My life


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My life

  1. 1. Maria del mar mosquera Eight grade Liceo merani Pereira 2013
  2. 2. • today I talk with you about my life, my dreams, my aspirations, something's that inspire my to build my life as the form that I do now. • another subject that I talk with you today is some stuffs that possibly inspire you for build a beautiful future for you and the persons that you love.
  3. 3. Basics things about me Name: Maria del mar mosquera Age: 14 years old Date of birth: 18-october-1999 Hometown: Pereira- Colombia Family: father: Oscar mosquera mother: saidy duque sister: saidy Isabel mosquera Oscar mosquera : profession: professor of chemistry hometown: Cali , Colombia Saidy duque: hometown: Monteria, Colombia profession: industrial engineer Chemical technology Isabel mosquera: nickname: gorda hometown: Pereira, Colombia profession: visual artist graphic designer
  4. 4. • My whole life I studied in the liceo merani. In this school I had been meeting a lot of new people . • •I had studied English for six years in the Colombo Americano institute for English, I finished this course the last year with guys who studied with my since the first day.
  5. 5. • During whole my life, I hovered for different sports: • I stay two times in swimming, • I take some classes of tennis. • And now I stay in the gym. • I stay tree years in roller skate.
  6. 6. • SOME OF MY HOBBIES ARE:  LISTEN TO MUSIC: I love all kind of music except reggaeton.  some of the exotics dishes that I ate are: • ICOTEA (kind of turtle that only occurs in Colombia) RISSOTO DE RIÑONES  CRAB: MEDITATE: this is good form to clam down as well as the yoga. LOBSTER: RABBIT:  FOOD: even there a time in which I want to be a chef, but I discover that this don’t be to my; although the food never ceased to be one of the things TURKEY: CHIGUIRO:
  7. 7. • I like see drama, sci-fi, fiction, fantasy, thriller, comedy and action movies. • I like watch some programs and series of tv like Dr. house, the voice, grey´s anatomy, ink master, NY ink, LA ink, Madrid ink, (comediantes de la noche), the king of nerds and chefs versus city.
  8. 8. All the sets that were above all I've done I
  9. 9. • Some of the books that I read The host are:  The art of war  The twilight saga  The phantom of the opera  The harry potter saga  The amazing case of dr.  The Percy Jackson saga jackyl and Mr. Hyde  The shadow hunters saga ( The little prince the origins and the mortal Eyes of the Siberian dog instruments)  ¿Why mi?  The trilogy of fifty shades of Travel to de middle of the grey earth  The trilogy of the hunger The prince and the pauper games  Challenge at the school  The cronies of Narnia  Romeo and Julieth  Forbidden  The perks of being a The lesson of august wallflower
  10. 10. • Other thing that I love to do is going to shopping, I have some crazy fashion taste like the vintage close, the gothic close; well belong that I like buy was the shoes and the leather are my fantasy, I love shoes, jackets, straps, jeans, bags, ba ggage and all the belongs that are of leather.
  11. 11. • The future is one of the belongs most important in you have to thick. • Example : in the future I se myself like a famous writer with my own publishing. Living in united kingdom, French, Canada, the Netherlands or in U.S.A . When I was a little child I changed a lot of profession first I want to be a president, astronaut, chef, conductress of the stock market, general manager, mogul of the industry, the first maritime or spatial paver and a writer with own publishing which would call M.D.M those are my plans for the future.
  12. 12. • Audi R8 spyder convertible top line silver: • Audi Q7 white :
  13. 13. • Dodge charger black: • Lamborghini Gallardo yellow highlighter:
  14. 14. • Have a penthouse is other of my dreams. But i need to wait for this. While i wait for thereby. I will continue bulding my life and my future.
  15. 15. • People change over time or the time will show what are real. • When you can choose between being kind and be right, choose be kind. (Dr. Wayne w. Dyer ) • Have no friends not equal to your self (confusion) • The fortune smiles on the bold (virgilio) • Your actions are your monuments ( enrollment in a Egyptian tomb)
  16. 16. • Is better to know some questions that all answer (James Thurber) • Kind words do not cost much, but they get great things ( bloise Pascal) • Don´t get stupid friend (anonymous)
  17. 17. • The little that I have lived has shown me, taught and explained that everything in this life can be achieved, there is nothing that can hold us; enjoy everything we can in this life because we don't know if you are going to have another to repent for this reason I say that there is never nothing to repent of enjoy all what we can, and realize that everything in life is As possible and
  18. 18. quote a phrase of the last book that I read the lesson in August of R. J. quiet palace and continues forward ( said of the second world war ; do what you can, by all the Medes as you can, of all the modes that you can, in all the places that you can, all the times that you can, to all the people you and while you can.