A1 level check unit 1, 2 and 3


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A1 level check unit 1, 2 and 3

  1. 1. UNIT 1 1. COMPLETE THE DIALOGUE Peter: Hello, Mary Mary: Mary: Peter: What do you do at the Peter: well, thanks, and you? weekends? Mary: Mary: Peter: what do you do? Peter: I usually go out with my Mary: friends. Peter: I’m a teacher. How old are Mary: you? Peter: I’m on holidays now. Mary: Mary: Peter: I’m 30. Peter: No, I don’t. I live in my own Mary: flat. Peter: I’m from London. Mary: 2. Complete the exercise with AM, IS or ARE. i) The kids ____ in U.S.A. now. a) My father ____ a taxi j) This ____ my new car. driver. k) My grandparents ____ old. b) It ________ cool in spring . l) I and Ben _____ sick. c) Mr. Beek _____ our English m) That ____ my villa. teacher. n) You _____ a bad pupil. d) It ____ a cute cat. o) The apples _____ red. e) We ____ good friends. p) It _____ winter. f) David _____ our family q) I _____ hungry. doctor. r) My schoolbag ______ g) She _____ your music green. teacher. h) They ____ at school today.LEVEL A1 Teacher: Eva M. Garcia Mateu | C/ Juan de Pineda, 112 955128277 - 603552291
  2. 2. 3. Complete the exercise with AM, IS or ARE.1. Rita _______ my friend. 7. Tami and Rina _______ pupils.a. am b. is c. are a. am b. is c. are2. The chair _______ brown. 8. My jacket______ blue and pink. a. am b. is c. are a. am b. is c. are3. Sara and I ______ happy. 9. Dana and I______ teachers. a. am b. is c. are a. am b. is c. are 10. The sky ______ full of stars.4. The summer ______ hot. a. am b. is c. are a. am b. is c. are 11. They _______ not at home now. a. am b. is c. are5. It ________ late. a. am b. is c. are 12. The weather ______ rainy today. a. am b. is c. are6. Monkeys ______ funny. a. am b. is c. are 4. Complete sentences with AM, IS or ARE. Today _____ Thursday. It _____ 9 oclock in the morning. The pupils ____ at school. Their classroom ______ big and nice. There ______ three desks and six chairs. There ____ a purple door .The window ____ closed. There ______ four girls and three boys in the classroom. They ______ sitting on the chairs. Only one boy ____ on the floor. His name Roberto. Roberto _____ working with a map. His bag _____ on the green map. The teacher _______ standing next to the desk. He _____ talking now. The children _____ not listening to him. They ____ drawing.
  3. 3. 5. Replace the personal pronouns by possessive adjectives: 1. Where is (I) ___________book? 2. Here is (we) ________teacher. 3. She goes to school with (she) ___________brother. 4. (They)______________ father works in a car factory. 5. (You) ____________ laptop is very expensive. 6. (He) ____________favorite hobby is tennis. 7. (I) ___________husband and I want to go to Paris. 8. We want to see (it ____________ historical monuments. 9. Leila likes (she) _______________ dog! 10. (It) __________name is Bobby. 6. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the possessive adjectives. Personal Pronouns Possessive Adjectives I My You Your He His She Her It Its We Our You Your They Their a. I’m Marcus and this is ____ garden. b. My mother’s Susan and this is _____ hat. c. They are Robert and Adam and this is ________ bedroom.LEVEL A1 Teacher: Eva M. Garcia Mateu | C/ Juan de Pineda, 112 955128277 - 603552291
  4. 4. d. _____ is Marco and this is ____ living room. e. We are Betty and Barbara and this is _____ favourite book. ______ title is Twilight. f. ____ is Rachel and this is ____ sister. g. These are my teachers. ________ names are Paul and Rita. h. This is my brother. ______ name is Peter. _____ a student in Hungary. i. We are friends. _______ hobbies are gardening and walking. j. I’m Sophie and this is _____ dog, Aladdin.7. Write sentences: Tom bell Susana book .Example: She is Susana and this is her book.Sophy and Sam ball Leslie books
  5. 5. Me and my mother island Me and my daughter camera 8. Rewrite the sentences by using the possessive adjectives. a) This is Peter’s book. This is his book. b) This is the dog’s house. c) These are Albert and Kate’s books. d) That is the Smiths’ red car. e) That is Mary’s white box. f) This is the teachers’ room. g) This is Ben’s school. h) Kate is Penny’s old friend. i) Mark is Tony’s cousin.LEVEL A1 Teacher: Eva M. Garcia Mateu | C/ Juan de Pineda, 112 955128277 - 603552291
  6. 6. 9. Complete the sentences with a or an: a) Tom is __ great architect. b) Mike and Tina are engineers. Mike is ___ electronic engineer and Tina is __ chemical engineer. c) We’ll have to wait for ____ hour to see the movie. d) There is ___ young lady waiting outside. e) Julie is ___ housewife and her husband Peter is ___ police officer. Is he ___ officer? He must be ___ brave man! f) He is ____ English student. g) We saw ___ European movie yesterday. h) I found __ umbrella at the movie theater. i) It was __ wonderful movie. j) She’s __ honest woman. UNIT 21. What is the correct plural of the word? a) How many (person)____________ study English as a second language? b) Five (woman) ____________ opened a computer service company. c) Even (child) ___________ enjoy learning on the Internet. d) Most basketball players are 6 (foot) __________ tall or more. e) Which breed of (sheep)___________ produces the finest wool? f) My (tooth) ___________ are sensitive to the cold. g) At daylight savings time, we have to change our (watch) ___________ . h) The boys went fishing and caught 10 (fish) _______________ . i) There are 10 (man) ___________ in the Maintenance Department. j) The (wife) ____________ keep their (knife) ___________ on the (shelf) __________ . k) (Goose) __________ are water birds. l) (Piano) _____________ are difficult to move . m) There are some (policeman) ______________ in my house! n) Ive lost my (luggage) ____________ .
