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ZOOM ARTorial by award-winning artist - Ruth


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Published in: Education
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ZOOM ARTorial by award-winning artist - Ruth

  1. 1. meet Ruth Suarez Isaiah Scholar 2019
  2. 2. Glades Middle school Design and Architecture Senior High Rhode Island School of Design I learned a lot of great stuff in school, here’s what made a difference: 1. enjoying the process of my work 2. learning from my peers 3. exploring different hobbies 4. Being self-motivated
  3. 3. I can be your ARTutor & help you with: - understanding why certain buildings look how they do - Understanding basic architecture drawings - learning how to draw like an architect - learning How to write and design like an architect - improving your sketching skills - Improving you model making skills THANKS FOR WATCHING! Ruth Suarez
  4. 4. Visit our website at www.fund4arted to learn more about ARTorials and the AMAZING Sketchbook Award