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22. passive 1


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22. passive 1

  1. 1. – LEARNING ENGLISH ONLINE Passive voice - Test 1A - Are the sentences written in Active or Passive?1) Steven likes to play baseball. 6) They often read e-mails.a) Active a) Activeb) Passive b) Passive2) Bingo is played in Britain. 7) These cars are produced in Italy.a) Active a) Activeb) Passive b) Passive3) He lost his keys yesterday. 8) French is spoken in Niger.a) Active a) Activeb) Passive b) Passive4) A letter was written. 9) Lots of houses were destroyed.a) Active a) Activeb) Passive b) Passive5) They are listening to their music. 10) The bus driver was hurt.a) Active a) Activeb) Passive b) PassiveB - Make Passive forms from the given phrases. Mind the tenses in brackets.1) English - to speak (Simple Present) ______________________________________2) films - to watch (Simple Present) ______________________________________3) posters - to make (Simple Present) ______________________________________4) stories - to tell (Simple Present) ______________________________________5) computer games - to buy (Simple Present) ______________________________________6) books - to write (Simple Past) ______________________________________7) volleyball - to play (Simple Past) ______________________________________8) songs - to sing (Simple Past) ______________________________________9) skateboards - to ride (Simple Past) ______________________________________10) a prize - to win (Simple Past) ______________________________________ – LEARNING ENGLISH ONLINE Passive voice - Test 1 - page 1
  2. 2. – LEARNING ENGLISH ONLINEC - Rewrite the Active sentences into Passive.1) They understand Spanish.____________________________________________________________________2) My friend bought a new car.____________________________________________________________________3) John cleaned the bathroom.____________________________________________________________________4) The teacher closes the window.____________________________________________________________________5) The girls can play handball.____________________________________________________________________6) Our dog did not bite the cat.____________________________________________________________________7) The mechanic repairs cars.____________________________________________________________________8) The electricians test the fire alarm.____________________________________________________________________9) Levi Strauss invented the blue jeans.____________________________________________________________________10) Frank takes photos.____________________________________________________________________D - Rewrite the Passive sentences into Active.1) The telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell.____________________________________________________________________2) This book was written by an Irishman.____________________________________________________________________3) The president was elected by the people.____________________________________________________________________4) The bag was packed by his mother.____________________________________________________________________5) The child was hit by a car.____________________________________________________________________6) The exercise is completed by the teacher.____________________________________________________________________7) The club was founded by Ron and Peggy.____________________________________________________________________8) Football is played by the children.____________________________________________________________________9) The computer is used by Patrick.____________________________________________________________________10) Coffee is sold by Marie.____________________________________________________________________ – LEARNING ENGLISH ONLINE Passive voice - Test 2 - page 2