FEBRUARY MINUTES - School of Osteopathic Medicine at UMDNJ


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FEBRUARY MINUTES - School of Osteopathic Medicine at UMDNJ

  1. 1. UNIVERSITY OF MEDICINE AND DENTISTRY OF NEW JERSEY SCHOOL OF OSTEOPATHIC MEDICINE STUDENT COUNCIL One Medical Center Drive  Suite 210  Stratford, NJ 08084 Tel: (856) 566-6981  Fax: (856) 566-6714  email: stuco@umdnj.edu Student Council Minutes Meeting Date: February 18, 2010 Location: AC 276 Next Meeting: Thursday, March 18, 2010; 7:00 pm Location: AC 276 I. Call to Order and Attendees: (A) The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm. (B) Attendees: Council STUCO E-board: Kimberly Young, Katherine Cannon, Kirin Syed, Birju Ringwala, Kay Yoon-Flannery, Karandeep Jagpal Class of 2010: Danielle Mercurio, Erin Toller, Bethany Cottingham, EJ Gettings, Brett Elo Class of 2011: Ryan Danowski, Jodie Bachman, Patricia Ambrosio, Elizabeth Jasolosky Class of 2012: Amina Moghul, Ingrid Edshteyn, Aileen Chen, Matthew J. Ingrassia, Sarah Campeas, Farhad Modarai, Nidhi Shah Class of 2013: Wade Ng, Neiman Ramjattan, Pavli Demian, Zachary Hernandez, Natalie Hyppolite, Anna Grushevsky, Jennifer Ocbo Guests Dean Krueger, Dean Lambert (C) Excused: Tom Nappe, Gabriel Lerman, Matt LaPorta, Ingrid Edshteyn, Jaclyn Taupier, Sarah Campeas (D) Unexcused: II. Approval of Minutes (A) The January 2010 meeting minutes were unanimously approved. III. Special Business Dean Krueger (on behalf of DeanCavalieri) - 1) Finances: SOM has not had any final guidance from central Administration in Newark about where the cuts are going to come from. Deans have made it very clear that the gap will not and cannot be closed by significantly increasing student fees and tuition. This is a nation-wide phenomenon, but state schools feel it more quickly because we have state funding. What are we doing? We are revisiting the Core mission of SOM: EDUCATION. What makes us unique is the educational mission of
  2. 2. the SOM—so when we make cuts, we do everything we can to make sure it does not impact the quality of your education. - Congrats to the Class of 2010 on the Osteopathic Match! Great job to Class of 2010 class council on Match Day event. Dean Krueger - 1) COCA is coming on March 11 & 12. (COCA does the exit interview and gives us our accreditation). Why are they coming? We increased the class size of incoming students. This is considered a substantive change, which is why they are required to be on campus. When COCA people ask you questions, just answer honestly and not what you think the school would want you to say. - Issues they want to know about: - Facilities: classrooms, auditorium. Dr. Krueger thinks the biggest challenge in the classrooms is getting more electricity in the classrooms. It will probably be harder to do in the auditorium - Study space: Dr. Krueger has not heard too many complaints. We are moving the computer training space to UDP. We are keeping the printers where they are, but this should free up some potential study space. - High speed printer is in Dr. Krueger’s budget for next year. - Clerkships: COCA will want to know about this. We have adequate space. Potential of adding new hospitals in North Jersey. We are trying to develop a Geriatrics and OMM rotation in North NJ to help prevent the need for students to drive back and forth. Lourdes will provide some more IM. Peds and OB are scarce all over the country. Vineland OB and NICU will be starting next year. - New curriculum: COCA will know about the challenges, COCA will expect this. We have added ECHO 360, Virtual Microscopy, SP labs, Harvey and SAM Simulators. So we have really invested in education. - 2) NBOME: Dr. Gimpel will be here 2/22/10. - 3) Presidential Lecture: 3/2/10. OMS I & II—you should be here. We need this room filled up! Even if you are on a rotation, please still try to get here. And there will be food. - 4) Kennedy is our principle hospital affiliation. The OB clinic issue is a real concern, but we are working with them. When Kennedy’s new VP of Medical Affairs is in and established, Dr. Krueger is hopeful that this will facilitate a new approach to education. It is a good thing that Kennedy cares about money, because we don’t want to lose our hospital! Dean Lambert - 1) H1N1 update- SOM has met a 100% compliance rate! Thank you to the council for all of your help in getting the student body vaccinated. Most likely H1N1 will be included in the seasonal flu vaccine shots. - 2) UMDNJ tuition hearing teleconference has been set. All students are invited and Student leaders are expected to attend. Wednesday, March 24th at 5:00 pm. Usually, the hearing lasts for an hour. Leadership from the different campuses and central administration are present and will make statements and take questions.
