Cathedral High School Vision
Cathedral High School, a Catholic institution,
will be the model for all high schools
as sh...
Thurs-Fri,Nov25-26 ThanksgivingVacation –noschool
Tues,Nov30 ProfessionalLearningCommunitiesforfaculty/staff –school beg...
year’s AcademicAll-State list. Erin Ratterman (left) hasearnedAcademicAll-State honors. Katie Quigley(right) has
Tour guide trainingfor Open House will take place on Monday, November15 in the Atrium during
Resource periods.Mr. Emeryw...
Kathleen Byers 9
Ally Darragh 12
Natalie Donahue 11
Daisy Ford 9
Anna Ford 9
Josh Fry 9
Audrey Gelb 12...
This Friday, November12, is Dad's Day!
Come withyourson thisFridaymorningfor Cathedral Dad's Day!
Make a commitmenttoday...
Recoveryfroma concussionrequireslimitationof physical activity,especiallysportsactivitysuchaspractice,drills,
o Why:Qualitytime withthe onesyoulove.We have wonderfulspeakersthataddresstopicssuchas:self-
ProspectiveStudents - Mike Patin(mikepatin.com) - (Mainchapel)
6:00 Dinner(onown)
 Thiswill be like anyothercampusvisit...
Designedfor studentsin grades5-12, the ClubZ! Tutoring Annual AchievementAward allowsstudentsto showcase
theirtalents a...
Opportunity for a cash prize and Trip to WashingtonD.C. for studentswho have previouslytaken or are currently
“Passport To Diversity”
“What’s in Your Passport?”
Registration Starts 8:00 a.m.
Conference 8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
teamoverthe pastthree yearsand has providedvaluable insightsandenergytothe growthof this
initiative. Welcometoleadershi...
We’ll bake the most luscious cookies your family and friends will ever t...
(before curtaintime!If performanceis
(SoldOutticketswill be RESOLD)
2. Returnby Cathedral Student: PAYMENTMUST ACCOMPAN...
Thanksfor all your supportandhelpinworkingwithyourstudentsinthe college process.Thisclasshasbeenontopof
thingsfromday o...
ShamrAuction -- Fine JewelryWanted! Do youhave a fine jewelrypiece thatyounolongerwear? Perhapsyoumight
Details on all of these on-going class service projects are noted below in Service Opportunities as wonderful expressio...
Service Provided
(Organized first by topical interest, date basis in the
Date &
Day here for application info. See flyer. month 7700 N
Assistin serving food to the nee...
Program Ball, bowling, tennis, BB, and others. Contact
Suzanne Mandel 595 9016 or r.s.mandel@comcast.net
Location varie...
Trinity Free
Assistin translation or story hour. Requires a
commitment of approx. 30 volunteer hours a yr.
Sat 8...
Football Fans: Your FightingIrishteamtravelsto PendletonHeights toplayfor the Regional Championshipthis Frid...
 For the repose of the soul of JosephVeerkamp,grandfatherof Marc Moore (’08) and LeighMoore (’03) ~ mayhe
restin peace...
 For Douglas Ausenbaugh('07) who isinhissenioryearat the UnitedStatesMilitaryAcademyinWestPoint,
 For Daniel...
Cathedral HighSchool
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Docx - Cathedral Irish

  1. 1. 1 Cathedral High School Vision Cathedral High School, a Catholic institution, will be the model for all high schools as she profoundly shapes the way students think, serve and lead. Cathedral High School Mission Cathedral, a Catholic college preparatory high school, provides to a diverse group of students opportunities for spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional and physical growth through service and academic excellence. Wednesday,November10,2010 Edition#15 Dear Cathedral Parents, In recent past years, we have had a familywhich decorated our campus for Advent. All of theirchildren have nowgraduated,buttheyhave leftthe decorationsforotherstouse. I am looking for a fewfamilieswhowouldbe willingtoworktogethersothatour campus donsfineryforthe Adventseason. If you and yourfamilywouldbe interestedindoingthis,please letme knowat dworland@cathedral-irish.org. Ido wantto make you aware that thisjobdoesinvolve some ladders and physical needs. If fourpeople were workingtogether,itwouldprobablybe a10 – 15 hour job. Use these hyperlinksto findinformationquickly: Advancement Announcements Athletics Band News Bookstore and Spirit Shop Cafeteria Menu Chapel Proposal Choir News College Information Congratulations Dates to Remember Magazine Sale Prayers Service Smart Quote Theatre News Tutoring Dates to Remember: Thurs,Nov 11 Band Pictures-WAC-7:00AM Band inVeteran’sDayParade Fri,Nov12 Dad’sDay BreakfastinCafeteriafrom6:00 – 7:15 a.m. Sat, Nov13 DiversityConference CHS Orchestra performing at the Cathedral Soup Kitchen from 11:30am to 12:15pm. Tues,Nov16 Math League-Café- 6:55a.m. Caritas– school beginsatregulartime – Dr. Ben Carson ShamrAuctionLuncheon - 10:30 am - 1:00 pmat RitzCharlesinCarmel (informationinside) Thurs,Nov 18 ½ Day School – dismissal at11:28 a.m. OpenHouse presentationsfrom all academics,clubs,andathleticteams SpiritShopHours: 7:15 a.m. – noon; 5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. Fri,Nov.19 Amy’sDay Breakfast – Cafeteria–6:00 – 7:15 a.m. Fall Play(StudentMatinee)at9:30 a.m. inO’MaliaPerformingArtsCenter Fall Play at 7:30 p.m.inO’MaliaPerformingArtsCenter Sat, Nov20 Fall Playat 7:30 p.m.inO’MaliaPerformingArtsCenter Cathedral HS PlacementTest Sun,Nov21 Fall Playat 3:00 p.m.inO’MaliaPerformingArtsCenter Mon-Tues,Nov22-23 JuniorMen’sOvernight Tues,Nov23 BloodDrive Wed,Nov24 State ChampionshipDayhonored2009-2010 Boys’Volleyball andRugbyTeams – no school
  2. 2. 2 Thurs-Fri,Nov25-26 ThanksgivingVacation –noschool Tues,Nov30 ProfessionalLearningCommunitiesforfaculty/staff –school beginsat8:05 a.m. December: Wed,Dec 1 Reconciliation-Special Schedule-RobertV.WelchStudentActivityCenter NCAA InformationNight-Commons-7:00PM Thurs,Dec. 2 CatholicChoral Festival/Concertat7:30 p.m.in BishopChartrandChapel atMarian University Fri,Dec 3 ChristmasDance - 8:00 – 11:00 – Cafeteria SpiritShop-9:00– 2:00 p.m. Black Box Theatre – 4:00 p.m. Admissionisfree;only75admitted,however. Instrumental DressRehearsalinauditoriumduringclassperiods Sat, Dec.4 Brunch withSanta– Cafeteriafrom9 – 11 (informationinside) Choral Cookie Bake incafeteria Choral Tech.Rehearsal inauditoriumfrom1:00 – 4:00 p.m. PlacementTest Sun,Dec. 5 HolidayConcertinauditoriumfrom1:00 – 3:30 p.m.includinginstrumental andchoral presentations Annual HabitatChristmasDinneratSLC Commonsat 4:30 ~~~~~ Mass Information: From the Desk ofthe Chaplain ~ Daily Mass is offeredinthe Chapel at 7:00 a.m. on Tuesdays, Wednesdays,Thursdays,and Fridays. Fr. Munshowerencouragesmembersof the Cathedral Familyto contact himto have a mass saidin memoryof a lovedone. If you are not able to pay the $10 Mass stipend,youmaystill submitanintentionforourdailyMass. Please contactFr.Munshower at 968- 7362 for detailsandarrangements. Fatheralsorequeststhat,if youcontract a Mass, that someone fromyour familytriestobe inattendance onthat day. CommunionServicesandMassesbeginat7:00 a.m.inthe Cathedral Chapel. Day Date Holy Day Mass Offeredfor: Thurs 11/11 St. Marin Of Tours For the intentions of George Maley from Shelley Fri 11/12 St. Josaphat RIP Sr. Delia Leonard, S.P. from the Huber family Mon 11/15 Communion Service Private Petitions Tues 11/16 St. Margaret to Scotland For the intentions of Julian Gonzalez from his mother Wed 11/17 St. Elizabeth of Hungary RIP Alberta Cronin from Marianne Echelbarger Thurs 11/18 Dedication of Basilica of Saints Peter & Paul RIP Sue Dudley, grandmother of Mike Liotti ('11) from Stark family Fri 11/9 Weekday Mass RIP Alberta Cronin from Marianne Echelbarger Congratulations: Congratulations to Will Bond (left) and Patrick Zunk (right), named to the Cross Country Academic All-State. Congratulationsto KeithMacDonell,named to Cross Country Academic All-State Honorable Mention, The Indiana Associationof Track and Cross Country Coaches has just released this
  3. 3. 3 year’s AcademicAll-State list. Erin Ratterman (left) hasearnedAcademicAll-State honors. Katie Quigley(right) has beennamedHonorable MentionAcademicAll-State. Congratulationtobothyoungladies! Congratulation to two of our freshman who ran the Indianapolis Monumental Half-Marathon last weekend. Haley Ferguson (‘14) finished 4th in her age group and Megan Pliske (‘14) finished 6th in her age group. The race was a 13- mile course through Indianapolis.Congr atul at Congratulationsto Elizabeth Wagner (‘13) who has been chosen to dance on November 14th at the Colts halftime program honoring our nation’s veterans. We are very proud of you, Elizabeth! Congratulationsto CoreyBabb (’12), whowas accidentally omittedfromthe HonorRoll list last week! Announcements: Rememberto read your NovemberInsight: http://www.cathedral-irish.org/page.cfm?p=1162 ~~~~~ Brunch withSanta Cathedral HighSchool The Alumni Associationinviteseveryone tocome andenjoythe ChristmasSpirit!  When:Saturday,December4,2010  Where:Cathedral’sCafeteriaTime:9:00-11:00 a.m.  Cost: $3.00 perchild,$5.00 per adultor $15.00 per family(max 6persons). Contact: KenBarlowat kenbarlow@cathedral-irish.org317.968.7366 to RSVP OpenHouse Yard Signs Available Helpus drawattentiontoCathedral’sOpenHouse onNovember18 by displayingayard signin your yardand/or innearbyvisible areas!If youlive onawell-traveledstreetorneara visible intersection,andyouwouldlike tohave ayard signto announce ourOpenHouse,theyare available inthe admissionsoffice.Youcanstopby to grab one,or youcan have your sonor daughterdoso. We have 300 signsand wouldlove tohave themondisplayaroundthe greater Indyarea! Please encourage your studentsto signup to be a tour guide at OpenHouse. Our students always receive rave reviewsfrom our guestas theylead prospective familiesthroughthe school. If your child is interested,he/she should see Ms. Weberor Mr. Emery in the enrollmentoffice. Parents, please feel free toshare with me achievementsofyour son or daughter. I wouldlike tobe able togive positive credittoourstudents,butif itisa non-school activity,youare myonlysource for thisinformation. Such activitesmayinclude Scouts,parishactivities,servingatMass regularly,clubs,andmanymore. My email addressis dworland@cathedral-irish.org. Remember,donotjusthit“reply”to thisemail,oryournewswill gointoa digital holdingtankandnot directlytome.
