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  1. 1. VCE Psychology Resources 2010–2014 Some of the print resources contained in this list may be out of print. They have been included because they may still be available from libraries, bookshops and private collections. At the time of publication the URLs (website addresses) cited were checked for accuracy and appropriateness of content. However,due to the transient nature of material placed on the web, their continuing accuracy cannot be verified. Teachers are strongly advised to prepare their own indexes of sites that are suitable and applicable to the courses they teach, and to check these addresses prior to allowing student access. BOOKS Baron, R 1997, Psychology Interactive Edition,4th ed, Prentice Hall, NSW (includes an interactive CD- ROM). Bennett, P, Abnormal and Clinical Psychology,Oxford University Press. Blackmore, S 2006, Conversations on Consciousness,Oxford University Press. Bloch, S & Singh BS 1997, Understanding Troubled Minds,Melbourne University Press,Carlton, Victoria. Bremner, JG 1994, Infancy,Blackwell, Oxford, UK. Carter,L & Grivas J 2005, Psychology for South Australia Stage 1,Jacaranda,Milton QLD. Coleman, AM 2006, A Dictionary of Psychology,Oxford University Press. Coon, D 1998 Introduction to Psychology: Exploration and Application,8th ed, Brooks Cole, Pacific Grove, California, USA. Coon, D & Mitterer, JO 2007, Introduction to Psychology: gatewaysto the mind and behaviour, Wadsworth/Thomson. Cox, E 2001, Psychology for A Level,Oxford University Press. Cox, E 2001, Psychology for A2, Oxford University Press. Edwards, R et al 2010, Oxford VCE Psychology Units 1&2 Student Book,Oxford University Press, Melbourne. Edwards, R et al 2010, Oxford VCE Psychology Units 1&2 StudentPack,Oxford University Press, Melbourne. Edwards, R et al 2010, Oxford VCE Psychology Units 1&2 Work Book,Oxford University Press, Melbourne. Edwards, R et al 2010, Oxford VCE Psychology Units 3&4 Student Book,Oxford University Press, Melbourne.
  2. 2. VCE <STUDY> 2011–201X RESOURCES ©VCAA 2010 2 Edwards, R et al 2010, Oxford VCE Psychology Units 3&4 Work Book,Oxford University Press, Melbourne. Fancher, RE 1996, Pioneers of Psychology,WW Norton & Co. Findlay, B 2006, How to write Psychology Laboratory Reports and Essays (4th Ed.),Prentice-Hall, Sydney. Furey, J, Garcia-Ives,M, Hamer,G & Verstraelen,L 1997, Psychology Research Skills – Finding your way through VCE Units 1–4, Addison Wesley Longman, Melbourne. Grivas, J 1998, Oxford Psychology Study Dictionary,Oxford University Press,Melbourne. Grivas, J and Carter,L 2009, Psychology forthe VCE Student Units 1&2 5E & eBookPLUS,5th ed, Jacaranda,Melbourne. Grivas, J et al 2009, Psychology VCE Units 3&4, 4th ed, Macmillan, Melbourne Grivas, J & Lawrie, P 1991, Psychology: Experiments and Activities,Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, NSW. Gross, R 2008, Key Studies in Psychology,Nelson Cengage Learning. Gross, R 1996 Science of Mind and Behaviour,3rd ed, Hodder & Stoughton, London. Hill, G 2001, AS & A Psychology through diagrams,Oxford University Press. Hill, G 2001, AS Level Psychology through diagrams,Oxford University Press. Kalat, JW 2004, Biological Psychology (8th Ed.),Brooks/Cole, CA, USA. Kase,L & Roth Ledley, D 2007, Anxiety Disorders,John Wiley & Sons. Kazdin, AE, Encyclopaedia of Psychology,Oxford University Press. Kendall, K 2010, Psychology Exam1 VCE A+ Practice Exams, 2nd ed,A+ Publishing. Kendall, K 2010, Psychology Exam2 VCE A+ Practice Exams, 2nd ed,A+ Publishing. Kendall, K 2010, Psychology VCE Units 1&2 A+ Practice Exams,A+ Publishing. Kowalksi, RM & Westen D 2005, Psychology,John Wiley & Sons. Lahey, B, 1997 Psychology: An Introduction,6th ed,McGraw-Hill, Sydney. McLean,D 2010 Finding Coaby,Delta PsiPty Ltd, East Burwood, Australia. Milesi, P 2010, PsychNOTES Unit 3, 3rd ed,A+ Publishing. Milesi, P 2010, PsychNOTES Unit 4, 3rd ed,A+ Publishing. Milesi, P 2011, The Psych Book VCE Units 1&2 Activities,Outcomes and Assessment,1st ed,Nelson, Melbourne. Milesi, P 2011, The Psych Book VCE Units 1&2 TeacherManual,1st ed,Nelson, Melbourne.
