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  1. 1. Contents Company Overview The DEFINITIVE Difference What We Do Next Steps Key Staff © 2010 Definitive Insights, Inc
  2. 2. Company Overview
  3. 3. Capabilities. Global, full-service custom research capabilities with extended range of advanced quantitative and qualitative approaches. Industry Focus. Expertise and focus on Information Technology, Telecom, Healthcare, Pharma, Energy, Retail, CPG (FMCG), Financial Services & Media. Executive Team. Industry-leading experts with vast array of experience, all of whom have previously worked together. Company Overview Clients & Coverage. Worldwide. Offices. Portland, OR and Seattle, WA. 4 © 2010 Definitive Insights, Inc
  4. 4. Company Overview History of success with worldwide leaders. Our key executives have serviced and developed relationships with numerous worldwide industry leaders. 5 © 2010 Definitive Insights, Inc
  5. 5. © 2010 Definitive Insights, Inc 6 Company Overview Custom Research Solutions – Quantitative: surveys, online, phone, in-person – Qualitative: focus groups, in-depth interviews, observations – Advanced Analytics: modeling and predictive techniques Global Operational Infrastructure – Multiple resources – Best in-class quantitative and qualitative research partners – Highly scalable Custom, global capabilities able to meet any complexity and scope of business question ─ Cross-Tab: Leading KPO provider in market research ─ Polimetrix / YouGov: Exclusive access to U.S. & international panels and survey platform
  6. 6. 7 Company Overview Open. Incorporated 8/24/09; opened offices in Portland (One World Trade Center) and Seattle (Comcast Spotlight Building) on 9/1/09. Staffed. Grown to 18 professional researchers, many of whom you already know. Engaged. Assisting with major efforts from Fortune 500 clients we have worked with prior, as well as from new clients. Profitable. Met revenue and profit targets for first quarter and have strong order book for 2010. Scalable. Have been able to execute large, international projects on tight timelines with the excellent support from our operations partners. Envisioning. Preparing syndicated research programs and white papers focusing on topics such as social media and new energy technologies. We Are: © 2010 Definitive Insights, Inc
  7. 7. The Definitive Difference
  8. 8. Research is critically important – but often doesn’t deliver Millions spent with mixed, sometimes inaccurate/irrelevant results Projects bleed into one another producing report after report Data comes and goes but rarely provides clear actions for bottom line results 9 The DEFINITIVE Difference What would happen if research could directly lead to growth? © 2010 Definitive Insights, Inc
  9. 9. Business Strategy Business Intelligence Market Research 10 The DEFINITIVE Difference Move beyond data to insights in terms of dollars /market share Identify the impact of alternative actions on business financials Deliver tools for planning and making decisions, both strategic and tactical What if the right mix of people and domains were configured together, in just the right fashion, so that something new emerges? © 2010 Definitive Insights, Inc
  10. 10. 11 The DEFINITIVE Difference Example 1: How much will the Brazilian mobile phone market be worth to us as a newcomer? Business Strategy Business Intelligence Market Research Market Research would say: “Our survey said that 27% of Brazilians plan to buy a mobile phone in the next year” Business Intelligence would say: “Customer profitability in developing countries is half that of developed countries” Business Strategy would say: “Brazil will become the leading cell phone user in Latin America by 2012 – .9 probability” We found: Integrated Insights That Drive Decision-Making Potential annual revenue: >$750M Strategy A: Maximize profit to $200M; achieve 12% market share Strategy B: Maximize market share to 25%; achieve $90M in profit © 2010 Definitive Insights, Inc
  11. 11. 12 TYPICAL MARKET RESEARCH FIRM Product A tests better than Product B Users of competitive brands prefer Product A over Product B, but neither would increase share by more than 2% Existing users also prefer Product A – but less than 5% would purchase again or upgrade unless price is severely dropped, hurting revenue DI RECOMMENDATION: Consider a new alternative The DEFINITIVE Difference Example 2: Should I introduce Product A or Product B? Business Strategy Business Intelligence Market Research © 2010 Definitive Insights, Inc
