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Househusbands' Progress Report


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Group 5's progress report

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Househusbands' Progress Report

  1. 1. Mara-ninel Deganos Sheel Lamar Abigayle Peralta Micah San Andres Michelle Silungan
  2. 2. Based on the Proposal Pretest ◦ Researchers will interview 2 husbands ◦ Appointment based on the availability of husband ◦ Interview will take place at participant’s home or vicinity of choice for comfortability purposes Actual ◦ Researchers will interview 8 husbands ◦ Separate appointments based on the availability of husband ◦ Interview will take place at participant’s home or vicinity of choice for comfortability purposes
  3. 3.  Based on actual data gathering ◦ Pretest  2 researchers interviewed first participant on June 30 th, 2012  3 researchers interviewed second participant on July 9th, 2012  Participants referred by family and friends  Both interviews conducted inside the participant’s home
  4. 4.  Based on actual data gathering ◦ Actual procedure  Participant #1 interviewed on July 17th, 2012 (2 researchers present)  Participant #2 interviewed on July 19th, 2012 ( 3 researchers present)  Participant #3 interviewed on July 22nd, 2012 ( 2 researchers present)  Participant #4 interviewed on July 23rd, 2012 ( 3 researchers present)  Participant #5 interviewed on July 25th, 2012 ( 3 researchers present)  Participant #6 and #7 interviewed on July 30th, 2012 ( 2 researchers each)  Participant #8 interviewed on July 31st , 2012 ( 2 researchers present)  Participants referred by family and friends  All interviews conducted inside the participant’s home
  5. 5. 1) Interview Protocol2) Consent Form3) Cover Letter Revisions of instrument ◦ Probing questions added given the context of answers given by each husband ◦ Removed repetitive questions ◦ Interview guide for children not relevant for most cases
  6. 6.  Result of pretest in terms of procedure ◦ Ask more probing questions ◦ Fix technical difficulties ◦ Make sure the husband is settled in first Revisions in procedure ◦ Make sure consent form signed at the beginning of interview ◦ Cover letter more efficient when conducted by interviewer than participant filling form out
  7. 7. • What facilitated our data gathering - Our interest in the study - Preparation: learning from pre-test• What hindered our data gathering – Interviewees who were not as open or willing to share/expound on experiences – The weather – Location of participant• How we solved those hindrances – Build rapport – Continued to stay calm and collected by probing – Come up with back-up plans
  8. 8. Week Date Output 1 June 11 – June 16 - Contact pre-test participants - Contact participants for actual data gathering - Translate interview guide 2 June 17 – June 23 - Get back translated copy of the interview guide - Get approval from adviser regarding translated copy of interview guide - Back translate interview guide - Get back back translated copy of the interview guide 3 June 25 – June 30 - Waiting for feedback on pretest 4 July 2 – July 7 - Waiting for feedback on pretest 5 July 9 – July 14 - Conduct 2 interviews - Transcribe the interviews
  9. 9. Week Date Output 6 July 16 – July 21 - Conduct 2-3 interviews (July 17 & 19) - Transcribe the interviews 7 July 23 – July 28 - Conduct 2-3 interviews (July 22, 23& 25) - Transcribe the interviews 8 July 30 – July 31 - Conduct 2-3 interviews (2 on July 30 & July 31) - Transcribe the interviews 9 August 1 – August 15 - Process and analyze the data with Dr. Apuan 10 August 15 – August 19 Start writing Chapter III Send to Dr. Baybay and Dr. Apuan and get their feedback 11 August 20 – August 25 - Revise Chapter III 12 August 27 – September 1 - Start writing Chapter IV - Continue revising Chapter III
  10. 10. Week Date Output 13 September 3 – September 8 - Revise Chapter IV - Send to Dr. Baybay and Dr. Apuan and get their feedback - Write Chapter V 14 September 10 – September 15 - Send Chapter V get feedback from Dr. Baybay and Dr. Apuan 15 September 17 - September 22 - Revise Chapter V - Revise Chapter III & IV 16 September 24 – September 29 - Revise Chapters I – V 17 October 1 – October 6 - Compile Chapters I – V for defense approval 18 October 8 – October 13 - Possible defense week 19 October 15 – October 20 - Revisions after defense 20 October 22 – October 27 - Possible submission of unbound copy of thesis
  11. 11. “The interviews we did were really an immersion insuch a way that we went to a different place and hadto adapt to the family. It was somehow a strugglegoing to different places because of the weather but itwas a good experience because I was able to showmy skills in doing an interview because some of thehousehusbands we interviewed were really shy sosome of the questioning I did was repetitive just toclarify things.The overall lesson was to bepatient,confident and critical in asking questions.”