  4. 4. 4 Tour guide trainingfor Open House will take place on Monday, November15 in the Atrium during Resource periods.Mr. Emerywill distribute the listof ourguideslaterthisweek. If yourchildis selected,please remindhim/herof of thismeetingduringtheirresourceonMonday,November15th . Also,Parent VolunteersneededforOpenHouse to helpwith parking. Please contactMr. Greer (tgreer@cathedral-irish.orgor317/968-7309) if youcan help. ~~~~~ Thank you for your helpwith the canned food drive. We met out goal!  Facultyand staff 800 cans $750.00  Students 1800 cans $5,000. Because of your generosity,manyfamilieswillhave agoodholidaymeal forThanksgivingandChristmas! Cathedral’sRing Ceremony: The Cathedral High School Class of 2012 cordiallyinvitesyou to attend the celebrationofthe Sophomore Ring Ceremony.  Classmatesthat have not ordereda Cathedral ring are welcomedand encouragedto participate in this special eventby bringinga personal familyring to be blessedandpresentedduringthis ceremony.*  Please joinus Sunday, December6, 2009 at 4:30 p.m. O’MaliaPerformingArts Center Cathedral High School * Please e-mail Mr. Ernst ifyou wishyour childto participate,buthave not purchaseda school ring. Aernst@cathedral-irish.org ClubMeetings:  Thursday morning Girl’son the Run Meeting in4309 at 7:10 a.m. Bring yourmoneyforspiritwear& alsowe are acceptingregistrationforms&moneyforthe jingle bellrun. Thisisa short meetingsostopinquick& check in!  Books and Bagels- Wednesday- Nov.17th - 7:00AM- Baker Bd Room Please congratulate our PhoningforDollar$ Fall Phonathonteam,who, in 7 eveningsoverthe past 2 weeks,raised $23,000 for the Cathedral Fund. I could not have asked for a more enthusiastic,fun,and hard- working group than these 46 students from all grade levels. Theycalledandspoke withhundreds of CHS alumni,fromrecentcollegegraduatestoalumsfrommanyyearsback,as well assome past parents. Certainlymanyteammemberswere motivatedbythe potential of winningprizes,but mostworkedoutof a desire togive back to Cathedral. Manywere comingto workaftertheir sportsand playpractices. Most workedmore than one evening.  Belowisa listof studentsonthe team. Studentswithasteriskswere dailywinnerswhosecuredthe highest numbersof pledgesanddollars foreachevening;MylesO’Neal wasathree-time dailywinner. Those inboldare veteranphonathonteammembers. Notable isseniorRobbie Robinson,whohasworkedthe phonathoneveryyear since he was a freshman.  The team sharedmanyheart-warming,funny, andinterestingstoriesfromtheircalls. Probablyone of the bestwas fromfreshmanGrace Buchanan,whospoke withanalum whowasin laborand gettingreadytoleave forthe hospital,butshe tooktime tospeakwithGrace and to pledge agiftto CHS! Please congratulate these studentsand thank them for steppingup to serve Cathedral in support of thisimportant cause – the Cathedral Fund. Andrew Ash 10 Will Ash 11 Sarah Black 11
  5. 5. 5 Grace Buchanan* 9 Kathleen Byers 9 Ally Darragh 12 Natalie Donahue 11 Daisy Ford 9 Anna Ford 9 Josh Fry 9 Audrey Gelb 12 Maya Graves 9 Catherine Hackl 11 Grace Hannoy 12 Katy Hoeper 10 Laine Hughes 10 Jasmine Jones 12 Jane Kukolla* 9 Mike Liotti 12 Erin Maxison 10 Kyis Morgan 9 Taylor Morton 10 Anna Nassiri 12 Ashley Noe* 12 Brittany Noe 12 Liam O'Hara 9 Myles O'Neal* 11 Aerial Patterson 9 Marleigh Petras 9 Robbie Robinson 12 Zain SantaMaria 10 Sarah Schultz* 10 Vincente 12 Shadiow Maddi Shake 9 Devin Smith 11 Jeremy Staley 12 David Tilly 9 Paul Tran 11 Erin Walsh 11 Matthew Wehrli 9 Colleen Whiting 11 Katherine Will 9 Devon Williams 11 DeAndre Williams 12 Luke Wojtalik 9 MacKenzie Wolf 11 NewGrant for Cathedral Studentsgivenby an alumus in the name of Mrs. Lisa Ford! Friends: Please joinme incelebratingthe additionof anothernamedEndowedTuitionGrantforfuture studentsat Cathedral HighSchool,thisone inhonorof LisaFord. Thisgrant, inthe wordsof the donor,"celebratespassion."The Classof 1992 alumshareda brief but poignantstoryof beingtoldbya seventh-grade teacherthathe wouldessentiallynotamounttomuch in thislife.However,the message wasentirelydifferentwhenhe came toCathedral andeventuallylandedin Lisa Ford'spre-cal class. There he learnednotonlyaboutpolynomial andlinearfunctions,butaboutrespect, encouragement,hardwork,perseverance,andof course passion. Upon hearingnewsof the grant,Lisa respondedwithafew tears,abig smile andthe words,"ButI was onlydoingmyjob." Thanksto all of youwho just"doyour job"and by doingsonurture the extraordinarytalentsof ouryoung people.Youquite literallychange livesforthe better...Ican thinkof no greatergift. - Mike Feeney ~~~~~ NewClub: RISK TOURNEY...BeginsNOVEMBER 16th “Risk” Tournament Cathedral Strategy Clubis hostinga Risk Tournament. The winnerwill receive a $25 ITunesgift card. We will be starting November16. If you do not know how to play,don’t worry, it is a very easygame to learn and play! If you are interested in participate please contact: Matt Paskoff at mjpaskoff@cathedral-irish.org, Alec Bradford at acbradford@Cathedral-Irish.org Mr. Ernst at aernst@Cathedral-Irish.org ~~~~~
  6. 6. 6 This Friday, November12, is Dad's Day! Come withyourson thisFridaymorningfor Cathedral Dad's Day! Make a commitmenttodaytobringyour son thisFriday. Time:6:00 AM Place:Cathedral Cafeteria RSVP:bbair1@aol.comor317-546-3000 P.S. WealthManagement' If you haven'tdone anythingwithyouroldIRA,it'stime to review your"wealth management."Investinyourson!What greaterwealthcana manhave than healthy, happychildren? Also,"The Dad's Day Breakfast program seeksto include all sons at Cathedral. Ifyour son's dad has passedaway, or is not presentin hisson'slife for some other reason, it could be an uncle,a granddad, a mother, etc.,who attends the breakfast. Please alsoknow,we have some dadswhonolonger have sonsat Cathedral,butwishto continue attendingthe breakfasts,andwouldlove tohave "aCathedral son" with whomto share a dad'sday breakfast! If your sonis interested,please call BillBissmeyertomake a reservation! ~~~~~ Want to help“greenour environment?” Helpuscollect 5 tons of paper in 5 hours. It means $10,000 to support community greeningprojectslike those along Binford Blvd.  When: Saturday, November13 from 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.  Where: KIB and PaperRetrieverwill hold a 5-hour paperdrive at the Kroger located at 71st and BinfordBlvd. in honor of America RecyclesDay. o PaperRetrieverwillgenerouslydonate %5,000to KIB if we are able tomeetthis5 tonsin 5 hours goal,and Krogerhas agreedto generouslymatchthatdonation? So,if we are able to collect5 tonsof recyclable paper, KIB will receive adonationfromPaperRetrieverandKrogerof $10,000. o Already,KIBhasinvestedmore than$50,000 andover3,500 volunteershave contributedtothe beautification of the Binford Boulevardarea,withthe helpof BinfordRedevelopmentandGrowth(BRAG). Thispotential donationwill helpkeepitbeautiful!  What can be recycled: newspaperandinserts,magazines/catalogues, office/schoolpapers,andmail  What cannot be recycled:Nocardboard,no foodboxes,fiberboardorchipboard,notextbooksorhardcoverbooks and no phone books. Cathedral has establishedaConcussionManagementPolicy, whichour AthleticTrainer Mike Hunker wishesto be made publicto parents of all of our students. Concussion Management Policy Cathedral High School The recognitionand treatment ofathleteswho have suffereda concussionhas become a national priority.As a result of an increasingnumber of studiesthat have revealedthat concussions,not properlytreated, can result inpermanent mental difficulties. The dataalso suggeststhatconcussionscan leadtothe developmentof dementiaearlierthan expectedandhasledtomandatesbythe National Federationof HighSchools(NFHS),NCAA andthe NFL.The NFHS mandatedrule states“Effective withthe 2010 highschool season,anyplayerwhoshowssigns,symptomsorbehaviors associatedwithaconcussionmustbe removedfromthe game and shall notreturnto playuntil clearedbyan appropriate health-care professional”.