  12. 12. The DEFINITIVE Difference Involved Senior Team No bait and switch Partners/Directors lead the work from beginning to end Expertise Real world problem solvers and experts in: Market segmentation, buyer behavior, purchase drivers, media mix, marketing mix Service Beyond Report We stay with you until the problem is solved The report does not define our relationship Business Experience Our people have been both line executives and researchers We’ve solved problems for world class companies for years Business Strategy Business Intelligence Market Research Results That Lead To Verifiable Payoff Direct impact on profit and share Insights in the language of business metrics 13 © 2010 Definitive Insights, Inc
  13. 13. What We Do
  14. 14. 15 What We Do toughest and most fundamental business questions sweet spot Market Structure Offer Optimization Customer Experience Market Composition Communications & Media What compelling message do we need to deliver to stand above the noise and drive customer action? How do we identify and use market and customer differences in ways that optimize development and marketing efforts? How do we determine what the market wants and keep up with market changes and dynamics better than our competitors? What product development, portfolio, pricing and channel strategies will maximize market share, revenue and profit? How do we enhance customer satisfaction and experience to increase loyalty and fend off competitive threats? How do we leverage customer data to identify the most lucrative customers, and find more like them?Database Analytics © 2010 Definitive Insights, Inc
  15. 15. 16 What We Do We’re agnostic about which techniques to use, as long as they’re the right ones Customer Analytics Customer Profitability Analysis Customer Attrition Analysis Response Modeling Customer Segmentation Marketplace Research Buyer Behavior & Purchase Drivers Market Forecasting Market Segmentation Competitive Landscape Experience & Messaging Research Customer Experience Assessment Satisfaction / Loyalty Drivers Transaction / Service Delivery Positioning / Messaging Product Research Concept Testing / Refinement Development / Optimization Market Simulation / Sizing Pricing Impacts Just a few examples: © 2010 Definitive Insights, Inc
  16. 16. Channels / Resellers Partners Emerging Markets Medical Providers 17 What We Do Ability to reach the toughest audiences. Business to Business LOB / Business Decision-Makers IT / Technical Decision-Makers C-Suite/Executives/Owners End Users SOHO / Small / Medium / Large Enterprise Consumer Users Early Adopters Gamers Students Specialty Patient Populations © 2010 Definitive Insights, Inc
  17. 17. 18 What We Do IT Audience Expertise • CIOs • IT decision-makers • Security decision-makers/CSOs • Developers • Technical decision-makers • Data warehouse managers • Data center managers • Database administrators • LOB / Line of business managers • Channels / VARs • SOHO / Small/ Medium / Enterprise • Computer end users / owner s/ buyers • Hobbyists (music, photo, video, etc.) IT Content Experience Server-Related & Cloud Computing • Infrastructure SW • Virtualization • Hosted services • Biz Continuity / DR • Managed Services • Security Mobility & Productivity • Productivity SW • Mobile Phones • Search Other • Developer tools • Support services • Compliance • Digital Media • Mapping SW Communications • Unified comm • Collaboration • Telephony Expertise in a wide range of IT-related audiences and content areas © 2010 Definitive Insights, Inc
  18. 18. Market Simulators let you build different offerings and instantly estimate market response 1 Use simulator dashboard to specify your offering, your price, and the competitive set: Product A Product B Product C Screen Size Small Medium Large Battery Life 6 hrs 4 hrs 2 hrs Price $500 $700 $600 Instantly see a variety of useful metrics…2 Product A, 47% Product B, 28% Product C, 25% Customer Preference 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% $300 $400 $500 $600 $700 Demand Curve Product A Product B Product C 19 What We Do © 2010 Definitive Insights, Inc
  19. 19. 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 Market Share 2007 2008 Significant Change Market Share 48% 62% Yes Satisfaction 86% 92% Yes % Use Daily 74% 76% No Automate yearly trending and statistical testing Online dashboard allows you to pick the view of results you want to see: Country Age Gender Segment √ USA □ 18 - 34 □ Male √ Beginner □ UK □ 35+ √ Female □ Advanced □ Total √ Total □ Total □ Total 20 What We Do Online reporting tools provide quick/easy access to results and are extremely useful for phased or multi-country studies 1 And instantly download or review results online2 © 2010 Definitive Insights, Inc
  20. 20. Continued support and consultation after an engagement helps maximize use of insights provided Experienced team-based approach leveraging formalized processes and past learning Analysis & Reporting Continued Consultation Staff with extensive client experience & relationships Dedicated Client Service Teams Better quantitative resource access, quality and price “Green Fields” Operation & Production Project Management Marketing Science 21 Sophisticated analyses (e.g., segmentation, trade-off analyses) handled in-house Partnerships enable automated data connectivity to enhance data delivery speed and quality What We Do © 2010 Definitive Insights, Inc