  12. 12. “I had no idea what to expect when we start interviewing thehousehusbands. I just had an impression that they would rather be withtheir friends than their children. I also had this impression that they did notget along with their mother in law. Although, for one of the househusbandsthat we interviewed that is the case. Now that we have finished interviewing the househusbands, my littleknowledge of them has now been enlightened. Most of them did not gorunning off to look for a new girl when their wives left. This knowledge hasin fact restored my faith in marriage. I wouldnt say that I would want tomarry a man, but it made me we them in a different light. And how they tookcare of their children was heartwarming it was as if they were the center oftheir universe. I have to say that my view of them is under a new light.”
  13. 13. “The data gathering process was an adventure! It was quite difficult to travel all around the Metro whilecarrying bags of food and equipment in such terrible weather. But at the end of the day it was all worthwhile.Every time we go out for an interview, we come home with so much knowledge and learning.The fathers that we met were such an inspiration to us. They have proven to society that they will face anychallenge, from burnt dinner to a deteriorating self-esteem, for as long as they can fulfill their duties to theirfamilies. The children also served as an inspiration as well. It was an eye-opening experience to hear someof them refer to themselves as househusbands. Someone even coined the term inatay: ina na tatay pa.This shows that they have somewhat accepted this growing phenomenon.If not all, most of the children said that it is hard to have a parent away from home but they understand that itis for their own good and that they are thankful for such amazing parents. It made me think of my ownparents and my own life. I am fortunate enough to be provided all that I ever wanted and needed withouteven asking for it. This experience will be a constant reminder for me to stay humble and grateful for beingblessed.In terms of group work, it made me realize how important communication is. I also learned that you can’talways get what you want. Sometimes in order to make things work, adjustments must be made by bothparties. I was fortunate enough to be grouped with the other four members. Each one was cooperative andunderstanding. We all did our best to make it on time BUT it was definitely not a rushed effort. We managedto lay out a plan ahead of time and worked towards it efficiently. Indeed, it did not feel like a requirement buta journey.”
  14. 14. “It was challenging going to our respondents houses and also due to the unforgivingweather it made it harder. But our respondents were very welcoming and eager tostart the interview. I love listening to them, each of their stories different from theother. It was interesting to know and hear their struggles, how they cope each day andhow they keep the family intact. Actually this experience made me think about acareer in research, who knows right?. Also it made me appreciate my parents more.They dont have to go out of the country to work and leave us to take care ofourselves. They are here with me and my siblings, spending quality time with us andmaking sure to talk to us every night, which I took for granted. But hearing thestruggles and longing for a complete family of our respondents, I truly am blessed.Also this experience tested our groups team work and effort to get our data and makethis thesis the best we can. We worked together as a team and made our datagathering as stress free as possible. Everyone did what is asked of them and supportthe group in anyway we can. Hopefully our team work and team effort helps us finish on time and hopefully presentour thesis in Stanford.”
  15. 15. “The data gathering process was a very eye openingexperience and very different from what I expected. I enjoyedtraveling with my group and viewing how the husbands and theirfamily live their life. This was educational not only for research butfor my personal life as well. I learned how the Filipino language wasused in a different context. I also learned many techniques to useduring an interview. I actually think that I overcame some fearsabout traveling to places of the lower socio-economic class becausethankfully I’ve never been in that situation. Moreover, I am verygrateful and appreciative to my thesis groupmates because theydidn’t mind that I didn’t speak much during the interviews. My groupworks very hard and efficiently and I’m ecstatic that we are on time.”