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Formation of Mariners Lodge #150 F&AM, Barnegat, NJ


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Formation of Mariners Lodge #150 F&AM, Barnegat, NJ

  1. 1. The Formation of Mariners’ Lodge 150 F&AM Barnegat, New JerseyIn Memory of Our Departed Brother Jacob KlineHistorian Angel Camilo Historian
  2. 2. 1880 Barnegat, New JerseyBarnegat, New Jersey was a small coastal town on the Jersey Shore alivewith commerce in the shipping trade and a vibrant Masonic community.The Masonic Lodge was located in Tuckerton, NJ.
  3. 3. The stages and vessels were the only publicconveyances to the city of Tuckerton until 1871 whenthe Tuckerton Railroad was built. In 1879 TR&W Railroadbuilt an extension to Barnegat which ran a three roundtrip schedule.
  4. 4. 1880 Tuckerton Train Station, New JerseyThe stagecoach and the trains stopped running early in the evening, much earlier than the end of the lodge meetings.
  5. 5. A problem presented itself to the brethren of Barnegat. How do we get home after the lodge meeting?Tuckerton Lodge #4 on the corner of Wood and Church Streetswas established in 1820. The building has been used by theLodge continuously since 1825, and is perhaps the oldestcontinuously used Masonic Lodge in New Jersey.
  6. 6. On January 13th 1880 there met in the room over the Butcher Shop in Barnegat,New Jersey, Brothers Joseph A. Pharro, Henry A. Talbert, Leander Fox, JosephHelfrich and Jeremiah S. Storms. After an animated discussion of the subject“Masonry in Barnegat” lasting for one hour, they adjourned until Wednesday eveningJanuary 14th 1880. On that date Brother Alexander Chandler joined theaforementioned brothers. The discussion continued and it was agreed to open aSchool in Masonry . Leander Fox Joseph Jeremiah S. Storms Helfrich
  7. 7. On Wednesday January 28th after much study anddiscussion it was ordered that Brother Jeremiah Storms beauthorized to communicate with Worshipful Master T. W.Brown of Tuckerton Lodge. An agreement was signed by all the brothers that lived inBarnegat to share in the expenses attendant upon theeducation of the necessary officers.Jeremiah Storms after visiting Tuckerton Lodge reportedthat the Brethren of Tuckerton Lodge were in favor ofhaving a Lodge organized in Barnegat, feeling that itwould be beneficial to both the mother lodge and thebrethren residing in Barnegat.
  8. 8. Mariners’ Lodge Room 1910Barnegat Feb.7 1881 At an Emergent Communication of The Most WorshipfulGrand Lodge Of New Jersey was held in the Lodge Room ofMariners Lodge Barnegat, NJ on Monday February 7 AD1881 Al 5881. There were present... 
  9. 9. Bro. Jos W. Martin W.G.M.Bro. William Handacre W.D.G.MBro. Henry Vehslage W.G.S.WBro. Jos. W. Congdon W.G.Jr WBro. Chas Betchel W.G.TreasurerBro. Thomas H. Redway W.D.G.Secty.Bro. W.C. Abbe W.G.S.D. PrateBro. Gustavus M. Murray W.G. ChaplainBro. Thomas H. Cooper W.G.Jr.DBro. Charles Russ W.G. MarshallBro. T. W. Brown W.S.G.S.Bro. Albert L Randolph W.Jr.G.S.Bro. Thomas Cook W.G.S.B.Bro. Heber Wells G. InstructerBro. Henry S. Haines G.T. Protem andBro. Isaac Van Wagner W.P.G.M.
  10. 10. The Lodge was opened in due formand with the brethren composingMariners Lodge and visiting brethrenwere placed in charge of the GrandMarshall who formed a processionand proceeded to the M. E. Churchwhere Mariners Lodge No.150 wasConstituted in ample form and theofficers were duly installed in thererespective offices by the officers ofthe Most Worshipful Grand Lodge ofNew Jersey.
  11. 11. Mariners’ Lodge 150 F&AMFirst Trestle Board Angel Camilo Historian