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Group 6's Progress report


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Published in: Self Improvement, Technology
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Group 6's Progress report

  1. 1. Alvarez, de Guzman, Perez, Ponciano
  2. 2. 1. Based on the proposal• Pretest & Actual Procedure - Lesbian couples, from any age group, who are currently in the context of parenting, and are parenting a child of any age.2. Based on actual procedure• Pretest - We interviewed a lesbian couple, both aged 56, who has been living together for 20 years now with an 18 year old child.
  3. 3.  Revisions in Instrument:  Additional questions:  How did you fall in love?  What made you keep the relationship that long?  What do you tell the child when people asks about their father?
  4. 4.  Results of pretest in terms of procedure  We interviewed a lesbian couple in a restaurant at the area of their choice, at their time of availability. We made them sign the consent form before proceeding with the interview. We recorded the interview with a tape recorder. The interview lasted for 45 minutes. After the interview protocol, we advised the couple that we may ask for a 2nd interview if ever we need any clarifications. Revisions in procedure  We interviewed couples simultaneously in order to look into the family dynamics.
  5. 5. 1. Venue- The interview was held in a restaurant, which may be a factor that leads to the participants’ feeling of less confidentiality of the protocol, yet we did our best to choose a restaurant within the area that has the least number of customers for that particular time. 2. Interview- Maybe the couple would’ve been more comfortable if the interview was held at their home. 3. Interviewees- Questions should be practiced and memorized to avoid repetition of questions. 4. Participants- Build more rapport to make them comfortable in answering questions, so that the interview does not come off as a question and answer type of interview.- It is never easy to gather participants. We should have started looking for participants earlier, as well as additional participants for buffer.
  6. 6. • July 9 – Pretest• August 1 – start actual procedure (3 couples); transcribe interviews• August 6 – simultaneously do actual procedure and writing of results• August 15 – deadline of Results section