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  1. 1. Business Presentation
  2. 2. The Company HQ: United States Founder, President of TELEXFREE Mr. James Merrill. 225 Cedar Hill ST Suite 200 Marlborough I state: MA I zip: 01752 I Country: USA
  3. 3. Digital publicity Grows twice the market average. In terms of share of the advertising market, the Internet got to an index of 5.11%. That means a greater participation than the traditional sectors such as Pay Per View (4.19%), radio (3.97%), external means of communication (3.02%) and guides and checklists (1.12%). The internet still remains far away from the hegemony of broadcast television (63.3%), but it is approximating to the advertising revenues of magazines (7.15%) and represents almost half of the news (11.83%). April 18, 2012 • Updated on April 20, 2012 at 6:50pm
  4. 4. Two ways of revenue: Work over the Internet Posting ads daily Two ways of revenue: Individual Earnings Group Earnings Prepare to know the best
  5. 5. Individual Earnings Ads on Internet! The promoter must post ads everyday. (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun) We have it all computarized, with only 3 steps, in your virtual office (BackOffice) 2 Options to register with revenue rights: ADCENTRAL ADCENTRAL FAMILY
  6. 6. Individual Earnings Your ad central (1 ad per day) Contrato Anual ADCentral Ganho Semanal Ganho Mensal Ganho Anual Ganho Líquido U$ 299 Main U$49,90* U$199.60 U$2594.80 U$2295.80 * One 99Telexfree account ADCENTRAL
  7. 7. Individual Earnings Family ADCENTRAL (5 DAILY ADS) Contrato Anual ADCentral Ganho Semanal Ganho Mensal Ganho Anual Ganho Líquido U$ 1375 Family U$249,50* U$ 998,00 U$ 12.974 U$11.599 * Five 99Telexfree accounts Central Additional alone costs US$289.00 AD Central FAMILY ADCentralOne Adicional Two Adicional Three Adicional Only posting 5 DAILY ADS ON INTERNET!
  8. 8. Individual Earnings Software TelexFREE Telexfree service– US$49.90: VoiP technology that allow phone calls to landline and cell phones in Brazil and 40 countries more. And much more... And also use our central access in many cities of the world! information about the software
  9. 9. Group Earnings Build your GROUP = EARN MUCH MORE $$$
  10. 10. Group Earnings Earn US$20 for the direct registration of each new promoter. In this example US$40! To have the right of receiving cycles, in binary, and residual up to the 6º level (for the ads), the promoter must be qualified, through the following way 2 direct promoters, being 1 one on the left (A) and 1 on the right (B) + One account for personal use in your username.
  11. 11. Group Earnings A B Left Group Right Group YOU A and B are your qualifiers Earn US$20 per cycle each time you register 1 ADCentral in your left and 1 in your right, doesn‘t matter if they are direct, indirect, or gotten by transfer. Maximum daily income for this earning: 22 ciclos (US$440) leftovers remain for the following day Binary
  12. 12. Group Earnings Maximum daily income for ADCENTRAL additional by leveling is of 768 ciclos (US$15,360) where the AdCentral additional that are left in the strongenst side will allways be accumulated waiting for cycles to form with the AdCentral Time from the other side and will be paid on the following days. Earn US$60 per each cycle of AdCenral additional, Following the table below:
  13. 13. Group Earnings Having DIRECT promoters (registered by you) and INDIRECT (registered by them) See this SIMULATION with the revenue of 2%. (CAN INVITE HOW MANY DESIRED) Qualification: The promoter to have the right to receive for the 5 levels must have 5 direct clients Commission valid only for VoiP Texlexfree service Telexfree Service
  14. 14. Group Earnings Receive 2% over what your network, direct or indirect up to the 6ºlevel, is receiving from Telexfree in money for the ads posting
  15. 15. Group Earnings A e B São seus qualificadores 22ADCentral 22ADCentral Everyone who reaches 22 ciclos of ADCENTRAL for 20 days, within the same month. Individually or by group will receive 1% of the business volume of the company, as extra bonus, will be divided equally among every one qualified. 22 CYCLES = US$440 You A B Left Group Right Group
  16. 16. Ganho de Equipe Have 10 direct ADCentral FAMILY in a period of 60 days from your activation date Best formation: 5 on each side in the binary Will receive the share of 2% from the revenue of monthly net sales for the company, divided equally among all the TEAM BUILDERS until receiving the maximum bonus for TEAM BUILDER which is of A B YOU U$39.600 Team Builder Or termination of the contract
  17. 17. End of the presentation Beginning of FUTURE!!! Do not waste time Sign up now! And come to become part of