  7. 7. 7 Recoveryfroma concussionrequireslimitationof physical activity,especiallysportsactivitysuchaspractice,drills, games,andat timesevenphysical educationclasses.Insignificantlysymptomaticathletes,mental activityshould alsobe limitedtoallowthe braintoheal.These activitiesmayincludelimitingassignments,allowinggreatertime tocomplete quizzesandtestsor assignmentsandlesshomework.SuchactivitiesaswatchingTV,texting,andvideogamesmayalso slowthe recoveryfromthe concussion. Neurocognitive testingsuchasthe ImPACTtestisa computerizedtestthatdocumentsthe athlete’scognitive andspeed skills.The testhasbeenvalidatedasan accurate measure of brainfunctionrecoveryfollowingasportsconcussion.All athletesshouldhave abaseline testbefore practice orcompetition,andshouldanathlete sustainaconcussion,arepeat testcan be performedandcomparedtothe baseline test.Thiscanhelpshow the degree of injuryandhelpmeasure whenrecoveryhasoccurred.Cathedral HighSchool hasimplementedImPACT(Immediate PostConcussionAssessment and Cognitive Testing) forourstudentathletes. Before the concussedathlete canreturntoaction,the most current standard of care of the sports concussionincludes the following:(1) the athlete mustbe asymptomaticatrest;(2) a neurocognitive testsuchasthe ImPACTtestmusthave returnedtobaseline;and(3) the athlete mustbe asymptomaticwithactivity.Thisevaluationshouldbe done bya physiciantrainedinthe treatmentandmanagementof concussions.Utilizingthe above standards,aswell asexperience and judgment,thisphysicianwill be able todetermine whenthe athletehascompletelyrecoveredfromthe concussion. The Cathedral HighSchool Administration,coaches,andmedical staff are strivingtokeepyourchild’shealthandsafety at the forefrontof the studentathleticexperience.If youhave anyquestionsregardingconcussionmanagement,please feel free tocontactMike Hunkerat 968-7361. Mike Hunker,ATC,LAT, CSCS HenryFeuer,MD AthleticTrainer Neurosurgeon Cathedral HighSchool IndianaSportsConcussionNetwork PeterSallay,MD Terry Horner,MD OrthopedicSurgeon Neurosurgeon Team Physician IndianaSportsConcussionNetwork Cathedral HighSchool ~~~~~ 5th ANNUALTURKEY BOWL On Saturday, November13th at 5:30pm the Cathedral/Chatard Hockey Clubwill be playingBrebeuf Jesuitat the Carmel Ice Skadium in the 5th Annual Turkey Bowl Fundraiserfor the WheelerMission.  Fans are invitedtobringa frozenturkey(yes, these willbe usedinthe “bowling”competitionwhichwill be held duringthe game!),andto come and cheeron yourfavorite hockeyteam.  Please helpussupportthe WheelerMissionanddon’tforgetyourTURKEYS! ~~~~~ Amy’s Day will be heldon Friday, November19th. “Amy’sDay” is for parents and daughters (school-age) whochoose to spendquality time together. o When: The 3rd Fridayof each month(exceptforSchool breaksinJanuary/April) o From: 6:00 a.m. - 7:15 a.m. o Where:Cathedral HighSchool Cafeteria…breakfast o isservedbySahm’sfor $7.00 perperson (Notfor profit). o Who: Daughters& any parent!(Fathersanddaughtersaswell asmom/guardian(s)!
  8. 8. 8 o Why:Qualitytime withthe onesyoulove.We have wonderfulspeakersthataddresstopicssuchas:self- respect,dating,drinkinganddrugs,health&wellness,value of aclose family,etc.We take requestsaswell. P.S. The sacrifice is worth it!!Can’twaitto see youat the nextone on Friday,November 19, 2010 at 6:00 a.m.  FeaturedSpeaker: Abdul in the morning  Questions? Pleasecontact: KathleenMiller@317.257.3051 Barbara Hasbrook@ 317.848.9590 From Abdul’s blog: I am in the unique position of being someone who is an opinion writer, but uses traditional journalism techniques to gather information. Yes, I do have an agenda. That agenda usually includes promoting economic growth, quality education, personal freedom and law and order. And I see the world through that filter. Now I am not so narcissistic so as not to acknowledge other points of view. If I did, I’d simply never take a phone call on the morning show and turn the comment section off on this blog and that would be the end of the discussion. Marian Universityis hostinga “San Damiano Come and See Program” on Sunday, November21, 2010. We're giving studentsanopportunity"Come andSee"currentstudents inthe program, experience the programfirsthand,see campus,and meetsome extraordinarypeople.  We've invitednationallyknownhighschool faith horticulturalistMike Patin to share this experience withyou. Mike hasbeenakeynote speakeratpast NCYC (National CatholicYouth Conference),diocesanyouthrallies,andND Vision. Mike'sunwaveringcommitmenttothe faithandhis passionforhelpinglightyoungpeople'sfaith life is whatyoungpeople say,"epic".  The day's schedule is: 10:45 am Prospective StudentsmeettheirAmbassadorsinthe lobbyof the ChartrandChapel (Marian Hall) 11:00 am Mass (ChartrandChapel,MarianHall) Noon Lunch (CoolingDining Room, Clare Hall) 1:00 pm Toursof campus(leave fromlobbyof ChartrandChapel) 2:00 pm ProgramIntro Tracks ParentTrack (Financial Aid+StudentRoundtable) StudentTrack (StudentRoundtable +CampusLife) 3:30 pm Break 3:45 pm PrayerService (ChartrandChapel) Blessingof SophomoreServiceProjects 4:30 pm Classmeetings Seniors - "Christian Discipleship and Stewardship" Fr. Dan Mahan (St.FrancisChapel) Juniors - "Cultivating Chastity Appropriateto ourStatein Life" Fr. Don Miller,OFM (St. FrancisHall,163) Sophomores - "Intimacy" Br. JohnMark Falkenhain,OSB (RuthLillyStudentCenterCommunityRoom) Freshmen - "Values,Virtues,and Discipleship" Dr. Mark Ginter(St.FrancisHall,165)
  9. 9. 9 ProspectiveStudents - Mike Patin(mikepatin.com) - (Mainchapel) 6:00 Dinner(onown)  Thiswill be like anyothercampusvisityouwill make. Toregister: http://www.marian.edu/rmc/sandamianoscholars/previewday/Pages/default.aspx  Since 2003, Marian has preparedstudentsforservice tothe Churchas youthministers,pastoral associates, religiouseducators,pastoral musicians,healthcare professionals,andreligiouslyaffiliatednot-for-profit employees. Infact,70% of our graduatesare workinginthe Church. Over70% of our graduateshave graduated withlatinhonors(atleasta 3.5 GPA),and 60% of alumni are listedinWho'sWho inAmericanCollege and Universities. Perhapswhatismostimpressiveisthatour studentshave performedclose to50,000 hoursof service forparishes,catholicschools,catholicagencies,healthcare facilities,andothernot-for-profits. March for Life: Come and joinus for the local solemnobservance of Roe v. Wade in IndianapolisonMonday, January 24th , 2011, from 12 noon to 4:00 p.m. The observance beginsatnoonwithMassin SS.Peterand Paul Cathedral, offeredbyMsgr.JosephF.Schaedel. The Rallyand March will followthe Mass. Participantswill walktothe VeteransMemorialPlaza,431 N.MeridianStreet,carrying signsprovidedbythe Office forPro-LifeMinistry. The Rosarywill be recited;astatue of Our Lady of Guadalupe will be carriedinthe procession,andaNational speakerwill be heardat the Veterans’Memorial Plaza. Forinformation,pleasecall the Pro-life Officeat 317/236-1569. ~~~~~ The Calendarfor 2011 – 2012 (nextyear) has beenapproved. Here is it. This will allow you to make any vacation plans early. August 11 1st Day ofschool September 5 Labor Day – no school October 14 End of 1st Q November 17 Open House 24 Thanksgiving 25 Thanksgiving Break December 13 – 17 Sem. 1 Exams 19 – 30 Christmas Vacation January 2 End of Chrismas Vacation – no school 3 End of Sem 1; Semester 1 has 90 days 4 Sem 2 begins 16 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day February 22 Ash Wednesday 24 ShamrAuction Prep Day 25 ShamrAuction March 9 End of 3Q 17 St. Patrick’s Day (Saturday) 26 – 30 Spring Break April 6 Good Friday – no school 8 Easter May 15 – 18 Senior Exams 19 Baccalaureate 20 Graduation 22-25 Underclass Exams; end of4Q; end of sem 2; semester 2 has 95 days 28 Memorial Day ~~~~~ Just received- ScholarshipOpportunityfor All High School Students!