  3. 3. IV. Executive Committee Reports: (A) President: - The semester is flying by! Thank you for coming out to Medicine Ball. It was a great night – one of my favorite parts of the year! -Congratulations to all the 4th years who successfully matched! There is some important information this month that I would like you to take back to your classes: -We have great support for the Alumni-Phone-a-Thon this Sunday – we are at capacity for the number of students they can accommodate. There will be one additional phone-a-thon in April. -Some important guests visiting campus before our next meeting: -Please save the date for Monday, February 22th, 2009 as UMDNJ-SOM hosts NBOME President Dr. John Gimple to talk about COMLEX. And then March 10th Dr. Tyler Cymet, AACOM Associate VP for Medical Education visits as well. -The AOA is accepting applications for student representatives on its Bureaus, Committees, and Councils. It requires submission of a letter of intent and a CV. The deadline has been extended to March 15th. -STUCO ELECTIONS: You will hear more details from Erin Toller, the 4th Year Class President. Nominate your fellow classmates. Run for a STUCO position! Contact us to find out what our positions entail! -UMDNJ-SOM Student DO of the Year has been selected and will be announced soon. As always, you can contact me with any questions or concerns and I will do anything I can to help and support you. (B) First Vice President: -Clubs are supposed to send a year-end report to the First VP. Karen and Kay are working on creating a new approach to the reporting process since in the past the First VP has been the “gatekeeper” of the entire process. (C) Second Vice President: -Medicine ball was a huge success! Thank you to the students, faculty, deans, friends and friends and family who came out to celebrate—you all looked wonderful. -Update from the UMDNJ student senate. We met the Stratford Campus on Saturday, February 13th for our quarterly full senate meeting. Dr. Denise V. Rodgers, Provost of the University, was present to share her perspective on the impact of the UMDNJ financial situation on students in particular. She emphasized that every effort was being made to ensure that the quality of UMDNJ education will not be compromised and that every decision is being made with the best interest of our students in mind at all times. There will be a Financial Town Hall held on Tuesday, March 2nd at 5pm. An email was already sent. Please make every effort to attend and student leaders are expected to attend, at the request of our Deans and UMDNJ Central Administration. This town hall is for students and SOM, so please encourage your colleagues and peers to attend. There will be food. (D) Treasurer: - I am working on making sure the budget is panning out as planned. The medicine ball was a success and once we know the final cost incurred, I will be able to get a good idea on where we
  4. 4. stand financially for the remainder of the year. I have also started a draft on a set of guidelines that will be passed down for future councils, regarding our suggestions on how to handle funding requests. (E) Secretary: -STUCO meeting dates for this semester: Thursday, March 18, 2010 – conflict with 4th year schedule Wednesday, April 21, 2010 All requests are due the Sunday before the meeting by noon. (F) Campus Relations: (G) Alumni Affairs: 1. - The Alumni Association's Winter Phone-a-thon is this coming Sunday, February 21st from 1pm - 5pm. The phone-a-thon will take at the UMDNJ-SOM Business Office in Voorhees, NJ. All participants will receive consideration for the 2010 Alumni Association Scholarship awards (16 students will receive $1250 awards) and an imprinted fleece blanket. Lunch will also be provided. No previous experience needed and training is provided on-site. To sign-up, stop by the Office of Student Affairs, AC-214, call 856-566-6740 or reply to Dean Micciche at miccicda@umdnj.edu. See event flyer posted on calendar of events website for more details http://som.umdnj.edu/events/documents/Phone-a-thonFlyer.10.pdf 2. Revised Guidelines: The following additions were made: Awards given in the fall must be claimed/paid by June 30th of the following year. Awards granted in the Spring must be used by December 31st of the same year. Student Council can rollover unused funds to the next fiscal year (in the event that all funds are not awarded). 3. Some events in the works for the spring a. Student Alumni spring mixer- possibly collaborating with 2nd year fund raiser for March Madness. Currently discussing expanding the fundraiser to Kennedy house staff with event coordinator Lou Marquet. Requesting Dean’s band Prognosis to play at event. b. Student enrichment series- a STUCO and Alumni collaboration. Considering having 2 panels targeting different audiences. One panel for upcoming 3rd and 4th years titles “navigating 4th year and Beyond”. Discussions on ERAS, DO vs. MD match, electives, audition rotations, setting up electives, when to take boards, answer questions about the PE etc and presented by current 4th years and perhaps alumni interns- open forum for students to ask questions. Second panel- for geared towards 1st and 2nd years and possibly headed by Dr Siccone Tentative title "what I know now that I wish I knew as a medical student". Possibly invite doctors from different generations to come in for different perspectives. I am going to reach out to the 1st and 2nd year class councils to get their input on this.
