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  1. 1. JEAN-ELLEN METIVIER 600 PeachamDanville Road, Barnet, VT05851 | 802-684-2026 | EDUCATION Fielding Graduate University,Santa Barbara, CA PH.D. Student 2009- Clinical Psychology withconcentrations in Parent Infant Mental Health and Neuropsychology American PsychologicalAssociation (APA) Accredited Program Faculty Advisor, Samuel Osherson, Ph.D. Goddard College, Plainfield, VT M.A. in HealthArtsand Sciences 2006-2008 Thesis: AddressingtheUrgentNeedfor EarlyIdentificationandEarly InterventionforChildrenwith Autism,[Initialtesting Children at Risk for AutismScreening Instrument(C.A.R.A.)] Goddard College, Plainfield, VT B.A. HealthArts and Sciences 2003-2006 Areas of Concentration: Autism, Parenting as a Therapeutic Modality Thesis: LimbicRecovery©:ANewApproachto AutismTreatmentfor ChildrenBirth to ThreeYearsof Age. Notre Dame Academy, Hingham, MA HighSchool Diploma 1984-1987 College Preparatory High School LICENSES AND CERTIFICATES Psychotherapist,VermontRoster 097-0001113 2006- PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Integrative Therapy Institute, Inc., Saint Johnsbury,VT Founder& Director 2007–   Developed and teaches an (EYS) Extended SchoolYear Program: Integrated Art Classes that include Children withAutism Spectrum Disorders  Provideand facilitate weekly support group meetings forparents of Children with Special Needs.  Developed social skill program, TheSocial Club forchildren with autism and other special needs. PrivatePractice PsychotherapistandConsultant 2006–  Counselor and EducationalConsultant for Guildhall Schooland Waterford School (ECSU)  Contracted Therapist for Northeast Kingdom Human Services
  2. 2. JEAN-ELLEN METIVIER PAGE 2 600 PeachamDanville Road, Barnet, VT05821 802-684-2026 OENSU,ENSU & OCSU SchoolDistrict Consortium, Vermont Evaluator 2007-2008  Contracted Consultant with3 schooldistricts (OENSU,ENSU,OCSU in Vermont to ProvideDevelopmental Assessments for Children 0-3 to determine eligibility for educational and health services. Family, Infant and Toddler Program, Caledonia and Southern Essex (Part C of IDEA) Community Resource Parent/Case Manager 2001-2004  Implemented extensive plan foroutreach in rural Northeastern Vermont, U.S.A. to identify children birth to three years of age whohad a disability or whowere at risk fora delay in their development because of birth history, environmental exposure or paternal deprivation.  Personally coordinated transition into school programs for90% of children in Part C and their families within rural Northeastern Vermont.  Assessed Child Care facilities receiving children with special needs on how to meet the educational needs of children withan IFSP.  Set-up and maintained an educational referral system for children with special needs including children with CP/CD with a higher focuson Children on the Autism Spectrum, Cognitive Delay and Non-verbal Learning Disorder.  Experienced in working and training parents whoare cognitively delayed.  Developed and implemented trainings in early intervention and prevention of cognitive delays for Special Education teachers, Case Managers and Early Childhood Educators  Reorganized and maintained resource library forfamilies and professionals.  ProvidedService Coordination and built numerous teams of professionals to provide early intervention services forchildren withspecial needs and their families. Children’s Upstream Services C.U.P.SNewport, VT CUPS TrainingCoordinator  OrganizeTrainingandSupportOpportunitiesforParentsofchildrenwithmentalhealthconcerns  Rocking Horse Circle of Support Group Newport, VT 2001  Parents of children with Special Needs Support Group, Newport, VT 2001 TRAINING  WAIS-IV  Ridding the Silence, Assessment and Treatment Strategies Used with Young Children with Selective Mutism, Hampton, NH. Presented by Joleen R. Fernald, PhDc CCC-SLP October3 2008  Zero to Three National Center for Infants, Toddlers and Families 17th National Training Institute. Washington, D.C. 2002  Community Health Advisor: Train the Trainer Workshop, Northeastern Vermont Area Health Education Center Saint Johnsbury, VT. 2002
  3. 3. JEAN-ELLEN METIVIER PAGE 3 600 PeachamDanville Road, Barnet, VT05821 802-684-2026 TEACHING EXPERIENCE LyndonState CollegeHumanServices InternshipSupervisor 2004-2007  Providedsupervisionandlearningopportunities forseveralstudents toworkwithchildrenwithspecialneeds ASSESSMENT AND SCREENING INSTRUMENTS Hawaii Early Learning Profile(H.E.L.P.) Temperament and Atypical Behavior Scale (TABS) Developmental Assessment of Young Children (DAYC) Functional Behavioral Assessments PRESENTATIONS AND LECTURES Metivier, J. (2010). Limbic Recovery:Understanding and Enhancing Approaches to Social Learning for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). PowerPointPresented at the Northwest Georgia Education ServiceAgency (RESA), Rome Georgia, May 14, 2010 (5 hours). O’Neil, J. [Metivier] (2007). Promoting Neurally Appropriate Behaviors in School and Home for Children with Challenging Behaviors PowerPoint Presented at The Vermont Association forthe Education of YoungChildren (VAEYC),Killington, VT. September 20, 2007 (1.5 hours). O’Neil , J.[Metivier](2006) Limbic Recovery,EmotionalHealing for Children and their Caregivers, Presented at Northern Vermont Regional Hospital Lunch and Learn, Saint Johnsbury, VT September 16, 2006 (1 hour). O’Neil, J. [Metivier] (2006) Live Interview on Steve Farnham’s Call in Radio Program. Subject: Autism Treatment,Prevention andEarlyIntervention, Community Education Program aired by WGDR,Plainfield, VT August, 17, 2006 (2 hours). RESEARCH EXPERIENCE EmotionalandBehavioralHealthofChildren3-5years of agein the NorthernCounties of Vermont Contracted Researcher forBuilding Bright Futures/ Northeast Kingdom Learning Services, Report presented to the Early Childhood Council, Newport,VT 2007 CUURICULUM VITAE (GRADUATE) Fielding Graduate University Courses Completed PSY 700 Pro-Seminar in Critical Thinking PSY 701 Research Design and Methodology PSY 702 Developmental Basis of Behavior PSY 708 Psychopathology PSY 710 PsychologicalAssessment Courses in Progress PSY 716 Basic Statistics (July 2010)
  4. 4. JEAN-ELLEN METIVIER PAGE 4 600 PeachamDanville Road, Barnet, VT05821 802-684-2026 PSY 709 Legal, Ethical, and ProfessionalIssues (June2010) PsychologicalAssessment Labs Completed PSY 625 A Beginning Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) PSY 675 A Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS-IV) LANGUAGES English – native language PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS/MEMBERSHIPS  Psi Chi, National Honor Society in Psychology 2010-  Student ElectCampus Representative to American PsychologicalAssociation Graduate Students (APAGS) for Fielding Graduate University 2010-2012  American PsychologicalAssociation 2006-  Board Member and President of Vermont Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health, Lobbying activities to fund services and support forchildren with mental health issues. 2000- 2004  Special Quest Team Member, Hilton Early Head Start Training Program 1998- 2001  CUPS (Children’s Upstream Services) Vermont State Task Force 1999  Parent Representative, Vermont Interagency Coordinating Council 1998-1999  Regional Team Member for Family, Infant & Toddler Program, Orleans Essex, VT 1998 COMMUNITY SERVICE Organizer and Coordinator forCommunity Meal Site at Saint Johnsbury Unitarian Universalist Church 2009- REFERENCES Available upon request