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  1. 1. USU F. EDWARD HÉBERT SCHOOL OF MEDICINE CURRICULUM REFORM PROJECT Draft Templates Current as of 20 October 2010 Appendix A
  2. 2. Vacation Overview of USU Molecules to Military Medicine Curriculum (For Implementation, August 2011) Pre-Clerkship Lead-Up Training Post-Clerkship Assessments Pre Clerkship Instruction (MS-I) Pre Clerkship Instruction (MS-II) Basic Core Clerkship Block Location 1 Core Clerkship Block Location 2 Core Clerkship Block Location 2 (cont) Core Clerkship Block Location 3 Adv Didactics/ Prep & Step I** Advanced Clinical Rotations Admin/ Step II*** Advanc ed Clinical Rotatio ns MCM* Capstone Project August 2011 January 2013 January 2014 October 2014 1 May 2015 Clinical Electives and/or Continuation of Capstone MS-IMS-IIMS-IIIMS-IV Tentative * MCM: Military Contingency Medicine/Bushmaster Field Exercise ** Includes 4 Weeks of Dedicated Step I Study/Prep Time *** Step II Taken Between April and September – Prior to Capstone Tentative Pre Clerkship Instruction (MS-1) Adv. Clinical Rotation Adv. Clinical Rotation Tentative 2
  3. 3. Scientific Fundamentals (Key Aspects of Immunology, Biochemistry, BioStatistics, etc.) Case-Based LearningClinical Fundamentals (ex: Ethics, Human Context, ICM-I, etc) Clinical ExperiencesAnatomic Laboratory Vacation (Note: Spring Break Dates TBD)System/Disease Based Units** Overview of Pre-Clerkship Instruction – Part I (Entire MS-I Year) Aug 2011 Sept Oct Nov Dec Jan 2012 Feb March April May June July Aug Scientific Fundamentals Clinical Fundamentals Musculoskeletal Integument** Cardio/Pulm/ Renal** Neuroscience/Neurobiology /Behavior ** GI/Nutrition/ Metabolism/ Development** Anatomic Laboratory (Gross Anatomy) Case Based Learning (correlating with System/Disease Units) Clinical Experience (correlating with System/Disease Units) NeuroAnatomy Lab MS-I Field Exercise* * Introductory, Multi-Day Military Medicine Field Exercise —October ** Precise Duration (weeks) of Integrated, System/Disease Based Units TBD Sept 3
  4. 4. Oct ‘12 Nov ‘12 Dec ‘12 GU/Repro/Endo Multi-System Diseases and Interactions Case-Based Learning (correlating w/ units) Clinical Experience (correlating w/ units) Case-Based Learning Clinical Experiences Vacation System/Disease Based Units Pre-Clerkship Instruction – Part 2 (1st Half, MS-II Year) MS-II Field Exercise (Exact Timing TBD) 4
  5. 5. Formative Core Clerkship Block 1, Location 1 Formative Core Clerkship Block 2, Location 2 Location 2 (Cont) Formative Core Clerkship Block 3, Location 3 Jan 2013 May 2013 Aug 2013 Dec 2013 Overview of Core Clerkships – 52 weeks Starts 2nd Half, MS-II Year & Extends to 1st Half, MS-III Year Pre-Clerkship Lead-Up Training (2 weeks) Common Assessment Weeks (1 week each) Vacation (2 weeks) Clinical Rotations (16 Week Segments Comprising Core Rotations--5 weeks each--plus 1 Week of Combined Testing) Plan for 60 students in each 16-week block; 20 students in each 5-week rotation, likely spread over 5 core sites; 4 students/rotation at each site Tentative 5
  6. 6. Vertical emphasis: Pharmacology, Biochemistry, NeuroAnatomy IP/OP Medicine (10 weeks) Psychiatry (5 weeks) Horizontal emphasis: Palliative Care, Substance Abuse, Geriatrics Vertical emphasis: Gross Anatomy, Pathology, Physiology Surgery (10 weeks) (Gen Surgery and Core Subs: Ortho/Urology/Vascular/CT/Burn) OB/GYN (5 weeks) Horizontal emphasis: Surgical Skills, Informed Consent, Breaking Bad News, Team Training Pairing of Core Clerkships (16 Week Blocks)* Vertical emphasis: Microbiology, Immunology, Embryology Horizontal emphasis: Palliative care, Substance abuse, geriatrics,Horizontal emphasis: Health Maintenance, Preventive Medicine, Domestic Violence Family Medicine (5 weeks) Pediatrics (5 weeks) Selective/EM/ Neurology (4 wks) *Note: Goal is to provide at least 1 block (16 wks) of geographic continuity per student in Class of 2015. Ultimate Goal is 2 continuity blocks (max) for Class of 2017. Location (& occasionally content) of continuity blocks may vary from student to student. Week of Combined, FM-Peds Training (at Sim Center & USU) Common Assessment Weeks (shelf/written exams, OSCE, basic sciences, travel) 6
  7. 7. SI = Sub-Internship Advanced Didactics: 12 weeks Advanced Clinical Rotations– 24 weeks, order individualized for student Advanced Didactics/Step I Prep & Exam Advanced Clinical Rotations (below) and Electives at Potential GME sites* Apr 2014Jan 2014 Neurosciences** Anesthesia Admin/ Step II *** Emergency Medicine Medical SI/Elective Elective Surgical SI/Elective Overview of Post-Clerkship Period Advanced Didactics/Advanced Clinical Rotations (Starts 2nd Half, MS-III & Extends Through First Part, MS-IV Year) Sept 2014 Month Week * Flexible scheduling allows for potential remediation, per OSA direction ** Neurology, Neurosurgery or Pediatric Neurology for students who have not done neurology in a earlier clerkship period *** Step II Exam to be taken between Apr-Sept of MS-IV Year; Admin block may need to be expanded to allow for a 3 week prep. period.
  8. 8. MCM* Capstone Project** Advanced Clinical Electives*** and/or Capstone Project May 2015Oct 2014 Jan 2015 Continuity Clinical Experiences**** *Military Contingency Medicine (Includes Bushmaster Field Exercise). **Capstone Projects will require a minimum of 3 months to complete, however different projects/tracks may have unique requirements, so the amount of time that must be accomplished in a consecutive fashion may vary. ***Advanced Clinical Electives can include traditional sub-internships, additional clinical electives, humanitarian electives, operational rotations, and/or specialized research. These electives will be tailored to individual student interests and/or needs & will be based on guidance from the Office of Student Affairs. ****All students will average at least 8 hours of patient care related activities per week. Post-Clerkship Training (Remainder, MS-IV Year) 8