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Ppt 1

  1. 1. Xela StudioThe Flashback ExperienceAlex Noon
  2. 2. The xela signatureThe Xela Studio team is known fortheir creative and antiquarian designs.Retro, classical and vintage pieces mixwith soft yet noticeable hues to producestunning venues and homes.Xela Studio primarily works withcommercial vendors, such as casinos,resorts, and restaurants.The Flashback Experience
  3. 3. Xela WorldwideThe Xela Studio has made their wayall around the world and back again.Xela prides themselves on theirinternational influence and experience.HighlightsLas Vegas FranceNew York LondonLos Angeles MilanAtlanta SydneyMiami HonoluluPhoenix Tokyo
  4. 4. Xela achievementsThe Xela Studio team has performedseveral works of mastery and perfection.AwardsASID 2012 Designer of Distinction AwardASID 2012 Best Bar AwardAIA 2011 Interior Architecture AwardASID 2011 Innovation AwardAIA 2010 Gold Medal HonorAIA 2010 Small Project AwardASID 2009 Best Restaurant AwardAIA 2009 Architecture AwardAIA 2009 Interior Architecture Award
  5. 5. Design teamOwner & Concept PrincipalCo-owner &LightingPrincipalCo-owner &ArchitecturePrincipal
  6. 6. Past projectsThe Classical WorksBlue-green, white and gold coupled with medium woodand white porcelain in this classical hotel suite
  7. 7. Past projectsThe Classical WorksColored LED lights reflecting off the porcelain fountainof water in this Las Vegas resort
  8. 8. Past projectsThe Classical WorksSimple black and white panels in a master suite in France
  9. 9. Past projectsThe Classical WorksPool Renovation at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas
  10. 10. Past projectsThe Vintage WorksClustered pendant lighting highlights the vintage table andeclectic chairs become a focal point.
  11. 11. Past projectsThe Vintage WorksRomantic lighting and French vintage furniture occupiesthis 1920’s hotel lobby
  12. 12. Past projectsThe Vintage WorksA quaint outdoor patio and garden at a women’sspa and resort in Los Angeles
  13. 13. Past projectsThe Vintage WorksClear glass partitions the elegant clothing boutiquefrom street traffic in New York
  14. 14. Past projectsThe Retro WorksThe colored spotlights and draped ceiling details bringthis retro nightclub to life in Las Vegas.
  15. 15. Past projectsThe Retro WorksThis hotel lobby and bar is designed in a 1950’sAmerican theme and is located in New York state.
  16. 16. Past projectsThe Retro WorksThis hotel room in Miami reflects the Art Deco eraof the city’s past, featuring bold patterns,curvilinear lines and signature pop art.
  17. 17. Past projectsThe Retro WorksThis bubble-gum pink diner was inspiredcircular shapes and is located in Tokyo,Japan.