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Plan Cap Malabata. Marimon Casas.

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Plan Cap Malabata

  1. 1. Royal Resort Cap Malabata* Vision & Master Plan - April 2006 - 1
  2. 2. IntroductionRoyal Resort Cap Malabata has been conceived The incomparable strategic situation of Cape Malabata, atwith the ambition of becoming the leading Resort the end of the Bay of Tangier, offering magnificent viewson Morocco’s Mediterranean coast, as well as a of the Straits of Gibraltar, is the ideal place to create a high category development, a point of union betweenfirst-class destination for convention tourism and Morocco and the Mediterranean SPAIN eco-tourism. ESPAGNE Tangier TangierThe project is envisioned as a development which Royal Resort Cap Malabata will be among the best Resorts will mix Mediterranean flavours with the on the Mediterranean, offering a high quality of life, thetraditional essence of Morocco, a space that will best services and incomparable, well conserved be authentic, innovative, and cosmopolitan, surroundings in which to live, take a holiday or spend situated in an exceptional location of great some free time natural beauty. Historically, Tangier has been Morocco’s port of entry and a strategic Mediterranean port, which is about to have its status boosted further by the current series of developments which the northern region of Morocco is undergoing. Tangier also has a past that is glorious, cosmopolitan and multi-cultural, a fruit of its “international city” status in the 1920s. Royal Resort Cap Malabata will project a new image of Tangier, recovering its cosmopolitan tradition and Moroccan essence, at the same time creating a modern, attractive and different space, which will make the best possible use of its unique location and the magnificent views it offers of the Straits 2
  3. 3. Index Project Vision Site Analysis Development Programme Master Plan 3
  4. 4. Index Project Vision Site Analysis Development Programme Master Plan 4
  5. 5. Project Location Royal Resort Cap Malabata is located on the tip of Cape Malabata at the eastern extreme of the wide Bay of Tangier. From this point there are magnificent views of the whole bay, with an outlook over the whole of Tangier city as well as across the Straits of Gibraltar to Algeciras in Spain Historically, this cape has been the location for a lighthouse, which still functions and continues to be an appealing attraction for visitors There has been dynamic growth recently throughout the area where the project is being developed and a number of residential and leisure developments are currently in the planning stages, which together with the Royal Resort Cap Malabata will help to create an attractive and lively pole of activity With the creation of the new Port Méditerranée located further to the east of Cape Malabata, and the upgrading of the Tangier-Tétuan connections, Cape Malabata will be strategically located in a dynamic area with excellent communications and growing investments 5
  6. 6. Communications 6
  7. 7. VisionCap Malabata Resort will give life to a charmingly intimatevillage, situated at the tip of the Cape with magnificentpanoramic views of the Straits, overlooking the Bay of Tangier.It will be a village of light. A village of enlightened living. It willbe a village whose radiance will touch all who come intocontact with it…Cap Malabata Resort will be a unique place for those whoappreciate the finer things in life; strolls in the sunshine,exquisite cuisine, simple pleasures, local traditions and culture,and a refined cultural experience… all in an unparalleled cliff-top setting overlooking hidden coves and the sea beyondIt will be a place to live and a place for leisure. A place ofcomfortable homes and hotels, an intimate village and theperfect convergence of nature and civilisationA place to walk, refreshed by the cool sea breeze on a sunnyday. A place to savour mint tea on the open air terraces, a placeto taste the essence of traditional Moroccan cuisine, and adeparture point for an exploration of the whole of thishistorically-rich landIt will boast the region’s finest – in restaurants, shops, galleries,a spa, marina, golf course, convention centre andaccommodationIts days will be warm and bright, its nights moonlit and serene.Its legacy will be all of Tangier’s 7