  21. 21. We have chosen to outsource data collection and tabulation after extensive analyses, reviews and “test drives” of alternative options. This model was selected after a year-long evaluation of both the advisability of outsourcing as well as possible partner options directed by our senior staff at a previous firm. Our implementation includes strict and specific process guidelines and SLAs. We believe that outsourcing these very specific areas represents a better solution than building that capacity in-house, and allows us to scale quickly to accommodate extremely large engagements. We have direct experience with our selected partner firms, both on current and completed projects as Definitive Insights and at a previous form. 22 What We Do © 2010 Definitive Insights, Inc
  22. 22. Next Steps
  23. 23. 24 Next Steps What are the most significant strategic issues you’re facing now? How have you attempted to address them so far? What has/hasn’t worked and why? What critical pieces of information do you need to move forward? Are you aware of what information you need or what insights are missing? If we could offer you a “magic bullet” insight, what would that be? Let us give you a point of view and help share the load on your toughest business problems © 2010 Definitive Insights, Inc
  24. 24. 601 SW Oak Street Portland, OR 97205 Tel: (503) 575-7630 Ext. 820 Fax: (503) 575-7630 25 Next Steps Contact © 2010 Definitive Insights, Inc
  25. 25. Key Staff & Bios
  26. 26. Managing Partners Partners Research Directors / Managers Research Specialists David Lineweber  Doss Struse Brian Cavoto  Ben Kim-Gervey Sabrina Lomeu  Meredith Lind Scott Perretta  Agnish Chakravarti Aaron Lee  Lisa Albrecht  Dan Tochen Jenn Murray  Allison Shellaway  Erin Crane  John Whaley Kellie Helm  Charlie Gerringer 27 Key Staff © 2010 Definitive Insights, Inc
  27. 27. David Lineweber, PhD Managing Partner 25+ yrs experience. Head of Research at Cambridge Reports; Lead Energy Practice at National Analysts - Booz Allen. President at Primen & Momentum Market Intelligence. BA, University of Delaware; PhD, Stanford University 28 Senior Staff Doss Struse Managing Partner 25+ yrs experience. Lead Strategy, Marketing, Pricing & Product Dev. for AC Nielsen. MI Head at AC Nielsen, General Mills, Nestle, Carnation, Oscar Mayer. CEO, Research International. BA, Princeton; MA, University of Michigan Brian Cavoto, PhD Managing Partner 20+ yrs experience. Expert consultant for SPSS. Head of custom research for Harte- Hanks Market Intelligence. Launched online qualitative and quantitative research software for BA, University of Connecticut; PhD, Tufts University Ben Kim-Gervey, PhD Managing Partner 15+ yrs experience. Expert in media, technology, health/ pharma and public sectors. Sr. Partner at Momentum Market Intelligence. Research Director at Hall & Partners and Martin Hamblin-GfK. BA, Columbia University; MA/MS/PhD, New York University Scott Perretta, PhD Partner 12+ years experience. Expert in both qualitative and quantitative approaches, with focus on information technology. Principal, Momentum Market Intelligence. Director, Gartner Custom Research. BA, Cornell University; PhD, Cornell University Meredith Lind Partner 15+ yrs experience across wide range of industries. Principal, Momentum Market Intelligence. Director, Gartner Custom Research and MORPACE International. MRA guest speaker. BA, University of Michigan; MBA, Michigan State University Sabrina Henderson Lomeu Partner 15+ yrs experience with expertise in pharma, energy, financial and Information technology sectors. Partner, Momentum Market Intelligence. Research Director, Market Strategies, Inc. BA, University of Oregon; MA , University of Michigan Agnish Chakravarti, PhD Partner 12+ yrs experience across both supplier and client sides. VP, MarketTools. Director, Momentum Market Intelligence. Researcher at Microsoft; responsible for best practices in product satisfaction. BA/BS, University of Arizona; PhD, Stanford University © 2010 Definitive Insights, Inc
  28. 28. 29 Doss Struse Headed Market Research and Information departments at General Mills, Carnation, Nestle, Oscar Mayer Head of Strategy, Marketing, Pricing & Product Development for A. C. Nielsen Introduced software products to automate analysis and decision-making by line managers: Spotlight, Promotion Simulator, Sales Advisor I & II, Nielsen Workstation. CEO at Research International USA Grew the business from $15M to $50M in 3 years Founded Lightspeed panel business SVP Marketing for Knowledge Networks Grew revenues from $0 to $34M in 2.5 years CEO Momentum Market Intelligence With the named colleagues grew the business 4X Managing Partner BA | Princeton University MA | University of Michigan 601 SW Oak Street Portland, OR 97205 (503) 575 7630 x821 © 2010 Definitive Insights, Inc