  3. 3. VCE <STUDY> 2011–201X RESOURCES ©VCAA 2010 3 Milesi, P 2011, The Psych Book VCE Units 3&4 Activities,Outcomes and Assessment,4th ed,Nelson, Melbourne. Milesi, P 2011, The Psych Book VCE Units 3&4 TeacherManual,4th ed,Nelson, Melbourne. Nolte, J, The Human Brain - an introduction to its functional anatomy,Mosby, Missouri, USA. Peterson,C 2004, Looking forward through childhood and adolescence:Developmental Psychology, Pearson Prentice Hall, Frenchs Forest, NSW. Posner,M I & Raichle, M E, Images of Mind,Scientific American Books, New York,USA. Reveley, A 2006, Your guide to Schizophrenia,Hodder Education. Rock, I, Perception,Scientific American Books, New York,USA. Salkind, Neil J 2000, Exploring Research,4th ed, Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey,USA. Sigelman, CK & Rider EA 2006, Life-span Human Development,Wadsworth/Thomson. Shaughnessy, JJ & Zechmeister, EB 1997, Research Methods in Psychology,McGraw-Hill International editions. Smith, ER & Mackie DM, 2000, Social Psychology,Taylor & Francis, USA. Spencer, P 2007, Psychology for South Australia Stage 2,Jacaranda,Milton, QLD. VanDeventer,AD & Acededo M 2007, Gateways to Psychology: concept maps and concept reviews, Wadsworth/Thomson. van Iersal, H & Bradley, K 2010, Nelson Psychology VCE Units 1&2 Student Activity Manual,2nd ed, Nelson, Melbourne. van Iersal, H et al 2010, Nelson Psychology VCE Units 1&2 Student Book,2nd ed,Nelson, Melbourne. van Iersalet al 2011, Nelson Psychology VCE Units 3&4,2nd ed,Nelson, Melbourne. van Iersalet al 2011, Nelson Psychology VCE Units 3&4: Student Activity Manual,2nd ed,Nelson, Melbourne. Vaughan, GM & Hogg, MA 2002, Introduction to Social Psychology,Prentice Hall(Pearson Education), Frenchs Forest, NSW. BRAINMODELSANDPOSTERS CD-ROMs and MultimediaResources Exploring Perception (IBM and Macintosh) 1998, Brooks Cole, Pacific Grove, California, USA.
  4. 4. VCE <STUDY> 2011–201X RESOURCES ©VCAA 2010 4 Furey, J et al, StudyON VCE Psychology Units 3&4 Grivas, J et al 2009, Psychology VCE Units 3&4 ,Macmillan Kendall, K 2011, Nelson Psychology VCE Units 1&2: Teacher Resource CD,1st ed,Nelson, Melbourne Kendall, K 2011, Nelson Psychology VCE Units 3&4: Teacher Resource CD,1st ed,Nelson, Melbourne The Integrator for Introductory Psychology (IBM and Macintosh) 1998, Brooks Cole, Pacific Grove, California, USA. MOST Psychology (IBM and Macintosh) 1998, Macmillan, Melbourne. Psych. Now: Interactive Experiences in Psychology (IBM and Macintosh) 1998, Brooks Cole, Pacific Grove, California, USA. Psych. Trek: A Multimedia Introduction to Psychology (IBM and Macintosh) 1998, Brooks Cole, Pacific Grove, California, USA. Sniffy the virtual rat pro, Version 2.0 Second Edition (IBM and Macintosh) Students can learn the essentials of classical and operant as they set up and conduct experiments using an effective and realistic digital rat. wadsworth/ Empirical Research Activities (Video Interaction) JOURNALSANDPERIODICALS Australia Journal of Educational and Developmental Psychology Australian Journal of Psychology Journal Seek: Psychology Journals Monitor on Psychology: monthly online journal produced by the APA PsycLine: Your Guide to Psychology and Social Science Journals on the Web Psychology Today Scientific American Mind PROBEWARE Tainlab: Innovative tools for Psychology including the polygraph
  5. 5. VCE <STUDY> 2011–201X RESOURCES ©VCAA 2010 5 VIDEOS ABC Catalyst: Gambling (ABC TV Program Sales) The Abnormal Psychology series - 13 programs (VEA) Anatomy of Prejudice (ABC TV Program Sales) A to Z of Risk – a young person’s guide (VEA) Barriers of the Mind (five TV programs on mental illness) ABC TV Program Sales: Sydney Phone 1300, 650 567 or Brain Man (2006, ABCProgram Sales) Child Development Theorists (VEA) Classic Piaget Collection – 6 programs (VEA) 1. Classification 2. Conservation 3. Formal Reasoning Patterns 4. Growth of Intelligence in the Pre-schoolYears 5. Memory and Intelligence 6. Morality – The Process of Moral Development Classic studies in Psychology One – Psychology Short Cuts (Classroom Video) Featuring: The Strange Situation, Bandura on Social Learning, Elizabeth Loftus on Eyewitness Testimony, Milgram’s Experiments on Obedience and The Stanford Prison Experiment. Derek tastes of earwax: an insight into synaesthesia (BBC,2004, available from ABC Program