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This is my review of Twitterville by Shel Israel and what I got out of the experience, what surprised me, and what I hope to learn in the future.

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  • Shel Israel is not just an author but a pro in social media and a speaker on the issues. He was the co-author of the book, Naked Conversations, which explains the use of blogs today between businesses and his customers. The focus of my presentation is Twitterville, based off the network Twitter, which has become a booming form of social media. He is currently working on Blurring Boundaries which is about large enterprises and their social networking relationship with the consumers. Like the title, the boundaries between businesses and their publics are blurring as they come closer and more open in contact. Israel is a member or Twitter and has his own blog, which are both available from this slide. He is also on Facebook, Flickr, Linkedin, and Friendfeed which will all be available at the end.
  • The language here are terms that may be familiar to frequent Twitter users but totally new to some. I have just defined some of the basic and most common terms that will help in your Twitter journey,
  • Twitter is an amazing social network, but at first glance it seems like a foreign language. It’s pretty easy to update your status and let your “followers” know what you are doing, but what about the hashtags and the “@” symbol everywhere and the “RT’s.” To me, all of that was extremely confusing and intimidating. I was thinking “Thanks, but no thanks” at first but after so time and effort it started to pick up. It wasn’t until I started to read Twittervillethat some aspects of Twitter started coming together.Shel Israel does a great job at not just explaining Twitter but giving personal and global account at its success and how it brings people closer together. Twitter is a community, a big one, and a great way to meet people from around the world or in your area. Shel suggests that it is important to follow people that in some way serve your interests. If you are interested in joining in a conversation, it will most likely be one that intrigues your interests. On the other hand, you might observe some conversations that make you interested in a new topic.Shel has so many stories in Twittervillethat would intrigue anyone’s curiosity about Twitter. In many of his stories, he actually suggests people to follow- a lot of his stories are really unique and made me see how Twitter is not simply a status update.
  • There were so many facts about Twitter that were unbeknownst to me until I read this book. One story that shocked me was one that tool place at the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. A doctor was using a robot to remove prostate cancer from the patient and guess what? Two doctors in the next room tweeting about each step in the surgery- of course this was meant for educational purposes. It is absolutely unbelievable the things that Twitter and social networking in general has been able to accomplish. I guess I knew that Twitter was a big deal and I have been using it for a little over a year but until I read Twitterville I was unaware of the power it has among individuals, groups of people, organizations, companies, politicians, consumers, and just about everyone else. I also found it interesting when Shel says he believes a real person behind a brand is more powerful than just the brand itself- and I agree! Also brand’s can do a lot with their tweets. When Dominos was under scrutiny for the foul YouTube video, they made a public apology and used Twitter to apologize to the consumers- a little message can go a long way because they are back in business.
  • After reading Twitterville, some parts more than once, I realized how much I didn’t know prior to. First, I would really like to “follow” more people. I definitely think about it, but before I just never knew where to start. A big help to me was my Intro. To PR class where were “followed” PR practitioners and I have found that so helpful as I have been connected to many others.I have learned through this book that I would have followed along much better if I was more updated with the current issues around the world. I am now making a point to keep up with the world because I will be more beneficial on the Twitter network and it will be more beneficial to me. Originally, I was thinking 140 characters is really not much when it counts spaces as well as letters, numbers, and punctuation. However, I have realized the Shel that its probably a good thing so no one says too much too fast. Everyone has an equal space to share their thoughts and I would like to learn how to maximize my words.
  • I would absolutely recommend this book to other students. Not even solely students but anyone who is interested in learning more about Twitter, starting an account, or just improving their skills in the Twitter world. Right now Twitter is one of the most popular social networking units and communication students could really learn a lot from this book. Communicating is really important for anyone in the work force today so this can be a helpful tool for anyone looking to brush up their skills. As far a students in public relations, I would say that Twitterville is a MUST! Almost all of the businesses I can think of have a Twitter account, and as we are looking for internships and job, we might very well be the people who will be using Twitter for our employers. Overall I would say that Twittervilleis enlightening and gives any and everyone the tools they need to be successful on Twitter
  • Twitterville

    1. 1. Reviewed by: Marilyn LintelTwitter: marilynpr<br />“Twitter is the most rapidly adopted communication tool in history, going from zero to ten million users in just over two years”<br />-Shel Israel<br />
    2. 2. Author: Shel IsraelTwitter: shelisrael<br />Followers: 19,391<br />Following: 1,859<br />Author of: Twitterville& Naked Conversations (co-author)<br /><ul><li>Global Neighbourhoods
    3. 3. Twitter</li></ul>Social media journalist<br />Public speaker<br />Current Work: Blurring Boundaries <br />
    4. 4. The Language in Twitterville<br />Twitterville: book written by Shel Israel and the overall Twitter community<br />Twitter: social network for people to communicate about various topics<br />Tweeps: the people who use Twitter <br />Twitter bird: The Twitter symbol<br />Tweetdeck: where youcan check messages, updates, potential people to follow, and see who replied to you<br />Tweet: a 140-character or less message that can be about anything and is seen by others<br />RT: Retweet or when one relays a tweet from someone else<br />@: this symbol allows one to reply to other tweets<br />#: this symbol allows the user to comment about a certain topic such as a TV show or current event<br />
    5. 5. Life in Twitterville<br />The people YOU follow are really important- it’s YOUR community <br />Go ahead and meet new people- you can learn some great information<br />Retweets (RT) should contain valuable information<br />Companies can access their audience quicker with Twitter<br />Great for personal branding<br />
    6. 6. Surprising Gossip from Twitterville<br />Twitter has been used LIVE during surgery for education purposes<br />Companies seem to increase in popularity with Twitter<br />Ashton Kutcher is the most followed person- talk about personal branding!<br />ONE tweet can change a brand… <br />The website to the right is a list of the top followed people on Twitter<br /><br />
    7. 7. Twittervilleis Big and Has a Lot to Give<br />Follow more people- it makes Twitter much more beneficial.<br />Stay more involved in the news- it will make you more aware of conversations.<br />140 characters isn’t a bad thing.<br />You can tell by looking at the map “Twitterville” isn’t exactly a small town<br />
    8. 8. Recommendations <br />Top Reasons to Read Twitterville:<br />You will learn Twitter’s real significance through case studies and personal stories.<br />It is a helpful communication tool and you can improve your skills while reading Twitterville.<br />You don’t have to be a Twitter pro- it’s written in easy English.<br />You don’t have to be new to Twitter- there is always more to learn and brush up on.<br />If you follow Shel’s advice you can succeed in personal branding, connection building, and a valuable part of social networking with Twitter.<br /><br />Check out the video above with Shel Israel and his thoughts aboutTwitterville and it’s significance.<br />
    9. 9. Contact Information: Shel Israel<br />
    10. 10. About Me: Marilyn Lintel<br />Thanks for viewing my presentation! -Marilyn Lintel<br />I can be reached through all of the given social media networkds.<br />