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100 Hour CPS - CCMS

  1. 1. ~ 1 ~ OASAS Approved 100 Hour CPS Program Use this form to place your order. Make the check payable to CCMS, Inc. and mail it to the address noted below. Or you can provide credit card information then fax or mail it to the address below. All prices include postage and handling: Item # Course/Program Name Fee ________ ________________________________________________________ ____________ ________ ________________________________________________________ ____________ ________ ________________________________________________________ ____________ ________ ________________________________________________________ ____________ ________ ________________________________________________________ ____________ ________ ________________________________________________________ ____________ ________ ________________________________________________________ ____________ Please Print Legibly Total Amount ____________ Name: ____________________________________________________________________________ Address:___________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ City:_________________________________________ State:____________ Zip:________________ Home Phone:_____________________________ Work Phone:_________________________________ Please Send My Course as an (Please Circle); Email Attachment Fax Snail Mail Email Address:_______________________________ Fax Number:_____________________________ Credit Card Orders: Credit Card Payment: ___ Master ___ Visa ___ Discover ___ American Express Your Name as it Appears on Card:________________________________________________________ Credit Card Billing Address:_____________________________________________________________ City:_________________________________________ State:____________ Zip:________________ Card #:______________________________________________________ CVV #:________________ Expiration Date: Month__________ Year__________ Mail to: CCMS, Inc. P. O. Box 128 Phone: 641.692.3278 210 Harriman St. Fax: 509.461.5656 Alexander, Iowa 50420 Email: info@ccmsinc.net
  2. 2. ~ 2 ~ Individual Courses OASAS Approved 100 Hour CPS Program You can take courses that are not part of our recommended 350 Hour CASAC Program but which will still be accepted as part of the initial credentialing process. List in the next several pages are all the courses, section by section, that are accepted by OASAS. Please note that all individual courses have two (2) prices. The Home-Study (HS) price includes the price of the textbook. We will send you the tests via email attachment or by snail mail and we will order the textbooks for you to be sent to you directly from one of our suppliers. The Test-Only (TO) price does not include the textbook. We assume you either already have access to or will obtain the textbook on your own. We will send you the test(s) via email attachment or by snail mail and you can get the best possible price for the book(s) by using the ISBN then going to the link we would use (http://www.bookfinder4u.com) to find the book required for the course(s) you order. BOOKS: Due to lack of space, in most cases we have the textbooks sent to you directly from one of our supplierswe never see them. We purchase only books whichthe seller describesas new or near new as they report either at their website or after an inquiry fromus that there are no marks, highlights or underlines. However, sometimesthe suppliersare not completely honest. We cannottake responsi bility for the quality of the books and will not buy them back. Additionally, pricesfor the (HS) coursesare set after averaging the price of new books available atthe time. If a book becomes hard to findandthe price isso highwe cannotmake any money on your purchase we will contactyou to either make a course substitution or to refundyour fee. Take advantage of one of our various QUANTITY REBATE PROGRAM: Order five (5) or more Home-Study and/or Test-Only courses and receive a $55 rebate/discount.  Some agenciesandprofessional staff have taken full advantage of thisby having one person order 5 Home-Study courses in order to obtain the textbooks while other staff members order the same coursesbut as Test-Only courses. They then pass the textbooks from one to another to complete the courses. The savingsfor them or for the agency is: eachcustomer gets a $55 rebate/discount.  Some counselors/therapistswill purchase 5 Home-Study or Test-Only courses in order to get the rebate/discountbut then will complete coursesfor their current recredentially cycle andsave the other coursesfor their next cycle.  There are probably other waysyou can work out to take advantage of this rebate/discount. The bottom line iswhen you order 5 or more coursesat the same time every 5th course will yielda $55 rebate/discount. You Can Place Your Order In One of Four Ways: 1. After completing the order form you can FAX your credit/debit card order to: 509.461.5656. 2. After completing the order form you can send us your credit/debit card order as an EMAIL attachment to tschear@ccmsinc.net 3. You can go to our website (http://www.ccmsinc.net) then go to the Online Store. There you go to the OASAS department where you can place your order. (Please note that PayPal processes our credit cards but you do NOT need a PayPal account.) 4. You can simply complete the order form either providing your credit/debit card information or paying by check or money order or cashier’s check and drop it to us in the mail.
