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Father day


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What does dad mean by don't give me anything on Father's day

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Father day

  1. 1. by Marina Klima Goldberg
  2. 2. When I asked my men friends what they wanted For Father’s Day, most of them said that they wanted NOTHING. Umm, this is hard. I sense that this answer is tied to a much deeper need for genuine love and appreciation beyond material things. But it is still a cultural stereotype that Father’s Day goes after Mother’s Day and not just chronologically. So he does not want to unwrap whatever it is just because his kids “have to give daddy a gift”. They’d rather spend some fun time together or be left alone after a good home- made meal with the family. What is odd to me is that after all these years of pushing for the equal parenting, Father’s Day is still way quieter than Mother’s Day. Not only that. Guys’ reluctance to receive special attention from the kids (and moms) in a form of a gift is something that smart marketers picked up right away. Now they lumped up “Dads and Grads” pitching One Gift Fits All. Really?
  3. 3. Clearly, a Grad cannot afford the tickets for this event. I can picture a dad who is put on the spot and is expected to swipe his card for the tickets. Well, it’s a graduation gift. Or not? He said that he did not want anything for Father's Day, right? Maybe he really doesn't. Or maybe he is just a giver and providing for the family is in his DNA.
  4. 4. This definitely fits all. I can imagine father and son at the restaurant. The only thing I can't imagine is the source of income for a young grad to pick up the check.
  5. 5. Or this one, ”This handy list of gifts will beautifully work interchangeably for any dad or grad.” Then the article promotes mostly Grads' gifts.
  6. 6. So, before overly perky media starts promoting an interchangeable pair of Nikis for dads and grads, let’s show our wonderful men that it is perfectly fine to accept all the gift giving with joy (or at least a sense of humor). It’s about time to recognize fathers’ role as equally important. Perhaps, when we have more television shows about fatherhood, more stories about it, more discussions on the subject- then dads will be more inspired to be equally involved with kids.
  7. 7. It is a proven scientific fact that from birth, children who have an involved father are happier, smarter, more confident and make incomparably better connections as they grow up.
  8. 8. Boys whose fathers are confident and involved with them become outgoing teenagers, do better in school and make more connections as they grow up.
  9. 9. Girls develop a positive image of men and more trusting relationships with male friends.
  10. 10. But for now give your dad what he wants the most- attention.
  11. 11. Or, if you are a mom and kids are too little, just get him something that both of you will smile about. Young dads often think that gift-giving is comical because it comes from their wives. So go with the flow. It will warm his heart as you both giggle.
  12. 12. But for now praise, love and worship your fathers (I wish I could). Did I say that some dads still love things and gadgets? Hop to SHOP to browse for some. My Dad and Me