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The presentation will help you to translate your innovative idea into a HuriLab application!

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Online Workshop

  1. 1. Using the online world to change the offline one• Social Innovation Camp is a launchpad and accelerator for technology-based social ventures.• We bring together software developers and designers with people who understand a social problem and help build web and mobile-based solutions to social challenges.
  2. 2. The web is all about organising things, differently
  3. 3. The web is all about organising things, differentlyMore specifically, we’re interested in how you can usetechnology to reorganise things: The Internet is good at:• -- organising things and people in new ways (This is why it’s really good for new social products and services)• -- Reaching hard-to-reach/niche populations – connecting people from around the globe to across the street• – good ideas don’t have to come from traditional government or charities any more.
  4. 4. Matching technical skill with social need Bringing together people who understand: -- social problems (Service users, government, non-profits) -- technology (Developers, Designers, Business people)
  5. 5. Bridging the gap between an idea and actionAnd help them go from having an idea or articulating a problem, to doingsomething about it. Which is what we’re all about….
  6. 6. How it works
  7. 7. A call for ideas
  8. 8. Six of the best
  9. 9. One weekend
  10. 10. Some help after the weekend
  11. 11. Weekend ends with pitching competition!1.) Cash prizes for the three best project ideas:2.) Support from the HuriLab team for the winner projects:3.) Support from prize sponsors:4. ) Matched with a mentor: matched with someone from the UNDPcommunity and HuriLab team to meet up with the team every six weeksfor a three month period after the SICamp weekend to providedevelopment support.
  12. 12. Over a thousand ideas have been submitted to the 10 global Social Innovation Camps.
  13. 13. FLiP uses social media tools for young unemployed people to findout what they’re good at and help them build a profile to get them to employment or training
  14. 14. Homeless SMS brings innovative SMS-based utilities used indeveloping countries to provide information and services to people who sleep rough
  15. 15. Itches1. Think big, start small2. Your own experience matters3. Not just a rant– a problem on the way to a solution4. Quantity over quality
  16. 16. A few tips1. Think big, start small2. Don’t get stuck on the original itch – let it grow3. “No, but”? Yes, AND…4. Don’t think of problems– think of opportunities
  17. 17. Questions to answer1. What’s the problem you’re trying to solve?2. What technology are you going to use?3. How will you sustain your idea?4. How will you get people to use your idea?Remember to give it a good name!
  18. 18. HuriLab is a Social Innovation Camp focused onHuman Rights and Justice, which is supported by theUnited Nations Development Programme. The event brings together software developers and designerswith people who understand a social problem to help build solutions to social challenges.