  10. 10. 10 Designedfor studentsin grades5-12, the ClubZ! Tutoring Annual AchievementAward allowsstudentsto showcase theirtalents and abilitiesfora chance to win cash for school! Opento studentswithall levelsof talentsandabilities,of all agesand from all backgroundsthe Annual AchievementAwardallowsstudentsthe opportunitytocompete for awardstotalingmore than $10,000! So whetherthey’veshownstrongcharacterin the classroom, overcome obstaclesat school,shownleadershipamongtheirpeers,orsimplyimprovedsincethe beginningof the year,the ClubZ! TutoringAnnual AchievementAwardhassomethingforeveryone! Winningentrieswill be judgedbasedonperformance,service,meritorachievement. Cash awardstotaling$10,000 and manylocal awards will be presentedtothe winning applicantsduringaspecial presentationheldatthe school.Studentsmayonlyapplyone time duringeachaward period,sogetyour handson an applicationandbe sure to getit into your local guidance counselororClubZ!In-Home TutoringAreaDirectorbefore the November12th deadline! See yourcounselorforan application! Kathy Pivonka College Advisor ~~~~~ From Our NeighboringParish: Our Lady of Grace Catholic School HolidayBazaar, Noblesville,IN (NWcornerof 191st Streetand Hwy37)  Dates: Friday,November19th(5pm-9pm) andSaturday,November20th(9am-3pm)  No admissionchargedtoattend.  One stopshoppingmade easywithover70 vendorsandvariousgiftcards..make yourlist!  EnjoyConcessionsandBookFair,findthatspecial HolidayJargiftforsomeone andWii Bowling Competition. All ageswelcome toparticipate....  Invite everyone toattendthisfunfilledweekendatOLG! See flyeratOLGholidaybazaar@ologn.org For more informationregardingthe Bazaar,contactAngelaStagge at 842-6362 or OLGholidaybazaar@ologn.org ~~~~~ AttentionSeniorParents! On Tuesday November2nd informationconcerninggraduation products and cap & gown ordering was givento all seniors. Please make sure your seniorhas brought thisinformation home to you. Orderdays are:  November11thfor A-M and  November12thfor N-Z.  If your seniorisonretreat those daystheyshouldturntheirorderinto Mr. Greer'soffice on TuesdayNov.9th. Extra formsare available inthe mainoffice. NCAA InformationNight-Wednesday,December1at 7 PM inthe StudentLife Center. Familiesof students wantinginformationonrecruitingandeligibilitytoplayDivisionIandII sportsare welcome toattend. Representativesfromthe NCAA EligibilityCenterwill be here to explainthe process.
  11. 11. 11 Opportunity for a cash prize and Trip to WashingtonD.C. for studentswho have previouslytaken or are currently enrolledinAP UnitedStates History, IB History, AP Government,Government,orAP Economics: Are youinterestedin winningacash prize of $5,000 and a trip to WashingtonD.C? If so, thenyouwant to checkout thisessaycontestsponsoredbythe Bill of RightsInstitute. Write anessay,nolongerthan750 wordsansweringthe followingprompt: “BeinganAmerican:Explore the ValuesthatUnite Us” and shouldfullyanswerthe question: Whatcivicvalue doyoubelieve ismostimportantto beinganAmerican?Trace the enduringimportance of thisvalue throughoutthe Americanstory by discussing:aFoundingdocumentthatreflectsthisvalue;afigure fromAmericanhistorywho embodiesthisvalue;andexamplesof howyouhave and/orcouldputthisvalue intopractice.  Cathedral HighSchool can onlysubmit5 essaystothe contest;thusyouressaysare due back to Mr. Worland’soffice bythe endof school onFriday,November19th . For more informationregardingthe contestcontact Ms. Baisingerat jbaisinger@cathedral-irish.org orgo to http://www.beinganamerican.org/. ATTENTION, SENIOR PARENTS: Youshould have receivedinyour U.S.Mail (two weeksago) informationabout purchasing a senior ad for your student to go in the 2011 Cathedran,Cathedral’syearbook.This has become quite a traditionforparentsof graduatingseniors,andyouwouldnotwantyour sonor daughterto be one of the fewleftout.If youhave not receivedanorderform,youcan downloadone fromJohnHannan’swebsite: http://www.cathedral- irish.org/page.cfm?p=549inthe AdvertisingInformationfolder. ALSO FOR SENIOR PARENTS: Once again you are remindedthat every seniorneedsto have a yearbook portrait taken at Prestige Portraits inorder to be includedin the seniorsectionof the yearbook. If you have notdone so already, please make anappointmentsoonbycalling829-2081 after2 p.m.TuesdaythroughFridayand after10 a.m.Saturdayor visitwww.PrestigeIndiana.com.The deadline isDecember3. ~~~~~ SpeechTeam: All Membersmust see Mrs. Scheetzthisweek to choose aneventandsignup for a practice time forthe 1st meetonSaturday,November20th at Carmel HighSchool. Onlythose studentswhohave pre- registeredandhave practicedwithMrs.Scheetzwill be allowedtocompete. (Discussionkidsand radiokidscan practice together. (TalktoMrs. Scheetzif inthose events.) *In orderto compete onthe 20th , you musthave preregisteredwithMrs.Scheetzbefore Thursday, November12th . Noexceptions! (We will be permitted4pereventandwill need1judge forevery4 competitorsatthe Carmel Meet.) COSTA RICA INFORMATION May 31-June 30 (1 month familystay) Studentsstudyatuniversity(weekdays) and travel (weekends) $2200 plusplane fare ($500); Deposit $500.00 due Nov1. Contact: KenSteeb, SpanishTeacher (ksteeb@cathedral-irish.org) ~~~~~ 5th IAPSDC Student Diversity Leadership Conference Conference Site: Cathedral High School
  12. 12. 12 “Passport To Diversity” “What’s in Your Passport?” Registration Starts 8:00 a.m. Conference 8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Continental Breakfast & Lunch Provided This Saturday, November 13th Open to Grades 8th - 12th Return Registration To: Mrs. Ramona Powell. Director of Diversity/Asst. Director of Enrollment Management rpowell@cathedral-irish.org Student Name _______________________Grade ______ School Cathedral High School Parent Name ___________________ Parent Signature _________________ Parent Contact # _________________Parent Email ____________________________ Hosted By IAPSDCSchools Brebeuf JesuitPreparatory School CathedralHigh School CulverAcademies InternationalSchoolof Indiana The OaksAcademy The Orchard School ParkTudorSchool ProvidenceCristo Rey High School St. Richard’sSchool SycamoreSchool University High School “PASSPORT TO DIVERSITY” “What’s in Your Passport?” Student Diversity Leadership Conference: Saturday, November 13th 8:30 a.m. – 3:30 P.M. On the campus Of Cathedral High School WorkshopThemes “Cliques” vs.“Groups” “ExploringGenderandPolitics” “Impact of Derogatory Terms” “Prosand Consof Assimilation” “ReligiousDiversity” SAVETHE DATE! ~~~~~ Plan ahead for the Race for Vocations: A message from Fr. Rick Nagel: We are off and running to prepare for the 2011 Race for Vocations! The 2011 Race for Vocationsand Mini Marathon/5K is May 7th and registrationfor both the mini and 5k are now open. Please considerjoiningthe Archdioceseof Indianapolis,Diocese of Lafayette andDioceseof Evansville againthisyearforthe race!  FatherJoshuaJanko,Diocese of Lafayette,isourchairman. FatherJankohas run the Race forVocationssince itsinceptionin2007. He has alsoservedonthe leadership
  13. 13. 13 teamoverthe pastthree yearsand has providedvaluable insightsandenergytothe growthof this initiative. WelcometoleadershipFatherJanko!  To registerforthe Race for Vocations,youmustregisterwithboththe One America500 Festival Mini Marathon/5K and the Archdiocese of Indianapolis. Here are the two registrationsitesforyoutosign on: www.500festival.com www.archindy.org/youngadult  If you plan to run the mini marathon, you must registersoon as it fillsup by mid- November. Please passthe wordalongto otherswhomightbe willingtorun/walkforvocations! If youhave any questions,please contactCourtneyMitchell at cmitchell@archindy.org. ~~~~~ Tutoring available: 4 ways! 1. TheologyTutoring for freshmen: Before School: Mr. Schmidtinroom4131 Monday - Friday Dr. Casperseninroom4242 - TuesdayandThursdaymornings Mr. Freije inroomMonday – Friday AfterSchool: Ms. Dye inroom 4243 2. Tutoringavailable morningsandafternoonseveryTuesday,Wednesday,andThursdayinthe libraryprovidedbyNational HonorSocietymembers. Ifyou are interestinginbeingtutored, just show up at the library. The NHS tutors are scheduledfora weekat a time and theysit at a table marked with a sign that says “Tutoringhere”. 3. After School Tutoring AFTER SCHOOL T*TO*ING What’smissing?U---R! joinMs. Galloin Rm. 2314 . . . 3:15-4:00. . .Tuesdays and Thursdays free of charge! Testprep.. . studyskills...readingcomprehension...writingskills...etc. No appointmentnecessary. . . everyone welcome! If your child needshelpinmath, please see Mrs. Hartman afterschool on Mondaysand Wednesdaysinroom 4341. 4. IndianapolisMetropolitanCityPublic Library - Getan online tutor 2pm - 10pm sevendays a week.Finda resource 24/7. IMCPL offersfree onlineacademicandcareerresourcesandtutoringfromTutor.comforall students& adults, and inSpanishtoo!All yourstudentsneedisanIMCPL librarycard. Get a LibraryCard  K-12 and college studentscangethelpwithhomework,studying,projects,essaywritingandtestprepinevery subject,includingalgebra,statistics,chemistry,physics,socialstudiesandEnglish.  Adultscan gethelpwithresume writing,GEDprep,and academicsupport.All sessionsare onlineandone -to- one witha live tutor.  Gettinghelpiseasy.Justgo to www.imcpl.organdclickon"HomeworkHelp". ~~~~~ Choir News: They’re New! They’re Tasty! They’re Great for Gifts! MAIL-A-COOKIE CATHEDRAL CHOIR IS PROUD TO ANNOUNCE THIS SEASON’S OPPORTUNITY TO GIVE THE GIFT THAT EVERYONE REALLY WANTS….