  3. 3. ~ 3 ~ OASAS Approved 100 Hour CPS Program CCMS, Inc. offers 132 courses. OASAS has approved most of its courses to serve for both INITIAL CREDENTIALLING and CONTINUING EDUCATIONAL purposes for the CPP. Listed below are ALL the courses approved section by section. There are a lot of courses in a couple sections but if you take your time you can find those that best meet your needs helping you to lay the groundwork for your entry into this profession as well as meet your continuing educational needs for years to come. After you have made your selections, you can place your order in a variety of ways as spelled out on Page 2. If you have any questions/comments/concerns please feel free to contact us a tschear@ccmsinc.net or by phone at 641-692-3278. Section I: 50 hours related to Knowledge of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse at all Age Levels and Among People of Diverse Backgrounds and Cultures HS-01 ($104.50)/TO-01 ($57.75) Psychopharmacology 14 hours Objectives: When you complete this course will have greater knowledge aboutthe effects of the medication optionsavailable to clients as well as the advantagesanddisadvantagesof each. Text: Handbook of Clinical Psychopharmacology for Therapists, 4th edition by John Preston, John H. O'Neal, & Mary C. Talaga ISBN-10: 1572243996 HS-02 ($85.25)/TO-02 ($57.75) Brief Therapy 12 hours Objectives: In a cost-conscioustreatment environmentbrief therapy has become the preferred treatment strategy. After completing this course you will have a greater understanding of the value, efficacy, implicationsandapplicationsof utilizing brief therapy . Text: A Brief Guide to Brief Therapy by Brian Cade & WilliamHudson O’HanlonISBN-10: 0393701433 HS-03 ($85.25)/TO-03 ($57.75) Dual Diagnosis 12 hours Objectives: When you complete this course you will have a greater understanding of the diagnostic, treatment andoutcome implications of treating the dually diagnosedclient. You will be better preparedto make a differential diagnosis, provide appropriate treatment and aftercare planning for suchclients. Text: Dual Disorders: CounselingClientsw/ Chemical Dependency & Mental Illnessby DennisC. Daley, HowardMoss, & Frances Campbell ISBN-10: 1568388020 HS-09 ($101.75)/TO-09 ($57.75) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder 14 hours Objectives: This course providesyou witha backgroundin the causes, diagnosisandtreatment implicationswhen treating withclients with PTSD. Text: Counseling for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder by Michael J. Scott & Stephen G. Stradling IBSN-10: 0761965734 HS-10 ($99)/TO-10 ($57.75) Substance Abuse: Choice or Disease 16 hours Objectives: This course sheds doubt on the traditional disease model of addiction andexploresthe causal andtreatment implications inherent in the life-style model of addiction. Text: The Addiction Concept: WorkingHypothesisor Self-Fulfilling Prophecy? by Glen D. Walters ISBN-10: 0205286429
  4. 4. ~ 4 ~ HS-11 ($82.50)/TO-11 ($57.75) Denial & Other Barriers to Recovery 14 hours Objectives: You will better understand the treatment implicationsof the personality characteristicswhichmay contribute to creating and maintaining addictive behaviorsandthat interfere with a sustained recovery. Texts: Addictive Thinking by AbrahamJ. Twerski, M.D. & The Addictive Personality by Craig Nakken ISBN-10: 1567313310 HS-12 ($74.25)/TO-12 ($57.75) Drugs of Abuse 12 hours Objectives: This course examinesthe current knowledge concerning the drugs of abuse to better prepare you to more effectively deal with drug abusing clients. Text: Buzzed: The Straight Facts About the Most Used andAbused Drugsfrom Alcohol to Ecstasy by Cynthia Kuhn, Scott Swartzwelder, Wilkie Wilson, Jeremy Foster & LeighHeather Wilson ISBN-10: 0393324931 HS-13 ($93.50)/TO-13 ($57.75) Criminal Personality & Addiction 20 hours Objectives: The dual challenge of clientswho are both addictedand criminal offendersare examinedso you can be more effective in their assessment and treatment. Text: Substance Abuse Treatment for Criminal Offenders: An Evidence-BasedGuide for Practitionersby DavidW. Springer, C. Aaron McNeece & ElizabethMayfieldArnoldISBN-10: 1557989907 HS-14 ($85.25)/TO-14 ($57.75) Spirituality & Recovery 14 hours Objectives: Spirituality hasits role in recovery fromaddiction. Thiscourse helpsyou better understand that role andincreasesyour level of comfort in discussing suchissueswiththe addicted client. Text: Addiction & Spirituality: A Multidisciplinary Approachby Oliver Morgan & Merle Jordan (ed.) ISBN-10: 0827200234 HS-15 ($99)/TO-15 ($57.75) Holistic Recovery 14 hours Objectives: This course examinesthe role, implicationsandinterrelationship of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual andsocial aspects of addiction andabuse. Text: Treatment of Abuse andAddiction: A Holistic Approachby Arthur P. Ciaramicoli ISBN-10: 0765700875 HS-16 ($107.25)/TO-16 ($57.75) Treating Borderline Personality Disorder 14 hours Objectives: This course exploresthe assessment, diagnostic, treatment andthe particular challengesin dealing withthe BPD clients. Text: Cognitive-Behavioral Treatmentof Borderline Personality Disorder by Marsha M. Lineham, Ph.D. ISBN-10: 0898620341 HS-17 ($107.25)/TO-17 ($57.75) Effective Therapeutic Strategies 14 hours Objectives: This course helps you to better match a client’sdiagnosiswithitmost effective mode of treatment. Text: Selecting Effective Treatments: A Comprehensive, Systematic Guide to Treating Mental Disorders by Linda Seligman ISBN- 10: 0787988685 HS-19 ($93.50)/TO-19 ($57.75) Cognitive Approach to Addiction Treatment 12 hours Objectives: This course exploresandbetter prepares you to apply cognitive theoretical conceptsandtreatment strategies when dealing wi th addicted clients. Text: Cognitive Therapy of Substance Abuse by Aaron T. Beck, Fred D. Wright& Bruce S. Liese ISBN-10: 1572306599 HS-20 ($101.75)/TO-20 ($57.75) Cognitive Therapy 14 hours Objectives: This course examinesthe implicationsandapplicationsof cognitive therapy asyou identify, evaluate andintervene on a client’s automatic negative thoughts and core beliefs. Text: Cognitive Therapy: BasicsandBeyondby Judith S. Beck ISBN-10: 0898628474 HS-21 ($79.75)/TO-21 ($57.75) Counseling Victims of Violence 12 hours Objectives: The traumatic affectsof violence on itsvictims, their special issuesandtheir recovery are a special concern to counselors/therapists. Thiscourse enables you to better assess andintervene withthe clienthelping them to better recover from such trauma. Text: Counseling Victimsof Violence by Sandra L Brown ISBN-10 0897934636
  5. 5. ~ 5 ~ HS-23 ($79.75)/TO-23 ($57.75) Women & Addiction 12 hours Objectives: You will be better preparedto provide servicesthat are specifically tailoredto meet their special needsandchallengesof the women clients who are involvedwithandrecovering fromaddiction. Text: Chemical Dependency: Women atRisk by Brenda L. Underhill (Editor), Dana G. Finnegan (Editor) ISBN-10: 1560230886 HS-28 ($82.50)/TO-28 ($57.75) Counseling the Older Addict 12 hours Objectives: This course will give you a greater appreciation of the role substance use andabuse has among the older population as well a s assisting you in the diagnoses, treatment andaftercare implicationsof dealing withthis population. Texts: Aging & Addiction: Helping Older Adults Overcome Alcohol or MedicationDependence by Carol Colleran & Debra Jay ISBN-13 9781568387925 HS-29 ($77)/TO-29 ($57.75) Counseling the African American 12 hours Objectives: This course examinesthe implicationsinherentin counseling clientsof AfricanAmerican decentwithparticular emphasis on the culture andthe role substance abuse has on this population. Texts: Chemical Dependencyandthe African American by Peter Bell ISBN-10 1568388810 HS-30 ($96.25)/TO-30 ($57.75) Compulsive Gambling 14 hours Objectives: Comparisonsandcontrast are drawn between pathological gamblingandalcoholismaswell as an examination of the role issues such as guiltand family involvementplay in the dynamicsof the perpetuation andrecovery of the pathological gambler. Texts: Releasing Guiltabout Gambling by Valerie C. Lorenz, Ph.D. ISBN-10: 0894865234 Understanding Compulsive Gambling by Henry R. Lesieur, Ph.D. ISBN-13: 9780894863882 When Someone You Love Gamblesby Mary Heineman, M.S.W., C.A.C. ISBN-10: 0894865358 AlcoholismandPathological Gambling: SimilaritiesandDifferencesby Arthur Herscovitch ISBN-10: 1556911467 