Sales) Discovering Psychology series 26 programs, produced by WGBH in association with the American Psychological Association, USA. (Available from Video Education Australasia, 111A Mitchell St, Bendigo 3550, tel. 1800 034 282 or 1. Past, Present and Promise 2. Understanding Research 3. The Behaving Brain 4. The Responsive Brain 5. The Developing Child 6. Language Development 7. Sensation and Perception 8. Learning 9. Remembering and Forgetting 10. Cognitive Processes 11. Judgement and Decision Making 12. Motivation and Emotion 13. The Mind Awake and Asleep 14. The Mind Hidden and Divided 15. The self 16. Testing and Intelligence 17. Sex and Gender 18. Maturing and Ageing 19. The Power of the Situation 20. Constructing Social Reality 21. Psychopathology
  6. 6. VCE <STUDY> 2011–201X RESOURCES ©VCAA 2010 6 22. Psychotherapy 23. Health, Mind and Behaviour 24. Applying Psychology in Life 25. Cognitive Neuroscience 26. Cultural Psychology Empirical Research Part 1 & 2 (Video Interaction) Enough Rope with Andrew Denton:Angels and Demons (Episode 162, ABC, 7/4/2008)(ABC TV Program Sales) Exploring the Psychology of Group & Power (BBC) Fears and Phobias (VEA) George NegusTonight: Episode,Psychosis (4/3/2003) (ABC TV Program Sales) Giants of Psychology Series – 9 Programs (VEA) 1. B.F Skinner 2. Bandura’s Social Cognitive Theory 3. Erik. H. Erikson 4. John Bowlby 5. John Dewey 6. Maria Montessori 7. Mary Ainsworth 8. Piaget’s Developmental Theory 9. Vygotsky’s Developmental Theory How does your memory work? (Classroom Video) The Human Body in Action series (VEA) The Brain and Nevous System Human Body: Pushing the limits Series – 4 programs (Classroom Video) 1. Brainpower 2. Sensation 3. Sight 4. Strength The Human Experience series has 26 programs, available from DIDASKO,833 Dandenong Road, East Malvern, tel. 1300 554 100 or 1. Why study Psychology? 2. Research Methods in Psychology 3. The Nervous System 4. The Neuron and Neural Transmission 5. Sensation and Perception 6. Consciousness 7. Learning: Classical and Operant Conditioning 8. Learning: Observational and Cognitive Approaches 9. Memory 10. Language and Cognition 11. Intelligence 12. Motivation 13. Emotions 14. Infant and Child Development 15. Adolescent and Adult Development 16. Gender and Sexuality 17. Personality Theories 18. Personality Traits
  7. 7. VCE <STUDY> 2011–201X RESOURCES ©VCAA 2010 7 19. Social Cognition 20. Attitudes 21. Group Influence 22. Stress, Health and Coping 23. Understanding Psychological Disorders – Part 1 24. Understanding Psychological Disorders – Part 2 25. Therapies 26. Making Psychology Part of Your Life Loftus Speaks (VEA) Killing Games (VEA) Mental Disorders Series - 7 Programs (VEA) 1. Post-traumatic stress disorder 2. Obsessive-compulsive syndrome 3. The torment of schizophrenia 4. Panic attacks and agoraphobia 5. Autism 6. Attention Deficit Disorder 7. Pathological Gambling Mental Health: The Individual and Society (VEA) The Neuroscience Series (VEA) 1. Discovering the Human Brain: New Pathways to Neurosciene 2. Human Brain Development: Nature and Nurture One in five. Living with a Mental Illness Available from Department of Human Services - Mental Health Branch Tel: 03 9616 7777 Website: Persuasive Messages (Video Interaction) Psychology Live Series – 11 programs (VEA) 1. Classical and Operant Conditiong 2. Cognitive Development 3. Evolution by Natural Selection 4. Further Approaches to Learning 5. Introduction to Designing Experiments 6. Language Development 7. Organising Quantitative Data 8. Perception: the Theories 9. Reductionism 10. The Study of Attention 11. The Study of Memory Real Smart: about bullying (VEA) To Hell and Back: Schizophrenia (ABCTV Program Sales) Understanding Prejudice (VEA) Understanding Psychology Series – 4 programs (Classroom Video) 1. Perspectives in Psychology 2. Non-experimental methods in Psychology 3. Mental disorders
  8. 8. VCE <STUDY> 2011–201X RESOURCES ©VCAA 2010 8 4. Experimental research methods in Psychology Visual Perception (Video Interaction) We are all Australian (2008) Who amI? Self esteem, media & decision making (VEA) Worlds of Childhood - 24 programs (VEA) Zimbardo Speaks (VEA) WEBSITES A2ZPsychology ABC Science About Learning ADHD Fact File:ABC Health & Wellbeing All in the Mind: ABC National Radio’s weekly program about the mind, brain and behaviour Allpsych Online: The virtual psychology classroom Alzheimer’s Australia American Psychological Association – Education Directorate Ethical principles of psychologists and Code of Conduct On being an ethical Psychologist Racism and Psychology Anxiety Treatment Australia: Specific Phobias APA Referencing:James Cook University Australian Bureau of Statistics