  14. 14. 14 HOMEMADE, FRESHLY-BAKED CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES We’ll bake the most luscious cookies your family and friends will ever taste, using all the best and freshest ingredients, then seal them in holiday wrap and mail them anywhere in the continental US or to any serviceman or woman for just $16 a box. (If you pick them up yourself, we’ll charge you just $12 a box.) GREAT HOLIDAY GIFTS FOR your employees, clients or business associates. Or donate a box and we’ll send to someone in the military. Order from any choir student or choir parent Or email your request to Jean Kiesel at jeankiesel@att.net ORDER TODAY Baking Day is December 4 and mailing day is December 6 Proceeds benefit the CHS choir’s trip to Ireland in summer of 2011 InterestedinTraveling to Irelandwith Cathedral’sChoir FamiliesnextJuly? Checkout thisproposal andget signedup at Music-Travel.com. Selecttrip#1107-1-20. Contact ChoirDirector,Elaine Holloway,at eholloway@cathedral-irish.org if you have anyquestions. Theatre News: AuditionsforFRESHMAN/ROOKIESHOWCASE,Tuesday,Nov.23rd . DIRECTORS NEED TO HAVE SCRIPTS SUBMITTED BY MONDAY,NOV. 15! 1. Tuesday, Nov.23….Auditions for Freshman/Rookie Showcase (Nine 10 minute one act plays--PerformancesonSun.,January23 at 1:00 and4:00). AUDITIONS ONLY OPEN TO FRESHMEN AND/OR UPPERCLASSMENWHO HAVE NEVER HAD A SPEAKING ROLE IN A CHS PRODUCTION. Monologuesmustbe memorized! Youmay NOT use movie monologuesor random monologuesfrom monologue booksor the internet.The directorsmay alsoaskyou to readfrom the script. RehearsalsstartMonday,Nov.29th . ROMEO AND JULIET Ticket Order Form Cathedral Theatre will presentWilliamShakespeare’sclassictale of ROMEO AND JULIET on November19 and 20 at 7:30 and on November21 at 3:00. Preferredseatingis$12.00 perticket;General Admissionseatingis$8.00 perticket. Name Phone# email StreetAddress I wantto order (numberof tickets) RESERVED tickets@$12.00. I wantto order (numberof tickets) GENERAL ADMISSION @$8.00. I wantto receive myticketsfor ROMEO & JULIET I wantmy ticketsforthe indicated inthe followingmanner: performance (s): 1. Box Office Will Call: 1. FRI., 11/19@7:30 2 .SAT.,11/20 @7:30 (Will call mustbe pickedup 10 minutes) 3. SUN., 11/21 @7:30 THE TEMPEST
  15. 15. 15 (before curtaintime!If performanceis (SoldOutticketswill be RESOLD) 2. Returnby Cathedral Student: PAYMENTMUST ACCOMPANY StudentName THIS ORDER Return to the Theatre Department at Cathedral High School or mail to: Jane Selsemeyer 10516 Chestnut Hill Circle Fishers, IN 46037 email jselse@aol.com CATHEDRAL THEATRE TICKET LINE: 968-7436 ~~~~~ Black Box #2, THE CONDEMNATIONOF BRYCE HARTFIELD, writtenanddirectedbyVincentGrote, will be performedon Friday, December3, at 4:00. Admissionisfree,butonly75 people willbe admitted. ~~~~~ College Information: Dear Parents: It’s not too early to beginthinking about the FAFSA(Free Applicationfor Federal StudentAid).This is the form for applyingfor any needbasedfinancial aid. It cannot be fileduntil afterJanuary 1 but there are some preliminarythings you can do. First,realize that it is only available online at www.fafsa.ed.govTheyused to make paper copiesand we could put one in the seniormailboxesbut theydon’t produce those anymore. Secondly,you(andyourstudent) willneedapinnumberthatyouwill use tosignyourFAFSA.Thiscan be obtainednow at the above mentionedwebsiteunderStepOne. Each state hastheirown deadline forFAFSA submissionsoyou’ll wanttopayclose attentiontothat.For anyone that will attendacollege inIndianathe due date is March 10, 2011. If youneedassistance infillingoutthe FAFSA there isa “helpday”calledCollege Goal Sunday(www.collegegoalsunday.org).Thisisbeingheldon SundayFebruary 20th . It offersfree helpfromafinancial aidexpertwhowill sitdownwithyouandhelpyoucomplete the formthatday.If you go to the website itwill showyouthe locationsinthe Indianapolisarea. Lastly,those whohave attendedthe National Centerfor CollegeCostsseminarhave the servicesof Dave Murray,877- 687-7291 or info@collegecosts.com.Please feel freetocontacthimwithany detailedquestionsyoumayhave regarding financial aid. Studentsshould activelybe lookingforscholarshipsatthistime aswell.AlthoughourPrepHQ/ConnectEduwebsiteis still beingtransformedthe Scholarshipsectionisupandrunningwithover6,000 listings.GotoConnectEduat www.connectedu.net/?hs=cathedral.Underthe “PayingforCollege”sectiongotoSearchfor Scholarships. Another goodsource whichwe alsorecommendtostudentsisFastweb,( www.fastweb.com) .Thisisthe largest,free scholarship searchon the web. The majorityof my studentshave completedatleastone or more college applicationsatthispoint.Forthose who haven’tandthose whoare still goingtocomplete applications,theyshouldshootforhavingthemdone by Thanksgiving. A reminderthatanystudentswhohave applicationswithDecember1deadlines, andIneedto write recommendationlettersfor,needto turnin theirApplicationChecklistsheetstome bynext Wednesday,November 10th .