HS-35 ($104.50)/TO-35 ($57.75) Counseling Adolescents 18 hours Objectives: This course examinesthe theories andpractice of providing counseling servicesto children andadolescents. Text: What Works With Children & Adolescents: A Handbook of Individual Counseling Techniquesby Ann Vernon ISBN-10: 0878224386 HS-38 ($79.75)/TO-38 ($57.75) Biological & Cultural Aspects of Addiction 12 hours Objectives: The physiological andcultural factorsinvolvedin substance use andaddiction are exploredin order to better identify which factors contribute to addiction so you can better address the client’sneeds. Text: The SelfishBrain by Robert L. Dupont, M.D. ISBN-10: 1568383630 HS-39 ($90.75)/TO-39 ($57.75) From Addiction to Recovery 12 hours Objectives: This course examineshow the addicted clientmovesfrom the culture of addiction to one of recovery better preparing you to be alert to and facilitate this transition. Text: Pathways from the Culture of Addiction to the Culture of Recovery by WilliamL. White, M.A. ISBN-10: 1568381239 HS-40 ($115.50)/TO-40 ($57.75) Concepts of Alcoholism 16 hours Objectives: This course exploresthe essential conceptsof alcohol use andabuse, alcoholismandrecovery better preparing you to meet the needs of your alcoholic clients. Text: Loosening the Grip 8th ed. by Jean Kinney andGwen Leaton ISBN-10: 0073138894 HS-42 ($90.75)/TO-42 ($57.75) The First Three Years of Recovery 14 hours Objectives: Exploresthe early recovery needsof the addicted client. Better preparesthe therapist as they serve the newly recovering addict so as to strengthen their recovery. Texts: First Year Sobriety by Guy Kettelhack ISBN-10: 1568382308 Second-Year Sobriety by Guy Kettelhack ISBN-10: 1568382316 Third-Year Sobriety by Guy Kettelhack ISBN-10: 1568382324
  6. 6. ~ 6 ~ HS-43 ($88)/TO-43 ($57.75) Physical Health & Mental Disorders 12 hours Objectives: The connection between a client’sphysical illnessandmental disordersis often ignoredbut this course exploresthat relati onship enabling you to make a differential diagnosisandprovide more effective treatment or referral for clients. Text: When Psychological ProblemsMask Medical Disordersby James Morrison ISBN-10: 1572305398 HS-48 ($90.75)/TO-48 ($57.75) Treatment Planning w/ Substance Abusers 12 hours Objectives: This course preparesyou with techniquesandstrategies to increase clientcompliance withservicesthroughthe use of effective treatment planning withgreater understanding of the applicability of documentation andprogressmeasurement. Text: Improving Compliance withAlcoholismTreatment by Kathleen Carroll ISBN-10: 0788184717 HS-54 ($123.75)/TO-54 ($57.75) The Criminal Personality 16 hours Objectives: This course examinesthe originsof criminal thinking andbehavior giving you a better andfirmer backgroundof the full continuum of antisocial clients you frequently deal with. Text: The Criminal Personality: A Profile For Change by Samuel Yochelson & Stanton Samenow ISBN-10: 1568211058 HS-56 ($110)/TO-56 ($57.75) Counseling Clients w/ Disabilities 18 hours Objectives: The implementation andapplicationof cognitive strategiesas they apply to clientswith disabilitiesare examinedto better prepare you to assess and utilize cognitive techniquesin treating them. Text: Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for PersonswithDisabilitiesby Cynthia L. Radnitz ISBN-10 076570238X HS-57 ($96.25)/TO-57 ($57.75) Narrative Therapy w/ Substance Abusers 14 hours Objectives: This course providesa backgroundin the implicationsandapplicationsof narrative therapy withsubstance abusing clients. Text: Narrative MeansTo Sober Ends by Jonathan Diamond, Ph.D. ISBN-10: 1572308354 HS-58 ($104.50)/TO-58 ($57.75) Solution-Focused Therapy 14 hours Objectives: This course examinesthe theory and practice of therapy/counseling basedon the solution-focusedmodel. Text: Handbook of Solution-FocusedBrief Therapy: SFTby Bill O’Connell ISBN-10: 0761967842 HS-59 ($90.75)/TO-59 ($57.75) Cognitive Therapy w/ Personality Disorders 14 hours Objectives: The implementation andapplicationof cognitive strategiesas they apply to personality disorderedclientsare examinedto better prepare you to assess and utilize cognitive techniquesin treating them. Text: Cognitive Therapy