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Intro to Neuroanatomy


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Intro to Neuroanatomy

  1. 1. Gross Anatomy Maryann Martone, Ph. D. 1/08/2009
  2. 2. Organization of the Nervous System •CNS •Brain •Spinal cord •PNS •Somatic •Autonomic •Sympathetic •Parasympathetic •Enteric •Gut motility and secretion
  3. 3. Meninges Leptomeninges = Arachnoid + pia mater Lepto: G delicate Pachymeninges=dura mater Pachy: G Thick Epidural, subdural space Subarachnoid space
  4. 4. The Ventricles
  5. 5. Divisions of the Brain
  6. 6. CSF •125 ml in adult human •500 ml/24 hr period •Produced by choroid plexus, principally in the lateral ventricles •Forms “water cushion” for brain •Bathes neural tissue, extending into perivascular spaces
  7. 7. Cerebrospinal Fluid
  8. 8. Flow of CSF
  9. 9. Sinuses
  10. 10. Hydrocephalus
  11. 11. Cerebral Blood Supply
  12. 12. Divisions of the Brain
  13. 13. Motor Somatosensory FF PP TT OO Vision Audition General Functions Associated with each Lobe Lobes are not functional subdivisions but useful as reference
  14. 14. Sylvian Fissure Some features are easy to find…
  15. 15. And some are not that easy…
  16. 16. Identifying the central sulcus 6/landmarks_core6.html/ na_atlas.html
  17. 17. Corpus Callosum Insular Cortex And some things are hidden from view Cingulate Gyrus
  18. 18. Other Useful Websites • – Greek and Latin roots of neuroscience (especially neuroanatomy) words