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Why You Should Avoid Free Web Hosting At All Costs


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Why You Should Avoid Free Web Hosting At All Costs

  1. 1. Why You Should Avoid Free Web Hosting At All CostsFree web hosts have some obvious limitations, such as restricted bandwidth and disk space and poorcustomer support, but many new webmasters still choose to host their websites on free providers dueto the $0.00 price tag. Unfortunately, there are several more serious reasons why you should avoidfree web hosts and this article will highlight a few of them.1. Many free web hosts will put intrusive banner adverts and pop-up windows onto your websites.These adverts will annoy your websites visitors and many visitors may even leave your websiteimmediately and vow never to return until the ads are removed. Furthermore, unscrupulous free webhosts will even embed adware, malware and viruses into your website, which could result in hundredsof your websites visitors getting their computers infected.2. The security of any data held on free web hosts is questionable at best. Thousands of webmastershave their websites hacked into each year, so as a webmaster, data security should be your toppriority. Do you really want to have to email thousands of your customers and tell them that theirpersonal data has been stolen and that it could now be getting distributed all around the world?3. Free web hosts rarely make backups of websites stored on their servers as it would cost them toomuch money. Therefore, if their servers break down or are stolen, all of the content on your websitewill be lost forever unless you have made your own backup. Do you really want to take that risk?Furthermore, some free web hosts are running fly-by-night operations and they couldnt care lessabout their clients files.4. Millions of people use free web hosts, so their servers are usually stretched to capacity. As a resultof this, if you host your website on a free host, it will probably take a long time to load and visitorexperience will be compromised.5. Free web hosts are not known for their outstanding uptime rates and every time your website isdown, you are losing potential business. If you have no option but to use a free web host, make surethat you opt for one that has had the least amount of downtime in previous months.
  2. 2. 6. Websites hosted on free web hosts are not rated highly by search engines algorithms, so if yourwebsite is hosted on a free host, it will be almost impossible to get it indexed and ranked highly onSERP (search engine results pages) for your targeted keywords.7. Free web hosts usually dont give clients access to advanced web tools and features like PHP,MySQL, FTP accounts and POP email. If you are running a business website, having access toadvanced web tools and features is essential.8. Some free web hosts include a sneaky clause in their "terms of use" document that basicallyimplies that any content uploaded to their servers will become their personal property.As you can see, there are many reasons why you should avoid free web hosting if you are hoping tocreate a professional website. Paid hosting offers so many advantages relative to its cost, so there isno reason why you should not invest a little money and host your website with a reputable webhosting company.For the best Web Hosting click here