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Revision exercises II


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Revision exercises II

  1. 1. Hi kids! Are you having a good time? Let’s English in your holiday! Oh! I love numbers! 1. Write the cardinal numbers in full. a) 12 _________________________ b) 1 _________________________ c) 5 _________________________ d) 13 _________________________ e) 2 _________________________ f) 20 _________________________ g) 3 _________________________ h) 10 _________________________ i) 8 _________________________ j) 15 _________________________ 2. Write the ordinal numbers in full. Think first! a) 6th _________________________ b) 3rd _________________________ c) 9 th _________________________ d) 12 th _________________________ e) 17 th _________________________ f) 22 nd _________________________ g) 4 th _________________________ h) 11th _________________________ i) 15 th _________________________ j) 7th _________________________
  2. 2. 3. Colour the picture according to the numbers. 1. Green 2. Brown 3. Orange 4. Blue 5. Purple 6. Red 7. Grey 8. Yellow 9. Pink 10. Light pink
  3. 3. Remember the verb to be: Affirmative Negative Interrogative Short answers Long form Short form Long form Short form I am I’m I am not I ‘m not Am I Yes, I am. /No, I’m not You are You’re You are not You aren’t Are you He is He’s’ He is not He isn’t Is he Yes, he/she/it is. She is She’s She is not She isn’t Is she No, he/she/it isn’t. It is It’s It is not It isn´t Is it We are We’re We are not We aren’t Are we Yes, we/you/they are. You are You’re You are not You aren’t Are you No, we/you/they aren’t. They are They’re They are not They aren’t Are they 4. Now, fill in the blanks using AM, IS or ARE: a) Mary ________________ eleven years old. b) ____________ you English? Yes, I ___________ . c) What __________ your name? d) _________ she from Italy? Yes, she __________ . e) ________ they ten years old? No, they ___________ . f) How ________ you? I _______ fine, thanks. 5. Write the sentences in the negative and interrogative forms. Example: Sam is English. Sam isn’t English. Is Sam English? a) Patty is short. __________________________________________________________ b) You are boys. __________________________________________________________ c) They are cousins. __________________________________________________________ d) I am happy. __________________________________________________________
  4. 4. e) We are very good friends. __________________________________________________________ f) It is a white cat. _________________________________________________________ g) Mr. and Mrs. Smith are a nice couple. _________________________________________________________ 6. Answer the questions: a) What’s his name? _______________________________ Greg Miller b) What’s his surname? ____________________________ 21, Oxford St. c) What’s his address? ____________________________ 678402236 d) What’s his phone number? ______________________ a) What’s her name? _______________________________ Sue Taylor b) What’s her surname? ____________________________ 12, Queen’s Rd. c) What’s her address? _____________________________ 449601185 d) What’s her phone number? ______________________ Remember: 7. Write A or AN: a) _______ orange. a + consonant a dog b) _______ book. an + vowel c) _______ octopus. an elephant d) _______ table. e) _______ map. f) _______ egg. That’s all for now kids! More activities coming g) _______ house. soon! h) _______ exercise.