eBook Academy: Week 2


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Presentation used during the second week of eBook Academy, covering the eBook reference interview and introduction to 3M Cloud Library.

The Academy is run in 5 week intervals (2 hours per week):

Week 1 - Intro to the iPad
Week 2 - eBook reference interview and 3M Cloud Library
Week 3 - OverDrive and Boopsie app
Week 4 - Enki and Axis 360
Week 5 - Zinio, OneClick Digital and Streaming Services (Hoopla, Indieflix)

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  • By the end of this course you will learn to:

    To recommend the best digital platform for a patron
    To find additional information or escalate issues

    Petting zoo You will also have hands on time (a whole week!) with 4 major platforms and devices
  • By seeing their library card, you’ll be able to ascertain which digital services are available to them (county vs city libraries)
  • <5 minutes: At the SPOS desk, keep interactions to 5 minutes

    Recommend best service, show them how/where to download software through MCFL Web site and login with their library card
  • 5-10 minutes: If time permits, there’s no line and there’s backup staff, further show the patron how to browse, manage their account, set preferences and/or checkout a title

  • 10> minutes: If the interaction is taking more than 10 minutes…

    For more complex troubleshooting and questions, refer patron to ebranchsupport@marincounty.org or to the Help Web site section of certain vendors (3M and Axis 360)

    If the patron’s comfort level with computers is low, recommend he attends a computer class first

    Attempting to teach him how to download e-books is likely to frustrate him as he doesn’t have basic computing skills (e.g. creating accounts, checking/sending e-mail, updating settings, dragging/dropping, installing software/apps, accessing a file structure, opening a browser)

  • eBook Academy: Week 2

    1. 1. Introduction Mildred Arencibia - Metadata Librarian Jocelyn Clark - Electronic Services Librarian (EH) 1 eBook Academy
    2. 2. Course Overview 2 • 5 week long course • Objective  To learn to guide patrons around our digital offerings  You will learn:  Basics of downloadable e-book services  How to recommend the best digital service for a patron  How to find additional help  Some tips on how to support technology-based services
    3. 3. Why e-books at MCFL? 3  To serve our patrons better  Readers are also e-readers  To increase the library’s resources  To remain relevant technology wise  To keep ourselves part of the conversation
    4. 4. Stats! 4  In 2012, eBook borrowers read an average of 29 eBooks  Book borrowers read an average of 23 books  MCFL OverDrive checkouts are up 45%
    5. 5. Pew Research 5 http://www.pewinternet.org/2014/01/16/e-reading- rises-as-device-ownership-jumps/ http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/ 2014/01/21/overall-book-readership-stable-but- e-books-becoming-more-popular/
    6. 6. Why all eBooks are not Library eBooks 6 While the “Big Five” are now all making ebook titles available to libraries, they still limit access by pricing and license limitations, and restrict full purchases. All operate with a one user – one book model.  Hachette – No Checkout cap, but initial pricing is 3 times the retail price.  HarperCollins – Limits to 26 checkouts  Random House /Penguin – No cap, but increased eBook pricing by 300%  MacMillan – Titles expire after 2 years/52 checkouts.  Simon and Schuster – Titles expire after one year – must be re-purchased
    7. 7. Our Downloadable eBook Services 7 Service eBooks Audiobooks OverDrive ✔ ✔ 3M ✔ soon Axis360 ✔ Enki ✔ OneClick Digital ✔ Zinio magazines We have other ebook services available only online: Gale, Ebsco, and Safari Tech Books. Great resources, but not covered here.
    8. 8. Weekly Overview 8  Week 1 – Reference and 3M Cloud Library  Week 2 – OverDrive and Boopsie  Week 3 – Axis 360 and Enki  Week 4 –OneClick Digital, Zinio and streaming services
    9. 9. E-books and the real question 9 Even if the patron’s question is: “How do I work this thing?” the real question is: “How do I become a self-sufficient reader of e-books?”
    10. 10. Staff questions  How much does this patron need to learn in order to be able to do this on his own?  How much of that requisite knowledge can I satisfy right here, right now, based on my own skills and the resources I have at my disposal? 10
    11. 11. Reference Interview– Step 1 11 Question Do you have e-books and how do I get them? Answer *Hint -- Do a reference interview! We have several digital services available. Tell me more about what device you have and what you are interested in…
    12. 12. Home Library  Services 12 DIGITAL SERVICE LIBRARIES 3M Cloud Library All Marin County residents Axis 360 All Marin County residents Enki All Marin County residents Overdrive All Marin County residents OneClick Digital • MCFL • Belvedere-Tiburon • Mill Valley Zinio Digital Magazines • MCFL • Belvedere-Tiburon • Mill Valley • San Anselmo
    13. 13. Reference Interview– Step 2 13   1. Determine  Patron’s device + comfort using the device + reading or listening interests 2. Recommend  Best platform for device + interests 3. Show  MCFL Downloads Page (http://www.marinlibrary.org/books-movies-and- more/downloads)
    14. 14. Reference Interview Tips 14 < 5 minutes • Recommend best service for their needs • Show patron where and how to get started on MCFL Downloads page (http://www.marinlibrary.org/books-movies-and-more/ downloads) • Show login with patron’s library card and PIN • Suggest they try and come back if they need more help.
    15. 15. Reference Interview Tips (cont.) 15 5 - 10 minutes • Show patron how to: • Browse platform • Manage account • Set preferences • Checkout a title
    16. 16. Reference Interview Tips (cont.) 10 > minutes • Advanced questions from tech savvy patrons 16 • Fill out eBook Support Request Form http://marinet.lib.ca.us/screens/help_request_ebooks.html • MCFL E-book Help page http://www.marinlibrary.org/books-movies-and-more/ downloads/ebook-help • eBook help with a librarian http://www.marinlibrary.org/events-and-programs • Advanced questions from beginning users • Computer class and/or eBook help with librarian http://www.marinlibrary.org/events-and-programs
    17. 17. 10 Minute Break 17
    18. 18. Need Help? 18 ebranchsupport@marincounty. org (No phone support!)