  16. 16. 16 Thanksfor all your supportandhelpinworkingwithyourstudentsinthe college process.Thisclasshasbeenontopof thingsfromday one and have reallyfollowedthe guidelinestohelpusgettheirmaterialsoutina timelymanner. Mike Mike Jaskoski Directorof Guidance andCollege Advising Co-Chairman,IndianapolisNational College Fair Cathedral HighSchool (317) 968-7318 Until the new"Connect!"(formerlyknownas PrepHQ) website is fullyfunctional,please use the following linkto view scholarshipsthat have beensentto the Cathedral Guidance Department.Once the new "Connect!"isreadyforfull use by our students,we willreturntothatplatformto conveyopportunitiestoyou. http://www.cathedral-irish.org/page.cfm?p=1303 The linkalsoprovidesotherscholarshipsearchenginesthatyoumightfindhelpful. Please seeyourcollegeadvisorfor any assistance. Kathy Pivonka College Advisor Visitsof College Representatives: DominicanUniversity Nov.11th 2nd period OhioDominicanUniversity Nov.12th 2nd period SpaldingUniversity Nov.15th To be Determined Universityof Cincinnati Nov.16th 4th period BerryCollege Nov.17th 2nd period ~~~~~ NEWSFROM THE BOOKSTORE & SPIRIT SHOP Visitthe Bookstore & Spirit Shop this weekfor funnew Irish spiritwear to keepyou warm this week:  Ladies’FashionQuiltedVestinnavyorgreen!  FunplaidFlannel Pants,$25 ~  Men’sNike ¼ ZipSweaterinclassiccharcoal!  Uniformpolarfleece ¼ zipandfull zip,$40 ~  Cathedral Vest($30) – for SweaterVestThursday!  Long Sleeve uniformpolos,$24 ~  Restocked: ActivityT-shirts! IrishPride: Baseball,Basketball,Crew,CrossCountry,Football, Lacrosse,Soccer & Swimming ($12)~  Newarrival: longsleeve wickingt-shirtinnavyandhunter~  Newarrival: FashionstretchIRISHheadbandsinfuncolors: pink,turquoise,lime,kelly,white, blackand grey - $6.00!  Warm up – witha greatvarietyof Cathedral knithatsand mittens~ ShoppingHours thus week: Monday – Friday 7:15 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. WEAR IT PROUD, CATHEDRAL IRISH! ~~~~~ Advancement:
  17. 17. 17 ShamrAuction -- Fine JewelryWanted! Do youhave a fine jewelrypiece thatyounolongerwear? Perhapsyoumight thinkaboutdonatinga piece fora veryworthycause – Cathedral! The ShamrAuctioncommittee islookingforfine jewelry(necklaces,bracelets,rings,orwatches) thatcouldbe repaired(if needed),cleanedandpolishedtolooklike new! A newappraisal will be securedforanupdatedfairmarketvalue of yourdonation. If youhave a fine jewelrypiece that wouldmake a wonderful donationtoCathedral’sShamrAuction,February26, 2011 or if youhave questions,please call 317.968.7316. Thank you! 2010 ShamrAuction Luncheon November 16, 2010, 10:30 am - 1:00 pm Ritz Charles 12156 N. Meridian Street, Carmel, IN 46032 For this year's ShamrAuction Luncheon,why nottry to fill a table with old friends and new friends? Fill a table with moms fromyourstudent's club,sport,or socialgroup. Get a group together to purchase a wonderful item. We encourage donors to pool their contributions of $50 or more to purchase higher priced items which will bring bigger bids at ShamrAuction. Admittanceto the luncheonis a gift as follows:  An itemvaluedat $50 or more,or  A cash donationof$50 ormore,or  A grouppurchaseof a largergift with a value of $50 perperson Here area few suggestions forgift items:  Forthe Kids: Uggsor fun RubberBoots,ArtEaselandSupplies,HandPaintedFurniture,DormRoom Accessories  Forthe Home: Unique Tables,Lamps,BarWare,OutdoorHeater,Patio Furniture  ForHer: Jewelry,Spa Day,FashionHandbags  ForHim: Golf Package,Golf Equipment,SportTickets,Cigars and Humidors, TailgateGrill  Electronics: iPod,GamingSystemand Games,Kindle,iPad,Laptop For additional information, contact chairpersons: Sheryl Babb (317) 915-0014 or Vicki Scotto (317) 595-0161 or click here for reservations. ~~~~ Service Outreach News: Service Outreach News Class Service Projects As an insight regarding the good works that we can accomplish this year,ponder this scripture: “I will look after my sheep, says the Lord, and I will raise up one shepherd who will pasture them. I, the Lord, will be their God.” Ez 34:11, 23-24. This scripture reminds us that our core being rests in God. And, it is also our call to serve our fellow mankind, as sheep in God’s care. In November, sophomores will be helping serve our popular spaghetti dinner to the Lord’s Pantry members on Wednesday, November 10 from 3:30-7:15 PM. You may also join our outreach on Saturday, Nov 13, 10:00-1:30, when juniors will be serving up a fabulous lunch for the Saturday noon meal at the Cathedral Soup Kitchen. Freshmen will begin helping at the Catholic Charities Christmas Store on Nov 18 and 19.
  18. 18. 18 Details on all of these on-going class service projects are noted below in Service Opportunities as wonderful expressions of giving and grace. Greatly Successful November Canned Food Drive for Nov 1-5 As a schoolwide drive, the Student Council vigorously led us in collecting over 28,000 cans (over 11,000 cans and more than $5,500 in cash which will be used for additional canned goods.) These donations have benefitted Gleaners, the Catholic Charities Crisis Center,Holy Cross Thanksgiving /Christmas food baskets and St. Vincent De Paul. All of these food agencies expressed their grateful appreciation for the strong and vigorous food drive, as they participated in our Service Festival yesterday. Nov 9 Service Festival Yesterday,all of our Cathedral students participated in a school wide Service Festival for a little over an hour which comprised of a large service assembly and then small breakout classroom sessions. Students who have worked with specific agency outreaches also served as student ambassadors to facilitate these breakout classroom sessions. More than forty five agencies were here representing not-for- profit efforts actively engaged all over Indianapolis. Two students groups also presented their service initiatives that they are currently launching for NOLA (Support for Lower Ninth Ward needs derived from the recently completed New Orleans Mission trip) and MAKE IT MINE (a reading outreach for IPS middle school students to be held on Saturday Dec 4 and Saturday Feb 26. The messages learned were many but primarily addressed our humanitarian and Christian call to serve others and the importance upon acting upon our inspiration to help. After the Service Festival, the service agency leaders met at Fatima Retreat Center for an invigorating luncheon where they heard inspiring speaker Mr. Tim Streett from Shepherd Communities address his talk “Be Not Afraid During Challenging Times.” More than eight Cathedral alumni at various agencies were involved in this day, including our main speaker,Mr. Tom Egold. Warm thanks are extended for extensive support from many on our day: our Cathedralmothers graciously guiding our representatives to their individual classrooms, our IT staff assisting technology problems, our faculty for genuinely welcoming our classroom speakers,our students ambassadors for assistance to the various agencies, and our great Cathedral hearts committed to serve. Reminder: Save Your Coats and Jeans For The Homeless We will have our annual coat and warm clothes drive for the homeless during next week on November 16-17. We will collect before school on the circle in the morning and students may earn a service hour for their donations/help. Severalagencies assisting homeless needs in Indianapolis who participated at our Service Festival and expressed their need and appreciation for pants (jeans) and coats,/gloves,/mittens, were Beggars For the Poor, Horizon House, Wheeler Mission, Cathedral Soup Kitchen and CHIP (Coalition for Homelessness Intervention and Prevention). So clean out your closets of any warm clothing which can be well used to keep adults warm who reside on the cold nights and streets. “Make It Mine” Service Outreach Cathedralstudents are leading the way planning a service outreach for 200 IPS middle school students in our community. We are coordinating a special day of events combining reading, athletics and other passions such as art,music and dance which will be held at the University of Indianapolis. The theme for this day is “MAKE IT MINE”. Our next meeting is Sunday, Nov 14 at 12:30 PM in room 3304 (Mr. Payne’s room). Please email Jasmine Whitaker, Imani Parker-Robinson, or Mrs. Halstead (chalstead@cathedral-irish.org) with your interest.. Service Hours on Power School Service hours may be viewed on Power School and are current for all hours received since the start of school. There is a small button in the upper right hand corner to view the service hours. For the 2010-11 academic year, service hours for seniors are due December 1,2010 to meet their total graduation requirement. The status of service hours for seniors will be shown as satisfactory or unsatisfactory on their second quarter report card. For the academic year of 2010-11, freshmen, sophomore and junior hours are due March 1, 2011. The status of service hours for these underclassmen will be shown as satisfactory or unsatisfactory on the third quarter report card. If the hours for last year were completed, hours earned after April 23, 2010 may be credited to the current year’s requirement. We are accepting service on a project basis as well. After Sep 1, Hours will not be accepted more than sixty days after the date ofservice performance after Sep 1. Service hours are current in input as you receive this. Service Opportunities
  19. 19. 19 Organization Service Provided (Organized first by topical interest, date basis in the middle) Date & Time Location First Baptist Church Student tutors are needed to help with homework. Over 100 refugee families from Thailand / Miramar were forced to leave due to religious persecution. Contact Cort Gillett 570-4398.Flyer. Mondays, Tuesdays, 6-7 86th and College Food Drives Support your local food pantries with donations. Weekly Various locations. Catholic Charities Refugee Resettlement AssistGabrielle Campo (Cath alum ’98) and Tim Winn as they prepare apartments for newly arriving refugees from Sudan, Guinea and other countries. Donations of sofas, tables, lamps and chairs may be delivered to the Catholic Center and pick-up of large furniture may be scheduled. The refugee resettlement office number is 236-1517(Tim Winn). Delivery 8-5:30 M-F Catholic Center Meridian St Brookside Community After school programs including basketball at three Shepherd locations. Mr. Tim Streett spoke from Shepherd Communities at our 2010 Service Luncheon. M-Th 3:30-6 1035 Olney St. More Info Tear Down the Walls Ministry Help with street ministry for the homeless. Newsletter. Contact Brian Walls. Web: TDWM.org. Sat 2:30- 5:30 1253 East St. More Info Keep Indy Beautiful (KIB) Various projects. Click details here. Website www.kibi.org. Great opportunities for all summer long. Sign up for trash cleanup of a certain area. Obtain recycling and reuse locations here. Cathedral alum Andrew Brake class of 2000 works here and came to our Service Festival. Anytime Horizon House Help teach the homeless computer skills. Ages 17- 18. Join Marcos Puente. Contact Mrs. Halstead. Saturday 12:30-2:30 Oct 23 11033 E. Washington Second Helpings Like to cook? Help re-prepare food for disadvantaged families and individuals by assisting in the cooking at Second Helpings. Must be 16 yrs of age. See website for details. www.secondhelpings.org. Th 4-8 PM; Sat 9-1 AM 1121 Southeastern Inpls 46202 School on Wheels Help out by tutoring at IPS#14 once a week for one hour after school. See details on this flyer and www.indysow.org M-Th 3:45-4:45 IPS#14 Easter Seals Help at Parents' Night Out for special needs kids. Fridays 6-10 PM 4 locations once a month Westminster Village Adopt a resident from Westminster Village North For the Adopt a Grandparent program details, click here. Share your musical talent and serenade the residents with cheerful melodies! Anytime 63rd and Sunnyside Dr Children of Divorce New Help children of divorce learn to cope. Consider participating in the next training in February. Click Tuesdays eve 2x per Second Presbyterian
