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ZOOM ARTorial by award-winning artist - Zion


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Published in: Education
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ZOOM ARTorial by award-winning artist - Zion

  1. 1. meet Zion Rozier Isaiah Scholar 2018
  2. 2. North Dade Middle Robert Morgan Educational Center Miami Dade I learned a lot of great stuff in school, here’s what made a difference: Art allows me to express myself through various techniques. I focus on complex ideas and powerful symbolism.
  3. 3. Prayers Up Prismacolor pencils
  4. 4. Time Equal Money Prismacolor pencils
  5. 5. Just Smile Prismacolor pencils
  6. 6. Mama Said Prismacolor pencils
  7. 7. Tropical Turtle Oil on canvas
  8. 8. Monotype Oil
  9. 9. Distractions Conte
  10. 10. Corton Plants Prismacolor pencils
  11. 11. Zion’s Merch
  12. 12. Zion’s Merch
  13. 13. I can be your ARTutor & help you: • I offer workshops in drawing, painting, printmaking, & portfolio prep. •Youtube Channel: Zion Rozier • THANKS FOR WATCHING! Zion Rozier
  14. 14. Visit our website at www.fund4arted to learn more about ARTorials and the AMAZING Sketchbook Award