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  1. 1. Behavioral Research at Creighton University: A Brief Overview Patricia M. Sullivan, Ph.D. Professor of Psychiatry NE Biomedical Research Retreat November 16, 2006
  2. 2.  Neurosciences Laboratory  Fred Petty, MD, PhD Neurobiology of Traumatic Stress Developmental Pharmacology – adrenergia & GABA  Kevin Happe, PhD Developmental Pharmacology - adrenergia  Substance Abuse Program  Pirzada Sattar, MD, MS Alcoholism – risk, assessment & treatment  Kathleen Grant, MD Alcoholism – risk, assessment & treatment Smoking cessation RESEARCH AREAS
  3. 3.  Violence Related Research  Patricia M. Sullivan, PhD Violence exposure outcomes in children (NICHD) Neglectful parenting and children’s aggression (NIMH) Violence victimization and perpetration (CDC) Transgenerational family violence Psychosis Research Laboratory  Daniel R. Wilson, MD, PhD Relapse Prevention in Psychosis (NIH) Ethnic Disparities in Diagnosis Telepsychiatric Research Interviews  Clinical Neuroscience Program  RESEARCH AREAS
  4. 4.  Affective Disorders Program  Faiz Qadri, MD & Daniel R. Wilson, MD, PhD Depression and cardiovascular disease Vagal nerve stimulation – depression, mania, OCD  Eating Disorders Program  Mae Sokol, MD (K-Award Application) PANDAS – Anorexia & Bulimia  Neuropsychology Program  James Madison, PhD Prognostic Correlates of Obesity & Eating Disorders RESEARCH AREAS
  5. 5.  Services Research & Forensic Medicine  Daniel R. Wilson, MD, PhD Polypharmacy & Pharmacoeconomics Informed Consent  Fred Petty, MD, PhD Health Outcomes & Pharmacoeconomics  Pirzada Sattar, MD Sociocultural Dimensions of Pharmacology  Patricia M. Sullivan, PhD Institutional Elder Maltreatment Juvenile Mental Health and Adulthood Incarceration Linkages RESEARCH AREAS
  6. 6.  Psychotherapy  Tom Svolos, MD Psychodynamics Theory & Practice  Medical Education  PJ Malin, MD Student Behavioral Health RESEARCH AREAS
  7. 7.  Clinical Psychopharmacology Program  23 current controlled research studies in adult & child mood, psychotic, anxiety & eating disorders …  Daniel R. Wilson, MD, PhD  Fred Petty, MD, PhD  Shashi Bhatia, MD  Subhash Bhatia, MD  William Marcil, MD  Sriram Ramaswamy, MD  Praveen Fernandes, MD  Pirzada Sattar, MD  Faiz Qadri, MD  PJ Malin, MD  James Madison, PhD RESEARCH AREAS
  8. 8.  Office of Interprofessional Scholarship, Service and Education (OISSE);  Interdisciplinary health professionals within School of Pharmacy and Health Professions  12 year history of building self-sustaining rehabilitation services at Carl T. Curtis Health Care Center (Omaha Nation) and Winnebago IHS Public Health Hospital  10 years of federal funding for interprofessional education that has built sustainable academic-community partnership; projects in areas of health education/diabetes prevention; wellness and health promotion across life span; health literacy; geriatric fall prevention 19 faculty members across health sciences Core faculty: Teresa Cochran, DPT, MA, GCS; Caroline Goulet, PhD, PT; Brenda Coppard, PhD, OT; Gail Jensen, PhD, PT; Ann Ryan- Haddad, PharmD; Marlene Wilken, PhD, RN; Joy Voltz, OTD OTHER RESEARCH AREAS
  9. 9.  Office of Interprofessional Scholarship, Service and Education (OISSE); Pending application: NIH/Health Literacy Goulet (PI) (Cochran, Jensen, Coppard, Ryan-Haddad, Voltz, Wilken) Against the Current: Bridging the Gap to eHealth Information for the Omaha Tribe of Nebraska RESEARCH AREAS
  10. 10. RESEARCH AREAS CHRP is a team of interdisciplinary faculty researchers who advance the health services research and develop others to achieve independent scholarship and research. Details are available on the CHRP website at CHRP maintains a centralized repository, a HIPAA compliant research servers with daily back-up for data management, analysis and archiving. There is a data entry and analysis center with four workstations and installed software applications for statistical and qualitative data analysis. Areas of emhasis: Patient Safety research, Health Information Technology assessment studies, Clinical Informatics studies, Medicaid and Medicare research, Translation and Dissemination studies, Clinical, Economic and Humanistic Outcomes studies, Interprofessional and team based studies Community, government and industry partners are core to CHRP’s work.
  11. 11. Creighton University School of Pharmacy and Health Professions; School of Dentistry; School of Medicine; School of Nursing; Arts and Sciences Business Administration Systems Engineering Initiative for Patient Safety- University of Wisconsin School of Engineering QIO – CIMRO of Nebraska State of Nebraska Medicaid/Medicare Office of Rural Health Area Agencies on Aging UNL – BUROS Institute UNL – Qualitative and Mixed Methods Department *Consume r Board Creighton Center for Health Policy and Ethics VAMC Office of Research Professional Associations Nebraska Center for Bioterrorism Preparedness UNMC School of Allied Health Creighton Health Services Research Program
  12. 12.  College of Arts and Sciences/Department of Psychology Isabelle Cherney, PhD Children’s perception of body satisfaction and their parents’ diet/exercise habits (The Barbie Diet: Body Image Perceptions in Young Children) Department of Exercise Science Joan Eckerson, PhD Effect of nutrient supplementation on human performance Anthony Bull, PhD Role of physical activity and nutrition in human energy balance and weight management RESEARCH AREAS
  13. 13. Creighton University Contacts  Bhatia,Shashi, MD 345-8828  Bhatia Subhash, MD 346-8800  Bull, Anthony, PhD 280-2492  Cherney, Isabelle, PhD 280-1228  Cochran, Teresa, DPT, MA, GCS 280-4581  Coppard,Brenda, PhD, OT 280-5958  Eckerson, Joan, PhD 280-2090  Fernandes,Praveen, MD 346-8800  Galt, Kimberly A. , PharmD,FASHP 280-4259  Goulet, Caroline, PhD, PT 280-5671  Grant, Kathleen, MD  Happe,Kevin, PhD 280-1733  Jensen,Gail, PhD, PT 280-3727  Madison, James, PhD 345-8828  Marcil, William, MD 345-8828  Malin, PJ, MD 345-8828
  14. 14. Creighton University Contacts  Petty, Fred, MD, PhD 346-8800  Qadri, Faiz, MD 280-3550  Ramaswamy, Sriram, MD 345-8828  Ryan-Haddad Ann, PharmD 280-1263  Sattar, Pirzada, MD 346-8800  Sokol, Mae , MD 280-3550  Sullivan,Patricia M. , PhD 280-3912  Svolos,Tom, MD 345-7100  Voltz, Joy, OTD 280-5258  Wilson,Daniel R., MD, PhD 345-8828  Wilken, Marlene, PhD, RN 280-4778