of Personality Disordersby Aaron T. Beck, et. al. ISBN-10 1593854765 HS-63 ($90.75)/TO-63 ($57.75) Pragmatic Brief Therapy 14 hours Objectives: This course providesyou witha post-modern perspective of brief therapy, moving to where purpose, preferences, andpossibilities in therapy can emerge. Text: Recreating Brief Therapy by John L. Walter & Jane E. Peller ISBN-10: 0393703258 HS-66 ($134.75)/TO-66 ($57.75) Addictive Behaviors Across the Life Span 20 hours Objectives: This course examineshow substance use affectsthe user, this familiesandthe community at large throughout a lifetime of using. Text: Addictive Behaviorsacrossthe Life Span by, John S. Baer, et. al. ISBN-10: 0803950799 HS-70 ($77)/TO-70 ($57.75) Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing 16 hours Objectives: The Eye MovementDesensitization & Reprocessingtheory andpractice are examinedso you have a better understanding if itfits for you for further study. Text: EMDR: The BreakthroughTherapy for Overcoming Anxiety, Stress, andTrauma by Francine Shapiro & MargotSilk Forrest ISBN- 10: 0465043011 HS-71 ($79.75)/TO-71 ($57.75) Coaching: New Ways of Facilitating Change 14 hours Objectives: This course studies the relatively new helping profession known collectively as“coaching.” It examinesthe various clienttypes, the principles, basic conceptsandthe distinctionsbetween traditional counseling andcoaching. Text: The Mindful Coach: Seven Rolesfor Helping People Growby DouglasK. Silsbee ISBN-10: 0974500356
  7. 7. ~ 7 ~ HS-72 ($79.75)/TO-72 ($57.75) Rapid Behavior Change & Counseling 12 hours Objectives: This course studies how some individualsmake sudden anddramatic changesin their livesandit’s implicationsfor counselingtheory and practice. Text: QuantumChange: When EpiphaniesandSudden InsightsTransformOrdinary Livesby WilliamR. Miller & Janet C’de Baca ISBN - 10: 1572305053 HS-73 ($82.50)/TO-73 ($57.75) Men in Therapy 12 hours Objectives: Men have unique issuesandneedswhen they enter treatment. Thiscourse examinesthe implicationsandapplications of developing rapport with andprovidingtreatment for male clients. Text: Men In Therapy: The Challenge of Change by Robert L. Meth, et. al. ISBN-10: 0898624851 HS-74 ($104.50)/TO-74 ($57.75) Cognitive Therapy w/ Children & Adolescents 14 hours Objectives: This course examinesthe use andefficacyof cognitive therapy theory andtechniqueswithchildren andadolescents. Text: Clinical Practice of Cognitive Therapy withChildren & Adolescents by Robert D. Friedberg, et. al. ISBN-10: 1572307234 HS-75 ($121)/TO-75 ($57.75) Sexual Issues In Therapy 14 hours Objectives: Lesbian, gay, bisexual andtransgenderedclients have special issuesandneedswhen receiving counseling andtreatment. This course helps you to better understand such clientsso you can better meet those needs. Text: Issues in Therapy withLesbian, Gay, Bisexual & TransgenderedClientsby CharlesNeal, et. al. ISBN-10: 0335203310 HS-77 ($85.25)/TO-77 ($57.75) Addiction, Intervention & Treatment 12 hours Objectives: This course studies the challengesandopportunitiesthat exist in intervening in the life of substance abusersin various settings include the courts, medical clinics, etc. Text: Addiction Intervention: Strategiesto Motivate Treatment-Seeking Behavior by Robert K. White & Deborah George Wright(ed) ISBN- 10: 0789004348 HS-80 ($93.50)/TO-80 ($57.75) Harm Reduction Therapy 14 hours Objectives: This course examinesthe principlesandconceptsof Harm Reduction Therapy asit appliesto addiction, AIDS, special populati ons and changesin public policies. Text: Harm Reduction: Pragmatic Strategiesfor Managing High-Risk Behaviorsby G. Alan Marlatt (ed.) ISBN-10: 1572308257 HS-98 ($88)/TO-98 ($57.75) Recovering From Addiction 12 hours Objectives: This course examineshow alcoholismdevelopsandhow recovery occursover time from Valliant’sresearchon the topic. Text: The Natural History of Alcoholismby George VaillantISBN-10: 0674603788 HS-99 ($110)/TO-99 ($57.75) Empowerment in Addiction Counseling 16 hours Objectives: Upon completing this course you will better understand how the effective utilizationof the variouslevelsof care andthe va rious support systems in the addict’slife to help promote their sustained recovery. Text: