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ZOOM ARTorial by award-winning artist - Lucas


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Published in: Education
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ZOOM ARTorial by award-winning artist - Lucas

  1. 1. Meet Lucas Riquenes Isaiah Scholar 2015
  2. 2. South Miami K-8 Center DASH Ringling College of Art & Design I learned a lot of great stuff in school, here’s what made a difference: The fundamentals, aka the basics: Composition, color, value, contrast, etc. Practice of painting traditionally, and studying picture making. Studying the greats, renaissance painters, illustrators and popular artists .
  3. 3. Composition What makes a good composition? Good composition comes from experimentation of ratios that artists have grounded in the fundamentals of design. From playing around with these ratios you can come up with pleasing designs.
  4. 4. Value Value is one of the essential elements of an image that makes it readable and appealing. Value is the difference between light and dark, it is what helps us see and understand the shape and form of objects. It is what creates the illusion of light and thus helps us understand what is included in the image.
  5. 5. Color Color is a powerful tool artists use for a variety of reasons. Color can be used for decorative beauty, create mood and expressing emotion. It can also be utilized to emphasize forms, give more meaning behind objects and visually unify.
  6. 6. I can be your ARTutor & help you with: • Drawing and Painting • My work shop will be called “ Making Appealing Images, from sketching to painting” • THANKS FOR WATCHING! • Lucas Riquenes
  7. 7. Visit our website at www.fund4arted to learn more about ARTorials and the Sketchbook Award