  8. 8. A place for living Royal Resort Cap Malabata will provide a unique environment where families can set up a first or second home. The development will present a well cared for urban and architectural environment, with first rate architectural design and landscaping, easy mobility and a preserved natural environment.It will offer a unique way of life in Tangier, with a wide range of services such as shopping areas, restaurants and coffee shops, sports facilities, personal services, spa, marina, sports club, beach club, etc..There will be different types of lodging to create an authentic and characteristic environment and to satisfy the needs of different clients. The different accommodation types will be distributed in various residential clusters or neighbourhoods in order to create dynamic and differentiated focal points and centres. It will be a fresh and innovative, an exclusive and hard-to-beat lifestyle 8
  9. 9. A place for livingVillas Description The villas are large-scale detached residences of approximately 350m2 built on plots of 30x40 m2 This is the most valuable type of housing in the Resort and is located in areas which are most peaceful and offer the best views, separated from the nuclei or villages, thus enabling the privacy of these luxurious residences to be enjoyed The villas have five or more bedrooms, in addition to an area for guests and services, a porch, terrace, garden, swimming pool and garage, among other features 9
  10. 10. A place for livingFrench Villas Description The French Villas are detached houses of approximately 250m2 built on plots of 15x30 m2 They are small villas with 4 or 5 bedrooms, complete with their own garden, swimming pool, and garage. They have a more luxurious and private character than the Town Houses Within the fabric of the urban plan, this type of residence tends to act as a transitional unit between the large villas, which are generally situated at a distance from the centres of activity, and the nuclei of the different neighbourhoods or villages, which are essentially composed of apartments and Town Houses The intended public for this type of residence consists essentially of high-income families who wish to live in luxurious and private yet functional spaces 10
  11. 11. A place for livingTown Houses – “Overlap” design Description The Town-Houses are semi-detached homes of approximately 220m2, built on plots of 15x25 m2 In general, each home will have two floors and will share one or two walls with the adjoining house. Each Town- House will have a small individual garden and its own garage, and in some cases, will share common facilities such as a swimming pool, garden or park with the whole Town-House community. To take advantage of the topography of the Cap Malabata Resort site, Town- Houses will be grouped together in split-level clusters, with duplex dwellings overlapping one another to create terraces and spaces on different levels This is a medium-density residential type and is situated together with the multi-unit residences (apartments) in the central areas of the different villages or nuclei of the development, in order to form lively and dynamic spaces with streets, squares and pedestrian areas These are mostly three-bedroom homes and are aimed largely at a market of families with medium-high spending power 11
  12. 12. A place for livingApartments Description The apartments will be a multi-unit housing type, each unit measuring approximately 168m2. The apartment blocks will be generally low (ground floor +3) The dwellings, which will have either 2 and 3 bedrooms, will be of a high quality, spacious and outward facing, with shared areas featuring swimming pools, garden and parks. They will be aimed at all types of public The apartments will be located mainly in the village and at the heart of the different nuclei or neighbourhoods of the Royal Resort Cap Malabata, together with the condominiums and town houses, being the highest-density housing types. In this way, it will be possible to create hubs of life and activity, with streets, squares and busy areas for strolling and socialising The shops, restaurants and other services will be situated on the ground floor of the apartments in order to create pedestrian traffic and bring the desired liveliness and dynamism to these central spaces 12
  13. 13. A tourism destination Royal Resort Cap Malabata will be a first class tourism destination in the Mediterranean coast of Morocco. It will be the first resort of these characteristics in the area . This resort will target two main types of public: (1) MICE segment (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions) and (2) Families searching for a first-class quiet, comfortable and complete destination . There will be a wide offer of services and amenities catering for different groups, such as a first rate Convention Centre, an exclusive Marina, a Golf course with panoramic views, a lively village with commercial and restaurant offer, an Equestrian Club, a luxury Spa-Thalassotherapy centre and a Sports and Beach Club. 13
