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The ASD Strategic Action Plan for Wales - Update


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The ASD Strategic Action Plan for Wales - Update

  1. 1. The ASD Strategic Action Plan for Wales – Aberystwyth Update Hugh Morgan ASD Implementation Manager for Wales Welsh Assembly Government
  2. 2. ASD Policy Development in the UK nations : State of Play • Northern Ireland : NI Assembly ASD Strategic Action introduced in late 2008. All-age covers Health & Social Services but not Education. £2m over 3yrs to support implementation • England : Adults Autism Act 2009 and Adults Autism Strategy 2010. £500k to support implementation • Scotland : No legislation or strategy as yet produced by Scottish Parliament • Wales : Welsh Assembly Government’s ASD Strategic Action Plan April 2008. All-age. £7.1m ring-fenced to support implementation to date
  3. 3. Impact - Headlines • Significant ring-fenced funding now going into autism • Staffing infrastructure for autism within the statutory sector at local, regional and national levels • Extensive stakeholder engagement with families in local and national asd planning • 22 brand new local asd projects crossing two or more authorities • A range of research initiatives including a Chair in Autism and Wales Autism Research Centre • Major developments underway for adults including an All-Wales approach to diagnosis, employment and community support • Range of awareness-raising materials to be launched shortly • WAG evaluation of impact to date about to commence
  4. 4. Achievements during the first 18 months? – 1. Development of an ASD Infrastructure for Wales which covers personnel, planning and stakeholder involvement • 22 Local ASD leads identified throughout Wales • 22 Local ASD stakeholder groups formed • 22 Local ASD action plans submitted to WAG • 3 Regional Support Officers appointed • Completion by each authority of a baseline questionnaire and asked each to submit these to WAG which were then analysed • A national stakeholder group coordinated by WAG
  5. 5. Achievements cont’d 2. ASD Research capability increased : • WAG Commissioned Bangor and Glamorgan Universities to research the needs of older people with ASD. Submitted 10/2009 to WAG • WAG contributed to the establishment of the Chair in Autism and Welsh Autism Research Centre (WARC) • 2010. WAG have commissioned WARC to evaluate children’s ASD assessment and diagnostic services throughout Wales • 2010/11. WAG have commissioned BCUHB & WARC to develop a database for autism for North Wales (Pilot for whole of Wales) 3. Considerable strengthening of the Welsh ASD Strategy in relation Adults with Autism
  6. 6. 4. Projects underway : Awareness- raising materials • 4. Awareness-raising materials : currently being developed by WAG for around 50 practitioners groups GPs and Primary Healthcare workers, Primary, Secondary, Further and Higher Education Family Support Practitioners Families Employers Older persons care services High street outlets (opticians, dentists, chiropodists) Clergy Residential and Day Care Services Advocacy Launch of these materials by Ministers in October 2010
  7. 7. 5. Projects Underway cont’d • 22 new ASD projects starting in 2010 across Wales arising from local and regional asd planning and funded by WAG. Each viewed as a pilot project to inform future development of the ASD strategy in Wales. For example: • Short-term care resource and drop-in centre in Mid & West Wales • Monitored social networking sites for individuals with ASD and also for families in Mid & West Wales • Detailed investigation of the circumstance sand needs of adults with AS living across North Wales • Play/social communication club for children with ASD in North Wales • Emergency Attention Card Scheme throughout South East Wales • Post-diagnostic support pack for families living in South East Wales
  8. 8. 6. Developing a dedicated Research Capacity for Autism in Wales • A clear need to underpin a government autism strategy with a coherent research strategy and evidence base • An increasing role for research to influence and impact upon the government policy in asd • Investment into autism research in Wales essential • Leadership and innovation to spearhead this process
  9. 9. Timelines • April 2009 : Professor Sue Leekam takes up post as Chair in Autism, School of Psychology, Cardiff University • Research Studentships/Research Fellow/Associates recruited • April 2010 : Wales Autism Research Centre (WARC) commences operation • 23rd September 2010 : Formal launch of WARC and Inaugural lecture to celebrate the Chair in Autism
  10. 10. Objectives of the WARC • Mission • to create positive change for individuals and families affected with autism by: - advancing scientific research in areas of risk factors, early identification, diagnosis, cognitive development and intervention - working in partnership with practitioners, charities and the Welsh Assembly Government to integrate scientific evidence with policy and practice • Objectives - to conduct internationally competitive scientific research projects - to facilitate Inter-disciplinary research and research networks - to develop research and training that supports and influences practice and policy - to improve public and professional awareness of research
  11. 11. Professor Sue Leekam Chair in Autism The Wales Autism Research Centre School of Psychology Cardiff University CF10 3XQ Email; contact
  12. 12. 7. Communication From spring 2010 Newsletters 3 types : 1. ASD Leads newsletter 2. Bulletins for national and local politicians 3. Public newsletter – for the aider autism community Websites : 1. “Connections” – site for ASD leads and Regional Support Team 2. WAG “ASD Matters” public website being launched during the autumn 2010
  13. 13. 2010 Strengthening the Agenda for Adults with ASD Task and Finish Group – reporting directly to our Minister.  Recommendations all agreed Minister £1.7m additional funding committed by WAG to implement the actions arising in the following : • Diagnosis and post-diagnostic counselling • Access to Services • Regionally coordinated community & monitoring support • Employment • Housing • Future work
  14. 14. Where are we now : 1. Assessment & Diagnosis •To create a consistent All-Wales approach to adult diagnosis through the development a clinical network •To establish a post-diagnostic counselling service •To evaluate progress made after the first two years and report back the Minister •£752k allocated from 2010-2013
  15. 15. 2. Community and Monitoring Support Schemes •Development of regionally coordinated community- monitoring schemes for adults (esp for those with AS) •Proposals currently being received by WAG prepared by the 3 ASD Regional Support Officers •WAG have allocated £720k from 2010-13
  16. 16. 3. Employment & Related Areas • Autism Employment Ambassador for Wales to be appointed • Training to be provided to : Job CentrePlus Careers Wales Disability Employment Advisors • WAG – to be an autism-friendly employer • WAG are committing £170k 2010-12
  17. 17. Older Persons with ASD Research • “The circumstances and support needs of older people with autism” • Commissioned by WAG – a collaborative project undertaken by Bangor and Glamorgan Universities and administered by Autism Cymru • First research study on this subject anywhere • Series of recommendations arising • Research completed and submitted to the Minister in October 09
  18. 18. Outcomes • WAG hosting a 2 day adults with autism conference on 10/11 June. Day Two devoted to older people with autism • Prof Sue Leekam asked by Ministers to look at the recommendations made in the research report, draw together LDAN/OPAN etc and make proposals to the Minister • National Service Framework for Older Persons to be shaped to reflect the needs of older people with autism
  19. 19. ASD Adults Task & Finish Group Reconvenes May 2010 • Key Tasks : 1. Further/Higher Education 2. Mental Health 3. Criminal Justice System 4. Older Person Research 5. Impact of DWP welfare reforms upon adults with ASD in Wales
  20. 20. Evaluation • We will be evaluating the impact of the ASD Strategic Action to date during the early autumn. • This will involved all Local ASD leads; Local Stakeholder groups, national stakeholder group, vols orgs etc • Further details will issued shortly
  21. 21. Thanks for listening!