  20. 20. 20 Day here for application info. See flyer. month 7700 N Meridian Cathedral Soup Kitchen Assistin serving food to the needy. See Parish assistance schedule. and Sunday shifts. Any Sunday 1350 N Penn 46202 Kids On The Block Puppet Team Do puppetry and presentations regarding health and well being issues for children interest you? Join a network of nurses from Community Hospital to develop and present this well- being program for children. For details, click here. Contact Sherry McIntyre 355-8702 or smcintyre@ecommunity.com. Children Program Community East 1500 N. Ritter 46219 St. Vincent De Paul Pratt- Quigley Food Pantry Assistin re-packing bulk foods (Wed,), client choice shopping Tu/Th/Sat, & client intake (Tu/Th/Sat) for 3,000 families each week. Parish schedule Website: www.svdpindy.org. 921 1401. Cathedral alum Pat Jerrell leads this organization. Wed 5-7PM Th 5-7 PM, Sat 9-12 3001 E. 30th 46218 More Info St. Vincent De Paul Warehouse Help at the warehouse to pass out and collect furniture and household goods for relocated and disadvantaged families. Parish schedule. Website: www.svdpindy.org 687 8258 Sat 8-12 1201 E. Maryland 46202 More Info Life Bridge Programs BeechGrove Southside outreach program to assistthe youth in after-school programs. www.lifebridge- community.org. M-Th 4:30- 6:30 Th 5:45- 8:15 Benedict Inn 1402 Southern Ave 46106 Habitat for Humanity Work in the Habitat Home Store any Saturday; pls first contact Jessicain advance 921 2121 x114. Habitat Volunteer form. Must be 14 to work in Home Store; must be 16 for builds. Cathedral alum Jennifer Coffey works here. Habitat Home Store Sat 9 AM-2 T-F 9-6 1022 E. 22nd St 46202 More Info Catholic Charities Christmas Store Students are needed to help organize some church and parish contacts with Mrs. Snyder for the Christmas Store. Please let Mrs. Halstead know of your interest. Cathedral parent Irene Snyder leads this organization. No specific dates or times 1435 N. Illinois Art With a Heart Assistwith dynamic art programs at many schools this fall. Phone 823 9555 x 11 for Kaitlin Mariutto. (ask to speak with Art With A Heart), email kmariutto@artwithaheart.us; Register online at website www.artwithaheart.us. After school M-TH Various downtown and Lawrence Township locations More Info St. Mary’s Child Center Help with at risk children ages 3-5 on early dismissal days during the fall. Contact Brenta Clem at 361-4864 email bclem@stmaryschildcenter.org. Website http://www.stmaryschildcenter.org/.ings. on half days At Ft Ben and downtown Carmel Dads Special Sports Each Saturday you may help with Special Sports Programs hosted by the Carmel Dad's Club. See detail listing of events, times and locations on Saturday mornings. Sports vary from soccer, T- Every Saturday starting 8/31 til May Primarily Held at Carmel Lutheran 131st and Gray Rd
  21. 21. 21 Program Ball, bowling, tennis, BB, and others. Contact Suzanne Mandel 595 9016 or r.s.mandel@comcast.net Location varies Agape Therapeutic Riding Help with riding sessions. Flyer with information. Phone 317 773 7433 x 18. Starting 8/31 until Dec 17. 24970 Mt. Pleasant Cicero IN Hearts and Hands Rebuilding a home at 932 King. There are various jobs that a parent and students may enjoy assisting. Most work has been is set up for 932 King St. www.heartsandhandsindy.org. Cathedral alum Tom Egold helped start this agency. Sat Nov 13 9-12 932 King Anna’s House Help cook and serve spaghetti dinner. Sophomore class project. Email Mrs. Halstead. Bring a friend. Meet in the SLC outside my office at 3:30 PM on Wed. A few extra parents are needed as drivers. Wed Nov 10 3:30-7:15 303 Elder St Cathedral Soup Kitchen Help serve lunch to the homeless. Jr class service project. This is a lot of fun. Email your participation if you need a ride down. See you there. Sat Nov 13 10:15-1:30 1350 N. Penn Catholic Charities Christmas Store On Thursday, help at the Christmas Store to make ornaments for each family. On Friday, we will assistat Cathedral to complete a project for the needs of the families. Sign up with Mrs. Halstead. Christmas Store Class Service Project description. Permission slip. Thurs Nov 18 Fri Nov 19 Thurs: 1435 N. Illinois Friday: CHS Food Link Help distribute food to needy families for agency that goes from neighborhood to neighborhood. See video on youtube. Food link Sat Nov 20 8:30 – 12 New Wineskin 4501 E. 38th 46254 Kids Against Hunger Help prepare meals at the monthly Kids Against Hunger assembly sessionto aid worldwide hunger and malnutrition. If you helped prepare the Haiti meals at Cathedral, this is your opportunity to help once a month. These meals are still going to Haiti. Sat, Nov 20 12-2 PM American Red Cross, 15325 Herriman Blvd, Noblesville 46060 Dayspring Center Help to assistin the summer student playroom with children during the summer. Transitional housing. 2 hr shift pls. M-F after school to 8 PM. Sat, Sun 8 AM-8 PM. 1537 N. Central Hamilton County Humane Society Help care for homeless animals. Training sessions on Thursdays Anytime 1721 Pleasant Noblesville 46060 Gleaners Food Bank Assistin the packaging of food boxes, senior boxes and weekend kids back-sacks. Note new address and expanded hours. Mon-Th 8-4 2nd Tues 6-8 1st and 3rd Sat 9-12 AM 3737 Waldemere Ave 46241 Hispanic Community Opportunities
  22. 22. 22 Trinity Free Clinic Assistin translation or story hour. Requires a commitment of approx. 30 volunteer hours a yr. Sat 8-12 MedClinic Sat 9-11 Story Hour, 1&3rd Th. eve Eye Clinic 14598 Oakridge Rd Carmel 46032 Anna's House Help continue the ministry of Lucious Newsom to pass out food or 2ndth Wed Spaghetti dinner. Sat 9-11:30 Wed 3:30-7 303 Elder Street, 46222 For details about these service opportunities,this chartand other links on the Cathedral website, click here If you have other problems with the linked documents, please proceed to the websiteto access links from the Service Opportunities area under On Campus/Service Outreach. Please continue to turn to the mostcompelling areas ofneed to perform your service stewardship. Thank you for supporting your class service projects with enthusiasm and compassion.Should you desire to pursue an outreach projectwith an agency not listed,you may also consultthe listof service agencies available by clicking here. By working with diligence and intereston your service, you should find yourselfachieving about four hours of service each month. The balance of2010 and 2011 provides rich opportunities to direct helpful hands and hearts to aid our communityneeds. Service Reflection They say it takes a minute to serve a special person, An hour to appreciate them, A day to love them, But then an entire life to forget them. May your Cathedral service personallyenrich you and your spirituality,as we seek to address challenges faced by our brothers and sisters in our immediate communityand world-wide. Service hours for freshmen, sophomore and junior students for the academic year of 20010-11 are due on March 1, 2011. Seniors graduation hours for the academic year of 2010-11 are due December 1, 2010. Click here for the 2010-11 Service Documentation. Click here for the 2009-10 Service Documentation form. Click here for the Service Hour Criteria. Hours will not be accepted more than sixty days after the date of service performance. ~~~~~ This coming week’smenuin the Cafeteria. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Salad Salad of the Day Salad of the Day Salad of the Day Salad of the Day Salad of the Day Wrap Wrap of the Day Wrap of the Day Wrap of the Day Wrap of the Day Wrap of the Day Special 1 Hot Turkey Melt Club Sandwich Patty Melt Burritos Grilled Cheese Sandwich Special 2 Any Cup Soup Any Cup Soup Any Cup Soup Any Cup Soup Any Cup Soup
  23. 23. 23 Athletics: Football Fans: Your FightingIrishteamtravelsto PendletonHeights toplayfor the Regional Championshipthis Friday at 7:00pm. The regional ticketprice will be $6.00 per ticket. Passesare notvalidinthe postseasonandall fans from firstgrade and up needaticket. Ticketswill be soldinthe AthleticOffice startingWednesdaymorningat7:30 am and sold until Friday afternoonat 3:30 pm. Ticketswill alsobe soldduringstudentlunchesonThursdayandFriday. AVOID THE LINES AT THE GATE AND GET YOUR TICKETS IN ADVANCE. GO IRISH! Football Last Game: 11/5/10 Cathedral vs. Roncalli inSectional 14final. Recap: The Irish defeated Roncalli bythe score of 48-7 and will playatPendletonHeightsnextweekinthe regional. The firstquarterwasscorelessbutthe Irishscored27 inthe secondquarterto beat Roncalli. Overall Record: 9-3 State Ranking: 6th inthe coaches’poll;7th inthe APpoll. Student-Athlete Tipofthe Week (11-8-10) - Propertyof BillyShepherdSportsInc.andprovidedbythe NFHS If you getinjuredina practice or game,don't be ashamedor afraidto go to yourcoach or teamtrainerand letthem knowaboutyour injury.  Injuryisa part of all sportsand it ishard to compete whenyouare not at full strength. Youcan alsocause serious injurytoyour bodyby delayingthe process. For more on the student-athlete gotowww.askbillyshep.com andwww.nfhs.org. Smart Quote: The future belongsto those who believe inthe beauty of theirdreams. – EleanorRoosevelt. Prayers are requested:  For the unemployedandunder-employed;  For the repose of the soul of FrancesFagan, motherof teacherPatFagan, grandmotherof teacher/coachAndy Fagan (97),Susie FaganLitke (’95), andJennyFaganScheffsky(’01) ~ may she restin peace;(10/10) Mixed Green Salad Mixed Green Salad Mixed Green Salad Mixed Green Salad Mixed Green Salad Special 3 Buffalo Chicken Strips Hot Dog or Coney Dog Salad Bar Chicken Quesadillas Salad Bar Special 4 Salad Bar Salad Bar Meatloaf/ mash potatoes Salad Bar Meatball Sub Green Beans Roll With any sandwich you can make a combo meal w/ fries and a large fountain drink for about $.50 less than getting everything ala cart.
