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Progress report, Utang na Loob


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Progress Report of Group 1, Utang na Loob

Published in: Education, Technology
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Progress report, Utang na Loob

  2. 2. PARTICIPANTS & SETTING1) Based on the 2) Based on Actual Data Proposal: (for pre- Gathering: test)  63 students from 100 college students, College of St. Benilde- 16-21 y.o., male and Rizal female, with at least  M = 28, F = 35 two siblings  Eldest = 27, Middle = 22, Youngest = 11, Only child = 3
  3. 3. INSTRUMENTS Revisions in theQuantitative Results InstrumentPnUnL • From 89 items to 58 (criteria: alpha, item- α = .932; 58 items total correlation) • Typographical errors were notedPPP • Five point scale modeled Overall = .509 after PPP • SIP is no longer SUN = .144 included (no subscale; TUL = .486 no basis for adaptation; adaptation was done without consultation)
  4. 4. DATA GATHERINGResults in terms ofprocedure Revisions in procedure PnUnL was • Noted test weariness in administered before participants; Switch PPP order of questionnaires Instructions were not • Instructions were edited; English version clear was prepared Some students did not • Reiteration of rules and observe proper behavior oral delivery of during test instructions administration • Debriefing statement Debriefing statement was reworded and was not clear cleaned up
  5. 5. DATA GATHERINGResults in terms ofprocedure Revisions in procedure Some students  Informed Consent & requested not to write Demographic their names on the Questionnaire will be informed consent separated and the IC sheet will be given to the student
  6. 6. REFLECTIONS ON DATAGATHERINGStrengths Weaknesses• Enough questionnaires • Participants complained for all participants about the length of the• Participants were questionnaire interested in the concept • Participants were not duly respectful of the administrators • Administrators are reminded of proper conduct during the testing • Did not update as necessary
  7. 7. REFLECTIONS ON DATAGATHERING• Consulting with our thesis adviser should be the first thing in our minds whenever we’re planning to implement something in our thesis. We should take note of every advises for the improvement of the study. Furthermore, we should also review our thesis proposal from time to time so we will not lose our track in our approved process of data gathering. Through this, we will avoid mistakes.• Open communication within the group is also important in the whole thesis process. Addressing suggestions, comments and changes in the thesis should be known by each members of the group. Keeping a professional environment within the group and to the people that will be part of the study is a must and should be observed. But still, we should take into consideration that we should address everything in a proper and respectful way. This is really important in our data gathering, since we are just asking for the participant’s time, I think, we should approach them nicely but still keeping the professional environment. In this way, we will avoid offending or intimidating other people. - Leika Aranas
  8. 8. REFLECTIONS ON DATAGATHERING“Openness is a key to a good communication.” Communication may sometimes be a hindrance when we get to talk with a group mate, and “hiya” comes out. What I’ve learned in our group is that, we have to be open with not just ideas but as well as openness to emotions so that we will become harmonized as a group until the last peak of our work, not just in our thesis work, but also to friendship.Sensitivity for one another is also a gift that will lead to a healthy friendship. Caring for one another is so far the best thing that we have to show in our group by updating one another regarding the works. Caring is also a manifestation that we love the person that is why we remind them all the time. -Andrea Layug
  9. 9. REFLECTIONS ON DATAGATHERING• During our data gathering, I enjoyed the experience of administering tests because this boost up my self confidence. After taking the exam, a student approached me asking what is the scale all about. I really appreciated her curiosity towards our test because other students will immediately go after taking the tests. The deans and teachers were very generous in providing us participants, moreover one dean even thanked us for choosing their school. Overall, my data gathering experience was wonderful. I can’t wait to search for new colleges and encounter different people.• I’m glad that our group is now on the right track. For weeks, we were lost and assumed that every decision we committed was correct. Being enlightened by our mistakes, I hope that I will be a more responsible group member. In a sense that, I will be cautious on every move I commit. I’ll be working hard by devoting my vacant time for thesis. Despite of the things that happened, our group is still optimistic that will surpass this and will be able to finish our thesis on schedule. -Abigael Paraiso
  10. 10. REFLECTIONS ON DATAGATHERING“As my primary concern was the delegation of duties, at first I felt that I wasn’t doing enough for the group. This intensified when the others would absent themselves from class to attend to the participant-schools, however I did my best to keep them up to date with schoolwork, and we’ve worked out a schedule of sorts regarding the data gathering that would ensure equal opportunities for all of us to experience it. I feel lucky to be in this group because of what I see as the appropriate amount of effort that we all put in.We have arguments, but they are quickly glossed over and confronted, as we all agree that they have no place in our work. The sense of productivity is slow to come, and at times I’m left wondering why I took Psych in the first place. But then I realize that even as tough as things are getting, there’s still nothing else I would want to do in the world.” - Camille Tuason