  9. 9. VCE <STUDY> 2011–201X RESOURCES ©VCAA 2010 9 Australian Human Rights Commission Australian Psychological Society (APS) Ethics Australian Psychological Accreditation Council BBC Science & Nature: Mind and Human Body – Surveys and Psychology Tests Better Health Channel Beyond Blue: The National Depression Initiative Brain Connection: The brain and learning Brain Sciences Institute – Swinburne Univeristy Catalyst: ABC Science series Nature Nurture Choosing a Career in Psychology – Edith Cowan University Classics in the history of Psychology Cunningham Dax Collection Cool Optical Illusions Council of Ageing Cow’s Eye Dissection Department of Health Discovering Psychology Videos Companion Website Eating Disorders Foundation of Victoria
  10. 10. VCE <STUDY> 2011–201X RESOURCES ©VCAA 2010 10 Enough Rope with Andrew Denton ePsych:an online Psychology text Exploratorium – The museum for science,art and human perception Face of the future: face transformer Freud Museum GMUs Online resources for Developmental Psychology Go Science site Headroom: information on mental health by young people for young people HealthInsite – A healthdirect Australia health information service Herald Sun Newspaper Howard Florey Institute – Australia’s Brain Research Institute Human Intelligence – Indiana University Introductory Psychology Image Bank Illusionsworks Jean Piaget Society The Joy of Visual Perception: a web book Kids Helpline LD Online: The world leading website on learning disabilities and ADHD
  11. 11. VCE <STUDY> 2011–201X RESOURCES ©VCAA 2010 11 Melbourne Museum (The Mind Exhibition) Mental Health Foundation of Australia (Victoria) Mental Health Review Board of Vic Mental Illness Fellowship Vic. Mind Matters the MoodGym Training program National Gallery of Victoria (Visual Perception) National Geographic – Health & Human Body National Health and Medical Research Council – Health Ethics Neuroscience Education Neuroscience for kids New Scientist Picking our brains: can we regenerate the brain? regenerate-the-brain.html Picking our brains: what are memories are made of? memories-made-of.html Picking our brains: how many ways can we be conscious? can-we-be-conscious.html The Official website of the Nobel Prize: Pavlov’s dog One in Five: helping hands for mental illness Optical Illusions
  12. 12. VCE <STUDY> 2011–201X RESOURCES ©VCAA 2010 12 People and Discoveries: Human Behaviour Personality Theories Psychology Theories PsycPORT:Psychology newswire Research Randomizer: generate random numbers and random sampling Resources for the teaching of social psychology Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists Royal Melbourne Zoological Gardens Sane Australia Factsheets + Podcasts Science Daily Older Adults less affected by sleep deprivation than younger adults during cognitive performance What colour is A? MRIs peek into the brains of synaesthesia patients the Science Teachers’ Association of Victoria Seattle Longitudinal Study the Sheep Brain Dissection Guide Social Psychology Network Society for the teaching of Psychology Stanford Prison Experiment Synaesthesia Down Under
  13. 13. VCE <STUDY> 2011–201X RESOURCES ©VCAA 2010 13 Understanding Prejudice University of Melbourne – Department of Psychiatry The Age Newspaper:science links Beat the blues by going to bed early 20100103-ln75.html WACE Psychology Resources Whole Brain Atlas Your Amazing Brain YouTube Test,quiz and assessmentsoftware ClassMarker eQuizzer Easy Test Maker Hot Potatoes Quia Rubistar Toolsforsharing Blip TV Connect Expresso Spreadsheet
  14. 14. VCE <STUDY> 2011–201X RESOURCES ©VCAA 2010 14 Glogster Global Student Global Teacher Google-Docs Ning PB Wiki Scribd Sheetster Simple Spreadsheet Skype Slide Share Web and Flow Wetpaint Wikispaces Writeboard WriteWith Toolsforvisualisingthinking Bubbl.Us ChartGizmo Cmaps
  15. 15. VCE <STUDY> 2011–201X RESOURCES ©VCAA 2010 15 FreeMind Inspiration Mind42 MindManager MindMeister Mindomo Visual Ranking Tool Webspiration Wordle