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Body language and gestures


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Identifying common gestures in English and compare with Spanish

Published in: Education
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Body language and gestures

  1. 1. Body language and gestures
  2. 2. What is body language?• It’s communication using your body.• We use gestures instead of sounds.• Gestures make speaking easier to understand.
  3. 3. Gestures with your hands• Waving – To say hello and goodbye.• Clapping – When something is really good.• Crossing your fingers – For good luck and hope.• Shaking hands- When you greet someone.
  4. 4. Gestures with your head • Nodding- To say yes and to agree. • Shaking your head- to say no and disagree
  5. 5. Gestures with your face• Winking – For a shared secret.• Yawning – When tired or bored.• Sticking out your tongue – Mocking or flirting with somebody.• Making faces – For disrespect or trying to be funny.
  6. 6. Other gestures • Shrugging your shoulders- to show doubt and lack of interest. • Stamping your feet – To show anger. • Folding your arms – To show that you are not satisfied.
  7. 7. Explain the following:
  8. 8. Spanish gestures v English gestures• Pinky promise – used to make promises to you friends.• Greetings- we only shake hands.• Air quotes – to indicate a quote. Also used with sarcasm.• Loser- an offensive gesture.