  14. 14. A tourism destinationThe Boutique Hotel 6* Description A luxury Boutique Hotel with 65 rooms. Boutique Hotels are exclusive hotels characterised by having a limited number of rooms, and offering a unique image, experience, setting, service and hospitality It will be situated in a clifftop location, enjoying superb panoramic views and having private access to a small cove at the bottom of the cliff The Boutique Hotel will be an all-suite hotel, with secluded and private rooms of varying sizes, where guests can enjoy an experience of tranquillity, wellbeing and unparalleled luxury in Tangier The exclusive Spa-Thalassotherapy Centre will be situated in the hotel, offering the latest sea water techniques and treatments in installations fully equipped with all the facilities and amenities Target market Mainly from Europe, USA and the Middle East with high spending power Spa: Residential tourists and hotel clients from the Royal Resort Cap Malabata Operating model Rental. Prestigious international Boutique operator, such as Banyan Tree or Six Senses 14
  15. 15. A tourism destinationConvention Hotel 5* Description Luxury 5 star hotel intended for conventions and business meetings. The hotel will therefore have all the installations and facilities to cater for this type of market: wi-fi internet access throughout the hotel, multi-functional meeting rooms, logistical, technological and telecommunications infrastructure, etc. The Convention Centre will have a 1,200-2,000 person capacity in modular rooms which can be adapted to suit different types of events and meetings A selection of the hotel rooms will be in condo-hotel format: Target market Mainly from Europe and USA with medium-high and high spending power Mainly MICE segment (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions) Racket Centre and Golf: Residents and hotel clients Operating model Rental. Prestigious international operator in the luxury segment, such as Starwood 15
  16. 16. A tourism destinationBeach Hotel 4* Description Luxury 4 star hotel with 220 rooms intended for a vacational “sun and sea” public Located at the eastern end of the development in an elevated area with good views, it will be close to the Resort’s largest beach, Playa Blanca Target market Mainly from Europe and USA with medium-high and high spending power Mainly families and older people who wish to enjoy a relaxed holiday in complete comfort right on the seafront Operating model Rental. Well-known international operator in the vacational segment, such as Club Med, Best Western or Occidental Hotels 16
  17. 17. A tourism destinationMaisons d’Hôtes and Riyads Description Houses inspired by traditional Moroccan Riyads which could be managed as Maisons d’Hôtes, or rented entirely for private use This will be the type of accommodation which most preserves local traditions and ways of life, while continuing to offer high levels of quality and service These are mostly located in the village, forming part of the semi-urban landscape that will be created, though some may be found in more secluded, tranquil areas Target market Moroccan and Arab tourists European and American tourists who wish to discover traditional forms of Moroccan accommodation The spending power profile would be medium for the Maisons d’Hôtes and high for those who rent entire Riyads Operating model Management. Management carried out by owners of the different Maisons d’Hôtes, and integrated management by a real estate company for the leasing of the Riyads 17
  18. 18. A place for leisure Royal Resort Cap Malabata will be a place for enjoyment alone or with the family, with a wide range of possibilitiesThe leisure offer will include sporting facilities, first class shopping and restaurant areas, open air zones for strolling, golf facilities, a marina, children’s activities, a spa-thalassotherapy, and an Equestrian Club among other elements The complex will be open to a range of different markets: Residents who will live in Royal Resort Cap Malabata permanently during certain parts of the year Visitors staying in Royal Resort Cap Malabata, either for conventions or other professional reasons, or for holidays Visitors who live in Tangier, who will come to Royal Resort Cap Malabata City as a leisure complex where they shop, go walking or join the different leisure facilities 18