Substance Abuse Intervention, Prevention, Rehabilitation & Systems Change by Edith Freeman & Lorraine Gutierrez ISBN- 10: 0231102364 HS-100 ($104.50)/TO-100 ($57.75) Current Addiction Treatment Methods 16 hours Objectives: This course helps bring the therapist up to speed on the latest theory andtechniquesin the treatment of addicted clients. Text: New Treatments For Chemical Addictionsby Elinore F. McCance-Katz & Thomas R. Kosten (ed.) ISBN-10: 0880488387 HS-101 ($112.75)/TO-101 ($57.75) The Criminal Personality II 16 hours Objectives: You will have withgreater depth and breadth in dealing effectively andsuccessfully treating antisocial clients. Text: The Criminal Personality: The Change Processby Samuel Yochelson & Stanton Samenow ISBN-10: 1568213492
  8. 8. ~ 8 ~ HS-105 ($110)/TO-105 ($57.75) The Criminal Personality III 16 hours Objectives: Providesthe therapist with greater depth and breadth in dealing effectivelywithantisocial clients. Providesa firmer background of Dr. Samenow’s experience andunderstanding of how drug abusing clientistreated. Text: The Criminal Personality: The Drug Abuser by Samuel Yochelson & Stanton Samenow ISBN-10: 1568212445 HS-108 ($115.50)/TO-108 ($57.75) Treating the Compulsive Gambler & Their Family 16 hours Objectives: This course providesyou witha firmer backgroundin the assessment, diagnosisandtreatment of the compulsive gambler andtheir family. Text: Counseling ProblemGamblers: A Self-Regulation Manual for Individual andFamily Therapy by Joseph W. Ciarrocchi ISBN- 10: 0121746534 HS-126 ($107.25)/TO-126 ($57.75) Cigarettes & Nicotine Addiction 16 hours Objectives: The student will learn how nicotine isaddictive, the natural history of nicotine addiction, the biobehavioral nature of nicotine addiction andthe role public health and policy can play. Text: Cigarettes, Nicotine andHealth: A Biobehavioral Approachby Lynn T. Kozlowski et.al ISBN: 0803959478. HS-129 ($99)/TO-129 ($57.75) Ethnocultural Factors in Substance Abuse Treatment 18 hours Objective: The student will gain a greater understanding of what it meansto be culturally competent. Additionally, they will understand the originsandhistory of attitudes andbehaviorsof a wide variety of ethnic andcultural backgroundsasthey relate to substance use/abuse. Finally how to effectively treat clientsfrom the variousbackgroundscoveredin the text includingvariousvarietiesof Afri can American,Native and Latino American, European, Asian andMiddle Eastern backgrounds. Text: Ethnocultural Factors in Substance Abuse Treatment by ShulamithLala Ashenberg Straussner ISBN: 1572308850 HS-131 ($121)/TO-131 ($57.75) Cognitive Behavioral Treatment of Compulsive Gambling 18 hours Objective: The student will learn how to effectively apply psychoeducation, cognitive restructuring, relaxation techniques, relapse prevention and many other skillsas they treat clientswho experience compulsive gamblingproblems. Text: A Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Programfor ProblemGambling by Namrata Raylu andTian Po Oei ISBN: 9780415548168 Section II: 38 prevention specific clock hours related to the Performance Domains (Areas of Professional Expertise) HS-05 ($126.50)/TO-05 ($57.75) Cultural Difference in Counseling 20 hours Objectives: This course providesa greater understanding of the implicationsandconsiderationswhen providing counseling servicesto cli ents from cultural backgroundsdifferentfromthat of the counselor. Text: Multicultural CounselingandPsychotherapy: A Life Span Perspective by Leroy Baruth & M. Lee Manning ISBN-10: 0131706810 HS-51 ($107.25)/TO-51 ($57.75) Community Substance Abuse Prevention Strategies 14 hours Objectives: This course givesyou a survey of the development, implementation andevaluation of substance abuse prevention strategiesusedin various multicultural communities. Text: Substance Abuse Prevention in Multicultural Communitiesby Jeannette Valentine (ed.) ISBN-10: 0789003430 HS-90 ($101.75)/TO-90 ($57.75) Strategies Promoting Mental Health 14 hours Objectives: This course exploresthe state of the art and cutting edge understanding of the changing dynamicsof community mental health servicesto help better prepare you for the changingwork environment. Text: Community Mental Health: Challengesfor the 21st Century Jessica & Samuel Rosenberg ed. ISBN-10: 0415950112 HS-96 ($112.75)/TO-96 ($57.75) Promoting Healthy Families 16 hours Objectives: This course emphasizeshow effective stress management, coping skillsandimprovedhealth can be promoted with familiesas a whole as well as their individual members. Text: FamiliesandChange Coping WithStressful Events and Transitionsby Patrick McKenry & Sharon Price ISBN 10: 0761988718
