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Quick Introductionto the 3M Cloud Library


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Quick Introductionto the 3M Cloud Library

  1. 1. Quick Intro to 3M Cloud Library The 3M Cloud Library software has 4 main tabs. Each section is described below. Shelves - These are the display cases of the library. To browse all of the books in a Shelf, click "list view" (circled above in green). Categories - Categories are the "subject browse" section of the app Search - Try a one-word search for best results. Note that you can sort the list of results. Search works well with keywords, not just titles or authors. For example, do you like mysteries? Try searching the word "murder." Advanced search allows you to opt to only see books that are currently available for checkout in your searches. My Books - This is your account screen. The My Books screen has an area that shows what books you are reading, the books that you have on hold, and books on your wishlist Currently Reading - This area appears as a bookcase. It will show the books you have currently checked out. Clicking list view (circled in red) will show you more options for your checked out items. List View allows you to see the details on each book without opening each book to check. Each book will be shown with the Read & Check In options, and how many days you have left of the checkout period. Choose the back button to return to your main My Books page. The rest of your account information is shown below the Currently Reading area. Holds - estimates how long of a wait you have on your books Wish List - save books that the library does not have yet. If the library purchases that book you will be notified by the system. Reading History - preserves what you have read and any ratings you have applied Message Center - read notices and updates from the library and notifications of items available on your holds or wishlist Account Profile – change library identification to allow another to sign in 1|Page January 24, 2014 - Arencibia
  2. 2. Check Out a Book! When you have found a book you are interested in, click on its cover. The Book Detail page displays (includes summary + similar books). Click the green Check Out button to check out this book. If the book is currently checked out, it will be a button to place a hold instead. The book has been checked out to you for 21 days and it will appear in your Currently Reading list. The first time you open a book, 3M Cloud Library needs to activate an Adobe ID. If you do not have Adobe Digital Editions installed on your computer, you will be given the option of using a system-provided Adobe ID. Book Reading Options The i brings up the book details page. On this page you can check the book in early, see the table of contents (jump forward by chapter if necessary), see the bookmarks you have created, and a list of similar books. The large and small A buttons allow you to change text size. Click the large A to increase text size, or the small one to shrink it. The magnifying glass allows you to search inside the book for a keyword. The faint square box is the bookmarks feature. Bookmarks may be set with additional notes you create. They look like 3M Post-It notes! Holds - When a hold is placed, the progress of a hold is shown on the My Books screen. Notifications - 3M Cloud Library cannot email you. You are responsible for keeping track of your holds. Open your 3M Cloud Library app regularly if you are waiting for a book. Checking out a hold - your book will appear with a green Check Out button in your Hold List when it is available. Click this button and then finalize your check out! Managing holds - decide you do not want a hold anymore? It is easy to remove it. Click the Show All button above your holds list (circled in red), then you will see the option to remove holds. Returning a Book Early 2|Page January 24, 2014 - Arencibia
  3. 3. If you are finished with a book, please return it. On the My Books screen, click on the List View button. This will bring up the list of your currently checked out books. Click the red Check In button next to the book you are finished with. 3|Page January 24, 2014 - Arencibia