Modul 6 - Baggage


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Modul 6 - Baggage

  1. 1. Module 6Baggage
  2. 2. Contents• Cabin Baggage• Checked in Baggage• Sport/Musical Instruments• Extra Seats• Lost/Damaged Baggage• Limited Release
  3. 3. Cabin Baggage• Strictly 1 item of cabin baggage per passenger (excluding infants) weighing up to 10 kilos• Handbag, briefcase, laptop, shop purchases, camera etc must all be carried in your 1 piece of cabin baggage.
  4. 4. Checked in Baggage• Each passenger is permitted to pre book up to a maximum of 2 bags subject to a bag fee per bag per sector (seasonal and selected route rates apply). 1st bag can be either - BAG1 – 15kg allowance OR BBG1 – 20kg allowance 2nd bag only – BAG2 – 15kg allowance BBG1 can only be added as a 1st bag. No upgrade from BAG1 to BBG1 permitted. No pooling or sharing of allowances permitted. 3rd – 5th checked bag – Pay per kilo EXB at airport.• Any passenger exceeding their checked allowance is charged an excess baggage fee EXB per kilo.
  5. 5. Sports/Musical Instruments• Items including but not limited to golf clubs, bicycles, fencing equipment, skis, harps, double bass or drums can be carried in the hold on payment of a fee per item per sector. • Max weight 20kg – subject to excess baggage fee, except bikes which have a 30kg allowance. • SPRT/SKI/MUSC – Max 85 per flight • BULK – Max 15 per flight• Smaller musical instruments such as a guitar, which exceed our cabin baggage dimensions may be carried in the cabin if an extra seat has been purchased for it.
  6. 6. Extra Seat• A passenger can purchase an extra seat EXST for the following reasons: Additional Comfort Musical Instruments Wedding Dress Broken Leg (2 x extra seats)• Extra seats cannot be purchased for an infant or for extra baggage allowance.• No baggage allowance, checked or cabin, associated with the purchase of an extra seat.
  7. 7. Carriage of Other ItemsAshes: Are permitted for carriage in cabin luggage - must be securely packaged in suitable container and pre-advised at the point of reservation.Human Remains: Carried only from Stansted – Knock.Animals: Are not permitted with the exception of Assistance Dogs.Cargo: Ryanair do not offer a cargo facility to passengers.Carriage of Special Items: Self inflating Life jackets, Avalanche rescue pack, Parachutes etc…see Terms and conditions.
  8. 8. Lost ItemsRyanair does not accept responsibility for items lost directly by passengers on board or at the airport.Passengers must be directed to the airport lost property office.
  9. 9. Misplaced/Lost Baggage• Passenger must report loss immediately on arrival.• Details immediately entered into World tracer system.• A Property Irregularity Report (PIR) completed and a copy given to the passenger.• Actively trace on World tracer for 5 days.• Ensure that World tracer is updated with notes.• Passenger can follow status of bag online and advise passenger to claim via the “Contact Customer Services” link on if lost baggage is not located after 5 days.
  10. 10. Damaged Baggage• Passenger must report damage immediately upon arrival. No report on arrival = No claim.• A Property Irregularity Report (PIR) completed and a copy given to the passenger.• If applicable passenger should be offered a replacement bag or claim must be made within 7 days via the “Contact Customer Services” link on• No claim for fragile, unsuitable packed or limited released items.• All damaged items presented at check-in must be limited released.
  11. 11. Limited Release• A limited release tag* must be attached in addition to a bag tag to the following items at the point of check-in:- – Fragile items – Unsuitably packed items – Baggage or items damaged prior to check-in• Ryanair does not accept liability for damage which may occur to limited released items.* For Ryanair automated check-in the Limited Release is on the reverse of the bag tag.
  12. 12. Complaints ProcedureIf a passenger has a complaint –• Try where possible to resolve the passengers problem at the airport.• When this is not possible issue the passenger with a complaint acknowledgement letter which advises them how to contact Ryanair Customer Services with their complaint.
  13. 13. Audit Procedures For audit reasons the following must be stored for 90 days:• Daily Ticket Sales Report (TSR) with yellow ticket desk receipts attached including gate bag tags.• Daily priority boarding Log with receipts attached.• Flight packs containing: Manifests Flight close report Bingo sheets Check in cross check closure sheet Boarding cross check sheet Load sheet
  14. 14. Where to find our Policies Terms and Conditions/FAQ’s Ryanair Newskies Helpdesk Ground Ops Department or
  15. 15. Summary Participants are now able to :•List Ryanair’s Policies and Procedures.•Apply these procedures at the front line.•Explain why these procedures are in place.