  9. 9. ~ 9 ~ Section III: 12 hours related to Ethical Responsibilities (all 12 clock hours must be focused on Individual and Professional Ethics) HS-04 ($107.25)/TO-04 ($57.75) Ethics in the Helping Professions 14 hours Objectives: You will gain a greater understanding of the ethical andlegal standards andthe implicationsof applying those standards to your practice as a helping professional. Text: Ethics in Psychotherapy andCounseling, 3rd ed. by KennethS. Pope & Melba J. T. Vasquez ISBN-10: 0787994006 HS-18 ($90.75)/TO-18 ($57.75) Stress Among Helping Professionals 14 hours Objectives: Working in the helping professionsisa highly stressful profession leading to burnoutand reducedeffectiveness. This course examineshow you can better identify the external and internal causesof your stress to be in a better position to deal with them. Text: Stress: From Burnout to Balance by Vinay Joshi ISBN-10: 0761933123 HS-79 ($74.25)/TO-79 ($57.75) Ethics in Addiction Counseling 12 hours Objectives: This course examineshow ethical standards andprinciplesapply to the addiction counseling professions. Text: The Book of Ethics: Expert Guidance for ProfessionalsWho Treat Addiction by Cynthia M. A. Geppert and Laura Weiss Roberts. ed. ISBN 9781592854949 HS-102 ($115.50)/TO-102 ($57.75) Ethics in Counseling & Psychotherapy 16 hours Objectives: This course examineshow ethicsandrelated legal issuescan anddo impactthe practice of counseling/therapy Text: Ethics and Professional Issuesin Counseling 2nd ed. by R. Rocco Cottone and Vilia M. TarvydasISBN: 0130268526 HS-121 ($99)/TO-121 ($57.75) Advanced Ethics for Addiction Professionals 14 hours Objectives: This course examinesthe theory andapplicationof ethical theory as well as warning of some of the pitfallsandlandminesthat exist between the ethical dilemma and the final outcome andhow they can be overcome throughthe developedskill of critical thinking. Text: AdvancedEthicsfor Addiction Professionalsby Michael J. Taleff ISBN 9780826124586 HS-128 ($99)/TO-128 ($57.75) Stress Management for Helping Professionals 18 hours Objectives: The student will learn how to recognize the existence and the source of stress in their liveswhether causedby their work or as it affects their work performance. They will gain a greater understanding of how stress impactstheir life andhow to begin to develop strategies to address the sourcesof stress both in their worklife andtheir life outside of the work setting. They will learn how to monitor and modify their stress managementplan as they implement it in their life. Text: The ResilientPractitioner: BurnoutPreventionandSelf-Care Strategiesfor Counselors, Therapists, Teachers, and Health Professionals, SecondEdition ... Historical, andCultural Perspectivesby ThomasSkovholt& Michelle Trotter-Mathison ISBN: 9780415989398 This course will be available after January 15, 2011 OC-01 ($180) Interactive Ethics 24 hours Objective: This is an online course offered in 5 sessions through a combination of online chat and email exchange. It explores the conc epts, various aspects and factors, and application of the Interactive Ethics Model (IEM) as described in the book Interactive Ethics: How Ethical & Unethical Decisions Are REALLY Made In Organizationsby ThomasH. Schear, Ph.D. ISBN: 9781599428642 For details check out the Interactive Ethics page at our website at http://www.ccmsinc.net. Return Policy: If you are not happy with our products (except for CCMS Books) or services you can receive a refund according the following schedule: 1 week after we have sent you the test or provided the service/75% refund; 2 weeks after/50% refund; 3 weeks after/25% refund; 4 weeks no refund. minus postage and handling costs and the price of any textbook you decide to retain.