  24. 24. 24  For the repose of the soul of JosephVeerkamp,grandfatherof Marc Moore (’08) and LeighMoore (’03) ~ mayhe restin peace; (11/10)  For the repose of the soul of Roger W.Kiley(’50) ~ may he rest inpeace; (11/9)  For healingforTom Getz(grandfatherof AshleyThornburg (’01) & ColinThornburg(‘03). He sufferedhis2nd stroke lastweekat the age of 94; (11/8)  For the repose of the soul of BeverlyLiversof Evansville,IN.,sisterof Mrs.Crystal-Livers,andthe auntof Peyton Powers,’13 ~ may she rest inpeace; (11/3).  For the repose of the soul of JohnC. Rosner ’53 ~ mayhe restinpeace; (11/3)  For the repose of the soul of Barney Ausenbaugh, fatherof M. DouglasAusenbaugh(CHSgrandparent)and grandfatherof DouglasW. Ausenbaugh(Jo) CHSparentsandstaff member (Jo),andgreat-grandfatherof CDT Lt. DouglasJ. Ausenbaugh’07,Elyse Ausenbaugh ’10and MeredithAusenbaugh’12~ may she restin peace;(11/3)  For healingforKari Doctor, sister-in-law of CoachMark Doctor,who isfightinglivercancer; (10/26)  For healingforKarenGilmore,mother-in-law of teacherDawnGilmore,whoisfacinghersecondbattle withbreast cancer; (10/25)  For the repose of the soul of William"Bill" JosephGavaghan,agreat educatorandstrong Catholicpresence inthe MSD of Lawrence ~ may he rest inpeace; (10/25)  For the repose of the soul of Joyce Petruzzi,grandmotherof Mike,Nick(’11) and Cynthia(’03) Petruzzi ~ mayshe restin peace;(10/25)  For Betty Sullivan,wife of HughSullivan,CHSBoardMember,whoishospitalizedwithkidneyinfectionandother medical concerns; (10/21)  For Lana Bates, auntof CollinBates(’11),whoisundergoingexperimental cancertreatment;(10/21)  For the repose of the soul of Jackie Echelbarger,relative of teacherMarianne Echelbarger,whohasgone home to God; (10/16)  For the repose of the soul of PeggyScott Bradford, grandmotherof Paige (‘11) & Alec(‘13) Bradford~ mayshe rest inpeace; (10/11)  For recoveryandpositive resultsfromarecentFDA approvedInfusionforthe treatmentof Cancerfor Jack Early, grandfatheror "Papaw"of Jack Fleck('12),Mary (’09), andColinFLeck(’07); (10/7)  For the repose of the soul of JamesL. Schutte,Sr. (’37), fatherof JamesL. Schmutte,Jr.(’64), grandfatherof Peter Schmutte (’66),TeresaSchmutte Tuttle (’77),andPeterSchmutte (’94) ~ mayhe restin peace; (10/6)  For recoveryandhealingfor Jack Watson (’65),whois recoveringfromopenheartsurgery. He isthe husbandof teacherSusie Watsonandfatherof TinaScheu(’92), John(’93),Sarah (’97), andEileenWatson(’99); (10-6)  are fightingcancer:  For healingforCaroline Jaskoski,wife of CollegeAdvisorMike Jaskoski, fightingcancer;  For healingforJoshFry (’14), recentlydiagnosedwith HodgkinsLymphoma; (9/20)  For strengthandhealingforPaul B. Kernel (’48),whohas beenhavingradiationandchemotherapyfor colorectal,lungandprostate cancer; also,hisclassmatesaskthatyou sendhiman email at pbkernel@aol.com to helpwitha pick-upof hisspirits; (10/4)  For Denny Hoff,a friendof Mr. Worland’s,whocontinueshisfightwithcancer;  For Matt Luedeman (’07),continuingtofightcancer;  For healingforBob Matthews(‘63) whois battlingcancer,husbandof JennyMatthews(formerShamrAuction director),andfatherof Christy(’91),Tracy (’94) and Amanda(’00);  For a returnto good healthforAndra Ignas, strugglingwithbreastcancerand motherof daughtersBrittany(12),Amanda(10) and Hannah (9th at NorthCentral H.S.) and husband, Stan;  For healingforKathy Miller,fightingbreastcancer,andmotherof John(’06) Miller;  For a returnto healthforTracy Mirro,sisterof one of our facultymembers, fighting cancer;  For healingforCynthiaForgey,motherof JenniferJarrett(’94),whohasovariancancer;  For those who serve our country:  For JustinMason (’05), USAF Academygraduate,isstationedatWright-PattersonAFBinDayton,Ohio;
  25. 25. 25  For Douglas Ausenbaugh('07) who isinhissenioryearat the UnitedStatesMilitaryAcademyinWestPoint, NewYork;  For Daniel Laskowski, fatherof Natalie (’13),whoisin the AirForce and has beendeployedatthistime;  For Marco Caress(’09), whoisin his2nd year at WestPointMilitaryAcademy;  For Katie Wacker(’10), whoisa plebe atWestPointMilitaryAcademy;  For Craig Thedwall (’99), goingtoGuam in Octoberas part of the NavyJag Corp unitfora three yearstint. His wife Heidi Zawadzki Thedwall,(’99) and theirnew son,Malachy,will be alongforthisdeployment;  For Daniel Hess ('07) whois inhissenioryearat the UnitedStatesAirForce AcademyinColoradoSprings, Colorado;(8/12)  For Pvt. Erik Goertemiller(’06),currentlyinbasictrainingatFt.BenningGeorgiawiththe US Army;  Please continue to pray for all of our soldiers,deployedorat home;  and for all who protect us – soldiers,sailors,firefighters,police forces,andparents. Meditation:Luke 17:11-19 “Your faith has saved you.” (Luke 17:19) Imagine yourself as the Samaritan in today’s Gospel. A victim of Hansen’s Disease – leprosy - you are an outcast. Out of concern for public health and ritual purity, you have to live outside the city, away from your family (Numbers 5:2-3). Your face is deformed and left partially paralyzed. Perhaps a couple of fingers or even a hand has had to be amputated. Maybe your feet are starting to get deformed, making it hard to walk. The stench of the ulcers on your body causes people to be repelled by you. As you walk the streets, you warn people to keep away from you: “Unclean, unclean!” (Leviticus 13:45). There is no cure for your disease. You are condemned to a life of misery and decay. But then you meet Jesus. You cry out to him, and he sends you to the priests. As you believe and begin to walk, one of your companions turns and says: “Your sores are gone! Your skin is so smooth and clear! You’ve been healed!” You look down at your hands and feel your face, and joy envelops your heart. Amazed and grateful, you run back to Jesus, throw yourself at his feet, and worship him. This story tells us what Jesus is looking for from all of us. Every time our faith is increased or our prayers are answered, he wants us to turn to him in thanksgiving and worship. Why? Because he loves being praised? Not at all. Rather, it’s because he knows that when we come to him in worship, our faith is built up even more. Every time we praise and thank him for his marvelous deeds in our lives, our hearts are softened even more, and we become even more open to his word, his work, and his love. So today, take some time to write down the most grace-filled moments you have experienced in your walk with the Lord. Where have you seen God work the most powerfully? Meditate on these events and let them move you to worship. Give yourself to the Lord in a deeper surrender so that he can take you even further in your faith. “Lord, with all my heart I sing your praises. Thank you for turning my mourning into dancing and my tears into laughter.” - The Word Among Us Blessings, Principal
  26. 26. 26 Cathedral HighSchool dworland@cathedral-irish.org