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Published in: Business, Health & Medicine
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  1. 1. Grouping ObjectsSolids, Liquids and gases
  2. 2. • An object is a thing that we can seeor touch.
  3. 3. •We learn about objects bysorting them into groups.
  4. 4. •We group objects by :Size ShapeColor Weight
  5. 5. The blocks are solids.• Solids have their own shape.• Solids take up space and have acertain size.• They don’t change their shape, whenwe move them from place to place.
  6. 6. • Liquids adopt theshape of theircontainer.•Liquids take upspace and have a You can seecertain size. the red liquid in four different containers.
  7. 7. This bouncy castle is filled with air.• Gases adopt the shape of theircontainers. They don’t have a shapeof their own.•Gases can change their size andshape depending on the container.
  8. 8. •It is made of gases•It is all around us.•We cannot see it.•It has no color.•It has no taste
  9. 9. Liquids solids Gases
  10. 10. SOLIDS GASES LIQUIDS By: Miss. Marinés Betancourt 1st grade, 2010