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Download Zach McCormick's powerpoint - Vanderbilt Mobile Apps Team


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Download Zach McCormick's powerpoint - Vanderbilt Mobile Apps Team

  1. 1. Vanderbilt Mobile Apps Team An Overview & How to Work with VMAT Mon, Oct 4, 2010
  2. 2. Who We Are Working together to learn about cutting edge technology Mobile App Development Smartphone Research Reaching out to Vanderbilt
  3. 3. Accomplishments Dining App, Events App, Campus Maps App, Commencement App Over 4k downloads Smartphone research
  4. 4. Goals for This Year Develop apps and begin to reach out to Vanderbilt Develop ourselves as an organization with a good leaders and a strong sense of teamwork Develop a system to find funds and create a budget Begin to create our VMAT 'brand'
  5. 5. Future Goals Maintain relationships with various groups at Vanderbilt Develop cutting-edge applications Establish Vanderbilt University as a player on the vanguard of cutting edge smartphone, tablet, and consumer apps Maintain resources for smartphone programming education online Maintain a large bank of reusable code so we can quickly develop professional apps for Vanderbilt groups
  6. 6. VMAT Since June Hamilton Turner trained me to lead VMAT Spring 2010 Met with representatives and leaders of many groups at Vanderbilt Spoken to several entrepreneurs and start-up companies to get an idea of smartphones in the business world Smartphone research at ISIS
  7. 7. How We Work - Briefly Heads of platforms Directors Team Leaders Research Group (future!)
  8. 8. Our Resources AT&T University Developer program Partnerships and agreements with Microsoft, Apple, Google VUSE and ITS support Several development phones Some literature and textbooks Online resources
  9. 9. Development Cycles Generally make Android first, iPhone second Working to include BlackBerry and Windows Mobile Build cycles - 1 per semester Agile/open-source
  10. 10. Groups Contacted Vanderbilt Brain Institute Vanderbilt Neuroscience Vanderbilt Career Center Eskind Biomed Library VUPD Vanderbilt Web Communications Vanderbilt Student Government Pearescope** Nemonics Media** Goba** Aloompa**
  11. 11. How to Reach Out to Us Work with our platform leaders to develop app ideas (possibilities) Can generally get working in one semester's time