  7. 7. 2. Write down the correct form of the plural: a) city - . f) photo - . k) phenomeno b) house - . g) phone - . n- . c) boy - . h) sandwich - . l) criterion - . d) family - . i) nurse - . m) village - . e) life - . j) elf - . n) toy - . 3. Put the verbs into the correct form. a) I (to like) _________ lemonade very much. b) The girls always (to listen) _________ to pop music. c) Janet never (to wear) ___________ jeans. d) Mr Smith (to teach) Spanish and French. e) You (to do) _____ your homework after school. 4. Fill in the correct form of the verbs. a) We (to have) ________ a nice garden. b) She (to be) ________ six years old. c) Simon (to have) _________ two rabbits and five goldfish. d) I (to be) ________ from Vienna, Austria. e) They (to be) ___________ Sandys parents. 5. Make negative sentences. a) My father makes breakfast. → b) They are eleven. → c) She writes a letter. → d) I speak Italian. → e) Danny phones his father on Sundays. → 6. Make questions. a) you / to speak / English → b) when / he / to go / home → c) they / to clean / the bathroom → d) where / she / to ride / her bike →LEVEL A1 Teacher: Eva M. Garcia Mateu | C/ Juan de Pineda, 112 955128277 - 603552291
  8. 8. e) Billy / to work / in the supermarket →7. Put the verbs into the correct form. a) I (to listen) ________ to music every day. b) Simon (to collect) ______ stamps. c) We (to wash) ________ the dishes once a day. d) My mother always (to make) _________ breakfast. e) Sarah usually (to meet) ______ Maria at the tennis club.8. Put the verbs into the correct form. a) Mr Williams often (to teach) ________ the dogs new tricks. b) They always (to throw) ________ their litter in the bin. c) The referee usually (to stop) ________ the game after 90 minutes. d) The kids (to hurry) _______________ to open their presents. e) This car can (to do) __________ 250 km/h.9. Rewrite the sentences in the short form (where the long form is given) or inthe long form (where the short form is given). a. She has got a nice mobile. → b. We dont use a computer. → c. Johnny does not swim in the lake. → d. They are from Budapest, Hungary. → e. This isnt my cup of tea. →10. Make negative sentences. a. They go to the supermarket. → b. Ben does his homework in the kitchen. → c. Jenny takes photos. → d. I learn French words. → e. He has two older sisters. →11. Ask for the bold part of the sentence. a. Danny goes to school from Monday to Friday. → b. My rabbit has a cage in the garden. →
  9. 9. c. The children like cats because they are nice. → d. Jenny is never late. → e. Andrew’s new mountain bike costs €1000. 12. JOBSThese hats belong to... Complete the crossword puzzle. 2 ACROSS1 1. I take pictures. 5 3. I design buildings 4 6. I make or repair shoes. 3 7. I cut or style hair. 6 8. I put out fire.6 9. I build wooden objects. DOWN 2. I teach. 7 4. I work with electrical wiring. 5. I paint walls. 6. I type letters. 8 9 LEVEL A1 Teacher: Eva M. Garcia Mateu | C/ Juan de Pineda, 112 955128277 - 603552291
  10. 10. 13. Match the pictures with the jobs: Farmer-journalist-singer-secretary-plumber-mason-judge-soldier14. Unscramble the letters to find the jobs: a) namspto - b) esurn - c) ernragde - d) hcretae - e) cinhcame - f) shreifnma -15. What are they? a) Who repairs cars? – A _____________ b) Who drives a taxi? - A _____________ c) Who is the guy who catches criminals? - A __________ d) Who makes bread? - A _____________ e) Who works in a newspaper? - A ____________ f) Who writes novels? - A ______________16. Write sentences using the information given. a. this / be / Jane b. Jane / be / a young woman
  11. 11. c. she / have / dark hair d. her / hair / be / very short e. Jane / be / outgoing f. she / wear / earrings and a necklace 17. Write sentences using the information given. You must fill in the right verb yourself. a) Barry / tall b) he / dark hair c) his hair / short d) Barry / a basecap e) he / earrings and two necklaces f) he / easygoingLEVEL A1 Teacher: Eva M. Garcia Mateu | C/ Juan de Pineda, 112 955128277 - 603552291