  29. 29. 30 Brian Cavoto PhD Consultant for Chicago-based SPSS, providing research and statistical expertise to commercial, academic and government clients through public courses and on-site consulting Launched software to conduct qualitative/ quantitative online research for Boston-based (now Reactions & Opinions Inc) Headed custom research business for San-Diego based Harte-Hanks Market Intelligence Moved division from money-loser to a growing business with a 35% pre-tax margin Helped develop Microsoft account to $4-5M annually during tenure at Momentum Market Intelligence Managing Partner BA | University of Connecticut PhD | Tufts University 601 SW Oak Street Portland, OR 97205 (503) 575 7630 x803 © 2010 Definitive Insights, Inc
  30. 30. 31 David Lineweber PhD Head of a research group at Cambridge Reports Head of the Energy Practice for National Analysts - Booz Allen Member of core leadership team for custom market research for Hagler Bailly - Cap Gemini President / CEO of Primen Led the core group starting up this new market research entity serving the utility industry President Momentum Market Intelligence One of the leaders of 4X growth since 2003 Managing Partner BA | University of Delaware MA/PhD | Stanford University 601 SW Oak Street Portland, OR 97205 (503) 575 7630 x802 © 2010 Definitive Insights, Inc
  31. 31. 32 Ben Kim-Gervey PhD 15+ years experience as a researcher and consultant providing marketing intelligence services to clients in the media, technology, healthcare/pharmaceutical, public and FMCG/CPG sectors. Senior Partner at Momentum Market Intelligence Focus on developing and maintaining Forrester Research partnership Research Director at Hall & Partners Healthcare USA Focus on international product development and extension, branding and communications research programs for ethical pharma, device and associated healthcare companies Research Director International Divisional Director at Martin Hamblin-GfK Focus on new product development and product / molecule profile optimization Most recent academic publication focused on motivated information search strategies and appeared in the journal Motivation and Emotion Managing Partner BA | Columbia University MA/MS/PhD | New York University 601 SW Oak Street Portland, OR (503) 575 7630 x804 © 2010 Definitive Insights, Inc
  32. 32. 33 Sabrina Henderson Lomeu 15+ years experience as a researcher/consultant providing custom market research services to clients in in pharma, energy, finance and information technology sectors Expertise in the creative application of quantitative and qualitative methodologies; specializes in complex, multi-phased international projects addressing a variety of market research questions 15+ years experience as a qualitative facilitator Partner, Momentum Market Intelligence Key player in managing and growing pharma account to $1.1M annually Research Director, Market Strategies, Inc. Key player in winning a preferred vendor partnership with IBM Global Services, yielding $2.5M in its first year Survey Statistician, Center for Survey Methods Research, Census Bureau Research Associate, Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan Partner BA | University of Oregon MA | University of Michigan 601 SW Oak Street Portland, OR 97205 (503) 575 7630 x806 © 2010 Definitive Insights, Inc
  33. 33. 34 Scott Perretta PhD 12 years experience leading custom research and consulting engagements and advising Fortune 100 information technology clients with focus on hardware, software, communications and services Diverse experience includes new product development, pricing, market sizing/simulation, brand equity, customer experience, segmentation, messaging/positioning, industrial design evaluation Equally skilled in both advanced quantitative and qualitative techniques; strong ability to merge the two into unique market understanding Expert qualitative facilitator with 500+ focus groups and 1,000+ interviews conducted throughout The Americas, EMEA & Asia/Pac Previous experience: Principal at Momentum Market Intelligence Director at Gartner Custom Research Applied decision-making and consumer behavior research Partner BA | Cornell University PhD | Cornell University 601 SW Oak Street Portland, OR 97205 (503) 575 7630 x809 © 2010 Definitive Insights, Inc
