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Soulful, Handmade Halloween Decorations Made with Love


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Halloween is one of the holidays that is all inclusive and open to self expression. For many people it means staying current and fresh within their personal style.

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Soulful, Handmade Halloween Decorations Made with Love

  1. 1. Soulful, Handmade Halloween Decorations Made with Love
  2. 2. Every fall I get excited about an upcoming holiday season and unlimited opportunities it brings for joy and gratefulness. By early October my mind and heart are in reflective mode as I admire the work of talented creative people (not just professionals) that bring in amazing art, style and design. Halloween is one of the holidays that is all inclusive and open to self expression. For many people it means staying current and fresh within their personal style. Here are some of the examples of Halloween decorations that clearly reflect a permanent bond between art, design and fashion within the realm of ever changing and evolving trends. Here they are the trends that made center stage for the upcoming season:
  3. 3. 1. SS14 – Calla | BCBG Max Azria | Jen Kao. Source:Print Source NY 2. Rustic Antique Gold Origami Paper Wreath byLusine 3. Fall Hydrangea Wreath by The Linnets Wing Dark Flowers. Romantic dark floral prints and colors are elegant and mysterious. They are also perfect colors for Halloween wreaths. Moody or romantic, they will transform any entryway from boring to exciting. While the origami rose wreath is moody and luxurious, a lush hydrangeas wreath is very elegant. Its colors are perfect for the fall, but it would be well-suited for year-round display as well.
  4. 4. 4. Eames a la Bokja by Bokja Design 5. Halloween Boo Ribbon Wreath by Kristin Crafts A lot 6. Peacock Patchwork Sofa by Out There Interiors 7. Halloween Wreath by Paola Montañez, Pinterest
  5. 5. Patchwork. Previously reserved for grandma’s country quilts, patchwork finally received the recognition it deserves. Furniture and fashion designers use patchwork for a number of years now. Perhaps, it is not by chance that patchwork theme is used by talented artisans for creation of beautiful Halloween wreaths. They use over twenty different types of ribbons and materials that are artfully placed together. You can see tulle, foam wreath, glitter ribbon, pumpkin ribbon, to name a few. Colors are orange, green, purple and black. Patterns work together to create unity and, surely, WOW your guests.
  6. 6. 8. The Hotel Fontecruz, Madrid, Spain – Images by PlasconTrend 9. Hand Painted Primitive Halloween Themed Wooden Keys. Pumpin, Skeleton, Ghost, Crow and Cat Skeleton Key Decoration by Times Not Forgotten Keys. This fascinating display of antique and vintage keys proves once again that any object can become an art collection. Same can be said about the set of five hand painted wooden primitive Halloween keys. They are adorable! The set can be a great addition to your country or primitive Halloween home decor or as as bowl fillers. They are individually hand painted on wood and cut by the artist. The paint is sanded to give an aged or primitive look and then sealed for durability. A hole is drilled in the top of each of the keys so that you can add a string if you like.
  7. 7. 10. Wedding by Zsa Zsa Bellagio, Pinterest 11. Halloween Decor via Minnerva Munoz, Pinterest Gloomy Green. Muted and romantic dusted green became a part of the new pastels for the upcoming fall and spring seasons. It is very elegant with vintage pink and cream. It has become a popular wedding color as well as new color for Dutch art, vintage inspired interiors. Display vintage Halloween posters and set the mood for a special and unique Halloween party.
  8. 8. 2. Custom Pillow by Flair Home Collection 13. Decorated Pumpkins by Holli Hager, Pinterest 14. Halloween Wreath by Paola Montañez, Pinterest Elegant White, Black and Orange. Black and white makes a solid come back this year. However, it is always refreshing to find a new twist within a straight forward trend. This pillow is made of vintage fabric that was repurposed by the artist. The pillow is unique and elegant just like the Halloween wreath that artfully combines black, white and orange. The artful manipulation of patterns, colors and shapes makes it truly amazing! The pumpkins are friendly and elegant. The artists believe that Halloween decor does not have to always be creepy. They love the clean looks of these decorated pumpkins.
  9. 9. 15. Ethnic Pattern Decor by Justina Blakeney 16. Fall Table Runner by The Fabric Affair Ethnic Patterns. A combination of ethnic patterns with soft, earthy colors contribute to making the space look lived-in, well- traveled and fresh. As far as the Halloween table runner, it features suzani motif of beautiful multiple color and screen printed design on russet background. Colors include gold, brown, mocha and natural. The colors are very deep and the design is truly unique! This table runner is medium weight cotton/linen blend and adds beautiful touch to your Halloween decorations or can be used all year!