  5. 5. 4. Alumni gift- currently receiving mixed reviews on the book ‘How to be a Truly Excellent Junior Medical Student’. Those who did not find it useful suggested we bring back the pocket pharmacopeia, Sanford anti microbial guide, or Tarascon Hospital Medicine Pocket Book. V. Class Reports: (A) 2010: DO Match was a huge success! The Dean’s Dinner and Swanky Bubbles Reception that followed was great. The MD match is March 18th. Please come out and celebrate, ask the OMS IV questions. Erin and Matt have worked very hard and thank you to Dr. Lambert for making this possible. Please continue this tradition going forward. Class election emails will come soon. (B) 2011: Rotations: Track meetings continue to be held regularly. Rotation concerns are being discussed. Track leaders are encouraged to continue attending. Fourth year preliminary schedules have been distributed. Please be sure to read Fatmata’s emailed instructions in setting up electives, etc. Boards: Reminder: All should be registered for COMLEX II and PE. Please note that although the Deptford Prometric Center has closed, there is another one now open on Chews Landing Road in Laurel Springs. Kaplan books should be picked up by now. If not, see Charlyene. Regarding QBank and other online Kaplan resources, please see Jackie Giacobe’s email to our class (not yet available). Community: We are still brainstorming on something we can do as a class. Please solicit ideas from classmates. Last year, the potluck dinner had a very poor turn-out so the search for something of greater interest has begun. Suggestions? (C) 2012: Our class has been busy with exams. The lecture students just finished up the Women's Health module, and the entire class has completed one session of COMLEX prep instruction in OMM. Our entire class just took our OMM midterm practicals yesterday and we have our written exam next week. In addition, lecture students just took the Infectious Disease midterm on Tuesday after it was rescheduled due to snow last week. A good portion of our class turned out for the Medicine Ball this past weekend and everyone had a great time. Everyone continues to stay busy with boards prep and classes. (D) PBL 2012: PBL has completed their GI/ENDO/REPRO module and has begun the Neuro/Musculoskeletal/behavioral science module. (E) 2013: The class completed our GI module this past week. There was also an excellent class turnout at this year’s Medicine Ball. (F) PBL 2013: First year PBL students are finishing up the sensorineuro module with the exam coming up on February 26th. We have met with Dr White to go our question. And we have studied the anatomy of the brain by dissecting a human brain accompanied with neuroanatomy lectures by Eli Levin. We also have been meeting biweekly with Dr Scott to learn and be comfortable with performing a complete neurological exam. VI. Committee Reports:
  6. 6. (A) Curriculum: I. Class Updates: a. 2010 – Match went well. Most students scrambling have met with Dr. Krueger to discuss back up plans. Current rotation complaints will be addressed in year-end report as suggestions for improvement. There will be an email vote. Assessment committee is working on course evaluations in order to improve. b. 2011 – Complaints regarding Kaplan course are being addressed via Jodie and Jackie. Preliminary 4th yr schedules will be released on Friday. Jodie addressing current issues with Fatmata regarding increase in absentee requests and updates to the family medicine preceptor list. c. 2012 – OMM lab scheduling causing conflict and any resolutions so far have still been met with contempt by several students. d. 2013 – No major complaints this month. II. COCA Visit, March 11-12, will invite select group students for luncheon III. New Course Evaluations, presented by Dr. Filipetto IV. Two-Week rotations, presented by Student Doctor Mercurio V. Technology Update with Patrick Chadd, new examination program??? (B) Student Affairs: - New policies regarding criteria for student achievements. In the education section, the COMLEX policy and new exam policy for criteria for remaining a student are up there. This is a really good resource for education related questions. (C) Honor Code: - We met right before STUCO tonight and they are setting up protocols for how they are going to handle future issues. VII. Club Affairs: None. VIII. Old Business: None. IX. New Business: (A) SOMA Alumni Grant Request Motion to grant the $250 alumni grant to SOMA was unanimously approved (11). (B) SOSA Alumni Grant Request Motion to grant the $250 alumni grant to SOSA was unanimously approved (11). (C) Bobbie Daniels Funding Request (SNMA) Motion to grant Bobbie Daniels $100 was unanimously approved (11). (D) ACOFP Funding Request Motion to grant ACOFP $45 for each of the 6 people attending, not to exceed $270 total, was unanimously approved (11).
  7. 7. (E) Betty Chung Funding Request (AMSA) Motion to grant Betty Chung $211 was approved (8 approved, 3 objected). (F) UAAO Funding Request Motion to grant UAAO $190 per person, not to exceed $1520 total, was unanimously approved (11). X. Motion to adjourn: (A) The meeting was adjourned at 9:32 pm. Respectfully submitted, Jaclyn Taupier STUCO Secretary Please Note: This month’s meeting minutes were taken by Katherine Cannon, STUCO 2nd VP.