  19. 19. A place for leisureThe Village Description The Village will be the beating heart of the development, with a higher density of residences (apartments and town houses), and with a wide commercial and restaurant offer This area will be bustling and active throughout the day, creating a space that is both attractive and dynamic The village will be located at the lowest point of the Resort so as to be in direct contact with the sea, thus embracing a wide range of activities The Village will have an attractive seafront promenade beside the marina, a lively point of activity for the Royal Resort Cap Malabata at all times of day The Commercial Offer The commercial offer will host major international brands in different areas with a wide choice of articles, and a cluster of winding streets offering the flavours of the Tangier medina, where the finest examples of traditional crafts may also be found Restaurants The offer of restaurant, coffee & tea shops will be equally wide and varied, ranging from fine Moroccan gastronomy to international cuisine, from simple hearty fare to the most select restaurants 19
  20. 20. A place for leisureThe Marina Description The world class Marina will be Royal Resort Cap Malabata’s gateway to the sea. With 172 moorings, it will be one of the most important private marinas in North Africa The Marina will serve different needs, with the most modern facilities and a full range of services, including many amenities for sailing and a full service accommodating small and large recreational vessels, with secured parking and controlled access Around the Marina, the seafront promenade and fishing pier provide an area for enjoying diverse activities such as walking, bicycle rides, swimming, fishing and a variety of water sports This exclusive Marina area will have an enjoyable, quiet and tranquil atmosphere, mainly for residents and hotel guests The Marina will have a Sailing Club exclusively for members which will offer, among other services, a swimming pool, changing facilities, a restaurant, bar and sailing school 20
  21. 21. A place for leisureThe Golf Course Description Royal Resort Cap Malabata will include a first class 18 hole golf course with panoramic views over the sea There will be a Club House with exclusive installations including: a restaurant and bar, meeting rooms, changing facilities, pro-shop, facilities for hiring equipment, etc. In addition, there will be an elite Golf School with professionals of the sport who will provide exclusive, top-class training With its excellent quality, privileged location and the complete complementary offer it provides, the golf area of Royal Resort Cap Malabata is intended to become a destination in itself The Golf Course will adopt a mixed management model, offering club membership as well as access to hotel clients through green fees 21
  22. 22. A place for leisureThe Spa-Thalassotherapy Centre Description Characterized by its reliable sunshine, Tangiers coastal climate creates an ideal environment for the application of thalassotherapy treatment programmes The Spa-Thalassotherapy Centre of Royal Resort Cap Malabata will combine the marine environment with the latest innovations of the most exclusive spas in the world With magnificent views of the sea, it will be a unique centre dedicated to well-being and beauty care in Tangier, operated by the exclusive 6 star Boutique Hotel The exclusive installations will feature water areas, treatment rooms, saunas and steam baths, hairdressing and beauty services, with separate areas for men and women, offering a wide range of services catering for different tastes The Spa/Thalassotherapy Centre will be open to hotel clients and will also have an area reserved exclusively for Boutique Hotel guests and members of the Spa/Thalassotherapy Centre. In addition, it will be open to occasional visitors (“Day Spa” format) who want to enjoy the pleasures of Royal Resort Cap Malabata 22
  23. 23. A place for leisureThe Beach & Sports Club Description Exclusive, private and stylish, the Beach and Sports Club in Royal Resort Cap Malabata is set within its own grounds bordering a private beach There will be a complete service of restaurants and lounges including sea view restaurants, as well as swimming pools that will include a pool for children At the beach, a wide range of water sports such as windsurfing, diving, etc. will also be available, providing a fun, exciting and interactive experience for all ages, both at recreational and more advanced levels The Beach and Sports Club will be a unique venue that combines fitness, sports, entertainment, and social activities, offering a choice of health, fitness and recreational programmes This space will be located close to the village and the Convention hotel, and will be open to clients of the different hotels and to Club members 23