  34. 34. 35 Meredith Lind 15+ years experience providing custom market research and consulting services to clients in a variety of industries, with focus on technology marketplace for past 10 years Specializes in designing and managing complex studies which leverage both qualitative and quantitative approaches; 10+ years experience with focus group moderation in the US and internationally MRA guest speaker on using MaxDiff and Qsort as alternatives to scale metrics, and how to incorporate ‘quantitative’ structure into qualitative analysis Forrester guest speaker on using a variety of research techniques to support business/marketing decisions Previous experience: Principal at Momentum Market Intelligence Research Director at Gartner Custom Research Project Director at MORPACE International Partner BA | University of Michigan MBA | Michigan State University 601 SW Oak Street Portland, OR 97205 (503) 575 7630 x808 © 2010 Definitive Insights, Inc
  35. 35. 36 Agnish Chakravarti PhD Experienced research professional across supplier, client and academic sides. Vice President, Microsoft Account, MarketTools Inc. Principle executive responsible for client development at Microsoft Corporate Market Research Group and other independent units Research Director at Momentum Market Intelligence Developed and managed key relationships at Microsoft across full lifecycle of engagements Research at Microsoft Corporation Developed and managed research agenda for multiple product lines; responsible for best practices in product satisfaction and experience research Published academic researcher and highly rated teacher for Market Research and Consumer Behavior at Kellogg Graduate School of Management and University of Washington Partner BA/BS | University of Arizona PhD | Stanford University 601 SW Oak Street Portland, OR 97205 (206) 818-9938 © 2010 Definitive Insights, Inc
  36. 36. 37 Aaron Lee Over 10 years experience conducting custom research projects within the technology marketplace Specializes in complex international quantitative studies utilizing a diverse range of methodologies Focus on choice modeling, market segmentation, behavioral drivers, product satisfaction, pricing and purchase behaviors Qualitative interviewer and focus group moderator, with experience throughout North America, EMEA and Asia/Pacific MRA guest speaker on MaxDiff and Qsort as alternatives to traditional scale metrics Co-authored ESOMAR paper on improving qualitative applications of Van Westendorp’s Price Sensitivity Meter Previous experience: Research Director at Momentum Market Intelligence Research Manager at Gartner Custom Research Research Director BA | University of Oregon MBA | Willamette University 601 SW Oak Street Portland, OR 97205 (503) 575 7630 x810 © 2010 Definitive Insights, Inc
  37. 37. 38 Lisa Albrecht 15 years experience conducting custom research for a range of industries including technology, energy/ utilities, financial services, healthcare/pharma, and consumer goods and services Deep experience in both quantitative and qualitative methodologies, specializing in complex, multi-phased international projects Expert moderator skilled in working with both business and consumer audiences. Areas of focus include customer satisfaction and loyalty, marketing/branding communications assessment new product/concept development and optimization (including discrete choice), customer wants and needs exploration, market sizing, pricing, purchase decision making, and website usability Previous experience: Research Director at Momentum Market Intelligence Study Director at Market Strategies International Research Director BA | Hampshire College 601 SW Oak Street Portland, OR 97205 (503) 575 7630 x812 © 2010 Definitive Insights, Inc
  38. 38. 39 Allison Shellaway Five years experience supporting and managing custom research, primarily in technology sector Experience includes both quantitative and qualitative approaches, with particular focus on customer satisfaction, concept testing, behavioral and market segmentation, and pricing analysis Research Manager at Momentum Market Intelligence Managed a broad spectrum of custom qualitative and quantitative research projects, in partnership with Forrester Research Research Associate at MarketTools Managed full service research engagements with Microsoft, Strategyn and MRM Senior Market Research Analyst at Ipsos Loyalty Worked closely with team and client to execute large- scale, complex customer satisfaction program, with particular focus on offline and online report development, task management, quality assurance and thought leadership Senior Research Manager BA| Michigan State University 601 SW Oak Street Portland, OR 97205 (503) 575 7630 x816 © 2010 Definitive Insights, Inc
  39. 39. 40 Dan Tochen Deep experience leading custom research engagements with focus on utilities and technology Expertise in both qualitative and quantitative methodologies. Example projects include a pricing study for a large metropolitan electric utility, store optimization for a video rental chain and focus groups to test new product concepts for a leading financial services firm Project Director at Gartner Custom Research Managed worldwide customer satisfaction tracking study for a Fortune 100 networking and telecom company Covered technology and electronic entertainment markets as an analyst and journalist. Co-author of white papers on business trends and consumer behavior in Japan’s Internet-enabled cellular phone market Covered Tokyo Game Show, E3 and GDC as correspondent for Speak/read/write Japanese Senior Research Manager BA | Wesleyan University MBA | University of Washington 601 SW Oak Street Portland, OR 97205 (503) 575 7630 x813 © 2010 Definitive Insights, Inc
