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Estudo de Caso - Roche

  1. 1. Placebo tactical ePlan 2012 Marina Polito
  2. 2. PhysiciansResearch made with oncologists associated to theBrazilian Society of Oncology• 131 emails sent to the associates• 30 replies• 4 callsElaboration of a portal for subscribed oncologists withscientific information about skin cancer
  3. 3. • Entire scientific articles• Bibliographic research• Open research to specialized journals• Congresses’ Classes and also structured classes research (E.g.• The Medical Societies’ scientific events• Chat to the members discuss subjects previously determined or to send specific questions about some other topic• To exchange information about patients with referenced colleagues, with the possibility of sending x-rays images or surgical specimens pictures• To spread the news through a weekly newsletter
  4. 4. • To create a stock images bank of x-ray, MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), CT (computerized tomography) scans, where the physician could insert the information of his case describing the lesion. The system could suggest hypothesis of diagnosis and the physicians could have access to check all the cases.• To create a database of clinical cases in order to facilitate scientific research. There are a lot of pathologies with few experiences because of the low frequency they happen. The sum of experiences of all physicians in this group could speed the understanding of specific cases.
  5. 5. • There could be a space for inviting oncologists to send over an abstract of their actual Metastatic Melanoma cases, offering Roche to provide the research of a therapeutic target. And, by doing so, to increase the spread of information about the existence of specific drugs.• To create a space in this portal with complete information about Placebo and other drugs for skin cancer as well, including all the material used by the sales representatives.• To provide apps that could be useful for the oncologists. For example: SERMO ( Diagnosis On-Demand, the feature enables physicians to solicit and receive immediate insight from their colleagues on a live case.
  6. 6. • To send an email marketing to the 250 oncologistsregistered in CRM database and present them the portal. Also tease them to invite some of their colleagues. Only skin cancer specialists and guests can participate. The registered physicians can invite their colleagues to join.• In 2012 have the two chosen physicians to communicate in real time the main information happening in the 3 events that they will participate. And promote small conferences after all these events for the registered physicians in the portal. These conferences would be filmed and stored in the portal for research.
  7. 7. • Once a month realize round tables or web meetings with the most discussed topic in the portal. Invite some oncologists to debate and a very known specialist to moderate. This would also be recorded and would be transmitted by podcast in the portal.• Most of the hospitals make weekly physicians meetings for discussing cases. If possible, to record as well the ones which would discuss mainly skin cancer and make them available in the portal.• To have the sales representatives use tablets during their visits to medical clinics or hospitals in order to optimize their time. They should use online information and lots of images. The physicians don’t want papers anymore. The sales representative should also present the portal and its advantages for the physicians to register and participate.
  8. 8. General PublicSkin Cancer is the most common cancer in Brazil.According to the National Institute of Cancer - Inca in2010 there were about 120,000 new cases of thedisease.Elaboration of a portal about skin cancer for the generalpublic, such as patients, families and interested in thesubject.
  9. 9. • 3D interactive visualizations and animation about how the process of cell alterations and the cancer evolution happen• Skin Cancer Signs, Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatments, Side effects, Prevention, Support, Rehabilitation• Show all the harmful consequences of Ultraviolet light (UVA and UVB) from the sun and emphasize the greenhouse effects• Photos and testimonies of affected people• Build a system with database patients’ conditions, where they could register anonymously. The idea is to share their own experience by answering a questionnaire about their medical conditions, the treatments they have experimented and the results they’ve got. And compare this experience with data shared by others. (E.g.
  10. 10. • Publicize the portal from August through October among healthcare blogs, Facebook advertisement and a YouTube video to raise awareness for the cause. The idea is to awake people to the Skin Cancer prevention and early detection, and also to take away their fear of the disease, because finding it early is the best way to ensure it can be treated effectively.• Look for a partnership on November 27th with The Brazilian Society of Dermatology for the Skin Cancer Prevention National Campaign in order to increase its reach.
  11. 11. • On December 21st, the beginning of the Summer, start an advertising campaign called “I protect myself, do you?” for the Skin Cancer prevention, which objective is to show that the participation of the society is essential to support all the work around prevention, early detection and fight against this disease. The campaign would be promoted by a viral video in TV broadcasts, journals, magazines, Elemidia and hubs.• To use the main beaches of the capitals where there are most incidence of Skin Cancer to distribute transparent beach umbrellas, with the portal website address printed, accompanied by an informational folder remembering people about the protection importance. The idea is to make a comparison that the transparent beach umbrellas are like the skin without protection and invite them to visit the portal. The idea is to get the people to know the portal and also to insert their code, which would come on the folder, to receive the protection for their beach umbrellas. And by doing that they could also spread to their Facebook or Twitter profiles the slogan of the campaign and the portal website address.
  12. 12. • The campaign would also get into the professional environments, to make the companies, from different segments, encourage their employees to look for the Skin Cancer prevention and early detection.
  13. 13. Annual ePlanPhysiciansJan/Feb Mar/Apr May/Jun Jul/Aug Sep/Oct Nov/DecPortalElabo Apps Event 1/ Event 2/ Web Event 3/ration Developme Conference/ Conference/ meeting Conference/ nt/ Email Web Round table Round table MKT meeting sending/ Round tableGeneral PublicJan/Feb Mar/Apr May/Jun Jul/Aug Sep/Oct Nov/DecPortalElabo Portal Portal Skin Cancerration Advertising Advertising Prevention National Campaign/ Advertising campaign
  14. 14. Key Success Indicators andMeasurement Plan• Have the 2,000 oncologists registered in the Portal by the end of 3 months with opt-in valid emails• Have around 500 visits per day in the physician’s portal• Have the sales representatives visiting one more oncologist per day• Increase the Placebo’ sales in 5% by the end of the year• Have around 5,000 views per month in the Portal for General Public by the end of the year• Web Analytics• Apps’ Usability• YouTube Report/ Facebook Ads Report/ Use of short links for tracking the results
  15. 15. Briefing• Name and product description: Placebo, a new Skin Cancer Drug presented to the market on 2010• Origin and Job history: To spread the product through the oncologists. And also to increase the society’s attention to the Skin Cancer prevention and early detection.• Objective of the communication: to increase the Placebo sales and to promote access to the Portal for general public.• Target: Oncologists (who don’t have much time for searching on the web and need a precise information) and general public (who don’t care about protecting from the sun).• Creation: Two Portals, one for each target/ Apps development/ Facebook Ad/ Campaign video/ Identity for Advertising Campaign
  16. 16. Thank you!