  24. 24. A place for leisureThe Equestrian Club Description Royal Resort Cap Malabata will feature top quality sporting facilities for the practice of multiple equestrian disciplines, including: jumping, dressage, polo, etc. The Equestrian Club will provide members with a relaxed and restful atmosphere away from the hustle of the big city, yet just a few kilometres from the city centre The Social Club will offer private stables, meeting rooms, a fitness area, changing rooms, a restaurant, bar, equestrian school and a specialist store Royal Resort Cap Malabata will also have a great variety of open areas providing riding routes in a preserved natural environment with first rate landscaping Riding enthusiasts can join the Equestrian Club, practice their favourite sports, care for and tend to their animals, and live in a unique setting, of great beauty and class The Equestrian Club will also be open to clients of the different hotels 24
  25. 25. Index Project Vision Site Analysis Development Programme Master Plan 25
  26. 26. Photos of the site 26
  27. 27. Topographical Analysis While the site’s steep terrain presented complex planning and design challenges, the overall master plan takes advantage of the natural contours and provides the greatest number of residential sites with stunning views of the ocean Unique sites, identified through careful analysis, have been set aside for the luxury villas and boutique hotel 5 mts 25 mts 55 mts 75 mts 85 mts 100 mts 200 ha 27
  29. 29. Views 3 2 1 3 29
  30. 30. Hydrographical analysis Atlantic Ocean Pluvial basins/ Torrents 30
  31. 31. Road analysis Existing populated areaLighthouse Main road Secondary road 31
  32. 32. Index Project Vision Site Analysis Development Programme Master Plan 32
  33. 33. Preliminary Development Programme Unitary LandComponent Units Unitary Built sqm Built sqm Land sqm % sqmResidential 2,088 432,320 324,375 16.22% Apartments 1,235 168 207,480 42,ooo Town Houses 665 250 166,250 137,250 French Villas 103 280 28,840 43,125 Villas 85 350 29,750 102,000Hotels 575 46,460 127,095 6.35% Convention Condo-Hotel (5*) 290 17,085 39,470 Beach Hotel (4*) 220 13,250 27,600 6-Star Boutique Hotel & Spa 65 16,125 60,025Condos/Maisons Hôtes/Condos/Maisons d’Hôtes/ Riyads 364 77,637 23,105 1.16% Riyads/ Maisons d’Hôtes 25 1,125 28,125 9,375 Apartments Timesharing 184 168 30,912 7,730 Condo-hotel (units 2/3 keys Convention Hotel) 155 120 18,600 6,000Services & Leisure 44,468 752,925 37.65% Village (Commercial & Rest.) 60 18,000 Included in apartments 300 Marina – Nautical Club 172 moorings 2,362 4,000 Golf Course 1 3,450 653,655 Convention Centre 1 8,280 30,180 Spa – Thalassotherapy 1 5,294 23,440 Beach Club/ Sports Club 1 4,832 13,100 Equestrian Club 1 2,250 28,550Preservation Areas 141,682 7.08%Existing built areas to be preserved 53,495 2.67%Roads-Roads-Circulation 134,000 6.7%Greenery 382,323 19.12%Public Space 61,000 3.05%Total 600,885 2,000,000 100% 33
  34. 34. Index Project Vision Site Analysis Development Programme Master Plan 34
  35. 35. Bubble Map 35
  36. 36. Master Plan 36
  37. 37. Road layout 37
  38. 38. Mixed-Use Development 38
  39. 39. Residential areas 39
  40. 40. Residential NeighbourhoodsNeighbourhood-Neighbourhood-1 Neighbourhood- Neighbourhood-2 Neighbourhood- Neighbourhood-3Total Surface : 62,393 sqm Total Surface : 68,460 sqm Total Surface : 653,655 sqm Villas : 9 Units Villas : 28 Units Villas : 26 Units French Villas : 51Units French Villas : 16 Units French Villas : 58 Units Town Houses : 21 Units Town Houses : 4 Units Town Houses : 21Units Apartments Timesharing : 14 Units 40
  41. 41. Residential Neighbourhoods Neighbourhood- Neighbourhood-4 Neighbourhood- Neighbourhood-5 Total Surface : 68,460 sqm Total Surface : 111,089 sqm Villas : 28 Units Villas : 13 Units French Villas : 16 Units French Villas : 81 Units Town Houses : 4 Units Town Houses : 45 Units Apartments Timesharing : 14 Units Apartments Timesharing : 1 Unit 41
  42. 42. The 18-hole Golf Course 42
  43. 43. Greenery & Open SpacesCoastline Walk Garden 43
  44. 44. Development Phases PHASE 1 : 65.5 ha PHASE 2 : 109 ha 44
  45. 45. A view of the HillNote: Illustrative 45
  46. 46. A view of the MarinaNote: Illustrative 46
  47. 47. A view of the VillageNote: Illustrative 47
  48. 48. A view of the PortNote: Illustrative 48