  40. 40. 41 Erin Crane Five years experience managing and supporting custom research projects, with specific focus on the technology industry Skills across a variety of both quantitative and qualitative approaches, with particular focus on segmentation, discrete choice, packaging and pricing, habits and practices, and market sizing analyses Experience in managing both domestic and large scale, international studies MRA guest speaker on incorporating a ‘quantitative’ structure into qualitative analysis Past experience: Research Manager at Momentum Market Intelligence Academic research background in Social Psychology Educational background in Sociology, Social Psychology, and Research Methodology Senior Research Manager MS| Bowling Green State University 601 SW Oak Street Portland, OR 97205 (503) 575 7630 x817 © 2010 Definitive Insights, Inc
  41. 41. 42 Jenn Murray 4 years experience supporting custom market research and consulting engagements for clients in a variety of sectors Work includes projects for clients in utilities, medical diagnostics and pharmaceuticals, financial services, information technology, telecommunications and consumer entertainment industries Experience with both quantitative and qualitative approaches addressing customer satisfaction and loyalty, customer segmentation, new product development, concept optimization, pricing, messaging/positioning, etc. Past experience: Associate Research Manager at Momentum Market Intelligence. Academic research background in Cognitive Psychology. Educational background in Psychology, Sociology, and Communication Studies Research Manager BA| University of Portland 601 SW Oak Street Portland, OR 97205 (503) 575 7630 x814 © 2010 Definitive Insights, Inc
  42. 42. 43 John Whaley 3+ years experience supporting and managing all facets of custom research Serves a variety of industries with emphasis on pharma and medical diagnostics as well as utilities and information technology Experience across a diverse set of methodologies: Qualitative research experience includes new product development, product messaging, ad testing; moderation of focus groups and in-depth interviews Quantitative research includes emphasis on customer satisfaction, pricing analysis and market segmentation Past experience: Research Manager at Momentum Market Intelligence; supported and managed a broad spectrum of custom qualitative and quantitative research projects, many in partnership with Forrester Research Author of textbook chapter on Music Psychology published by Oxford University Press Research Manager BA| St. Olaf College MS| Keele University (UK) 601 SW Oak Street Portland, OR 97205 (503) 575 7630 x815 © 2010 Definitive Insights, Inc
  43. 43. 44 Charlie Gerringer 12+ years experience conducting advanced data analysis with extensive experience with: Experimental design, discrete choice modeling and maximum differencing scaling (hierarchical Bayesian) Market segmentation (latent class cluster analysis) Generalized linear models (e.g. OLS, logistic, multinomial regression) Multivariate statistics (e.g. principal components analysis, exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis, structural equation modeling) Time series (frequentist and Bayesian) Presenter, Marketing Dynamics 2009 Conference in Hamilton, NZ Utilizing Survey Data to Augment Revenue Forecast Accuracy in Volatile Middleware Market. Expert with SAS, R/S+, SPSS, and Sawtooth products Senior Market Scientist BS | University of Texas at Austin MS | Oregon State University 601 SW Oak Street Portland, OR 97205 (503) 575 7630 x818 © 2010 Definitive Insights, Inc
  44. 44. 45 Kellie Helm 5+ years experience managing qualitative recruiting and on-site logistics for focus groups, in-depth interviews and online methodologies Extensive U.S. and international project management experience Established partnerships with 100+ research partners across the world to meet variety of research needs Strong project management skills used to assist all members of DI staff at all levels across the company Work spans numerous industries including utilities, financial services, information technology, and healthcare/pharma Past experience: Logistics/Office Manager and Benefits Administrator at Momentum Market Intelligence Office Manager at Market Strategies Logistics Manager 601 SW Oak Street Portland, OR 97205 (503) 575 7630 x819 © 2010 Definitive Insights, Inc