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John Stewart & Steven Colbert: Comparative Study of Political Humor

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Inquiry presentation

  1. 1. John StewartA Comparative Study of Political HumorStephen Colbert
  2. 2. Just a Snippet
  3. 3. Preliminary QuestioningWhat kind of linguistic devices do both men use todevelop and define their humor?Non-verbal gestures, articulation/emphasis, joketypes, slang/colloquial languageDo they use similar or different patterns of thesedevices to achieve their uniqueness?How come these two shows, which air back-to-back ona nightly basis, are not redundant?
  4. 4. The Aim of the InquiryNot comparing laughs or majority opinionHumor is all about perception  how do you analyzean inherently biased concept?A manipulation of language to obtain a desiredsarcastic reception by audienceDependent upon each man’s shaping of language andthese four devices
  5. 5. MethodologyFive stage process:1. Watch both episodes on given day back to backwith minimal notes.2. Re-watch each episode, pausing when needed totranscribe pertinent utterances.3. Organize original written notes (both general notesand transcriptions) into Excel spreadsheet.4. Refine categorization and labeling to pinpointpatterns.5. Analyze determined linguistic patterns of each manand give it quantifiable significance both individuallyand comparatively.
  6. 6. OrganizedData
  7. 7. Final Comparative Results
  8. 8. Implications of ResultsQuantifying shows howPatterns are distinctive butnot restrictiveUnique and fluidcombination of fourdevices each night avoidsredundancy
  9. 9. Breaking it DownOne Last TimeStewart’s style is marked by his creative articulation and non-verbal gesturesColbert’s style takes on the formof idioms, neologisms, andmulti-faceted jokesContemporary political sculptors“Never the twain shall meet.”– Stephen Colbert