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Current 2012 Wakeboards by cwb

  1. 1. 2012 CWB Wakeboards written by: Lindsay Pietroluongo The CWB board Companys line of 2012 wakeboards is made up of six diverse series of boards. Several popular wakeboarders were called in to help design the new line of boards for CWB.The Pro Series includes the DB9 138, DB9 144, Marius 136, Marius 141, Transcend 138 andTranscend 142. Green-minded wakeboarders will love the DB9 138 board, which is the most eco-friendly of all the cwb wakeboards. The top shell of the board is made from bamboo, which helpsto strengthen the board while preserving it lightbodyweight. The Marius 136 is one of the mostpopular CWB boards and was styleed by Trevor Hansen. This board is designed with the skilledrider in mind. Remove the alumnium fin for cable riding. The Transcend 138 board was layoutedthanks to the input of a variety of wakeboarders of all unique stages. This is one of the best proboards for any skill stage.The Park Series includes the Vibe 136, Vibe 142, Vibe 147, Saber 139, Saber 145, xKink 134,xKink 140 and the xKink 146. The Vibe 136 board was styleed by Gabe Lucas. There are threemeasurements to pick from and the board was layouted specifically for rail parks. The Saber 145has a flat backside to help stay catch-free on rails. This super strong board has a beveled ABS railthat goes into the board. The xKink 134 has a four-fin design and the new Xtrans base.The Motion Series includes the Faction 138, Faction 144, Absolute 135, Absolute 141, Kink 134,Kink 140 and the Kink 146. The Faction 138 board has the largest center spine of all the cwbwakeboards. The spine runs from the tip of the board to the tail. The Absolute 141 was designedby Zane Schwank and has two rows that contain six V-shaped steps each. This will help toincrease wakeboarding speed and decrease drag.The Diamond Series includes the Sapphire 134, Sapphire 140, Lotus 130, Lotus 134 and the Bella124. The Sapphire 134 has four adjustable fins that you can move either backward or forward. Thedouble-winged tail will allow the Sapphire 134 to sit deeply in the water. The Lotus 130 is perfectfor young women who are just starting out, thanks to lift predictability and soft landings. The Bella124 is one of the most feminine-styleed boards for little girls. Four of the five fins are molded andthe last one is detachable, which enables for tracking control. Compression molding enhancesdurability. The Bella 124 is ideal for beginners.The Breeze Series includes three Pure boards: the 130, 134 and the 141. The Pure 130 is theperfect CWB board for a beginner wakeboarder. There are three dimensions to pick from and the
  2. 2. spine in the center allows for a soft landing. The Pure 134 and the Pure 141 are equally beneficialfor the beginner wakeboarder as well.The Grom Series includes the Surge 125 and the Charger 199. The Surge 125 is styleed forwakeboarding kids. This board enables for perfect edge control and predictability when lifting off ofa wake. The Charger 199 is another kids board, but this one is designed for lightpoundss andshould only be used by kids who bodyweight 100 pounds or less.For more information about the CWB board Co. and their 2012 line of wakeboards, go wakeboards