to makeUserVoice better every day•
    17. 17. Software Developmentwith SlingboardsTrello: UBER Simple Collaboration and Task Management
    18. 18. • Roadmap (Grooming)– Q1, Q2, Q3• Inbox– Idea, Customer idea (Uservoice helpdesk)Software Developmentwith Slingboards
    19. 19. • Planning• Engineering– Backend, Frontend, Tests, Infrastructure• Bugs– Inbox, Needs input, AcceptedSoftware Developmentwith Slingboards
    20. 20. • Current developmentSoftware Developmentwith Slingboards
    21. 21. Slingboard with Trello
    22. 22. ConclusionAnnouncing SlingBoards Lab7:37 AMIn and Out BoardAppIN OUTJohnny DeppGeorgeClooneyTom CruiseBradPitt10amDiscussion11amConference10amWeeklyReview10amFligh 812American2pm10am9am5pm11amNoon1pm2pm3pm4pm
    23. 23. Do not hesitate to contact