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ZOOM ARTorial by award-winning artist - Rashawn


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Published in: Education
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ZOOM ARTorial by award-winning artist - Rashawn

  1. 1. Meet RaShawn Isaiah Scholar 2016 ●Illustration Major at Ringling College of Art and Design Class of 2020
  2. 2. The kind of work I create: Shape based combined with textures and bold colors. Also, these are images from my senior thesis!
  3. 3. Ammons Middle Robert Morgan Educational Center Ringling College of Art and Design I learned a lot of great stuff in school, here’s what made a difference: Seeing myself grow not just as an artist, but as a person to o. Attending Ringling College allowed me to sharpen my skills and explore what art means to me. It also allowed me to see the different avenues I can take being an illustration major.
  4. 4. What inspired me to pursue art? CARTOONS.
  5. 5. Favorite mediums to use: ● Watercolor ● Posca Markers ● Ink ● Conte Crayons ● Gouache ● Digital mediums - Procreate -Adobe Illustrator
  6. 6. Things I wish I knew before attending Ringling ● It’s ok if you don’t have an art style. Your style will change. Yes, some artists have a distinct style that makes people recognize that it’s their work. But you will continue to develop and grow. So your art will change and that’s ok. ● Criticism is okay, as long as it’s constructive. It’s helpful to be open. You may be stuck on something and you don’t know how to resolve the statement you’re trying to make. With constructive criticism from peers or your professor, you can see from a different view on how to improve your work. ● Also, do not be hard on yourself! Everyone is on different levels and had to work for many years to get where they are. The only person you should compare yourself to is yourself.
  7. 7. My website: Link to my Senior Thesis: ocs/be_by_rashawn_dixon
  8. 8. I can be your ARTutor & help you with: ●Sketchbook Exploration ● Visual Journaling ● Portfolio Prep THANKS FOR WATCHING! RaShawn
  9. 9. Visit our website at www.fund4arted to learn more about ARTorials and the AMAZING Sketchbook Award