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Protest and banning of coach


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Letter from the ANF - Brazil (National Strength Alliance) protesting against transgression of disciplinary rules and banning coach. The victim was ANF president Dr. Marilia Coutinho. The punished coach was Mr. Roberto Heberle da Silveira (Miudinho).

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Protest and banning of coach

  1. 1. ALIANÇA NACIONAL DA FORÇALetter of protest and banning of coach for misconductOn August 11th 2012, in the city of Veranópolis, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, during the Push-pull (plus squat)Championship, Dr. Marilia Coutinho, president of the National Strength Alliance (ANF, Aliança Nacional daForça), CNPJ 11.077.508/0001-04, at that moment, Global Powerlifting Alliance (GPA) national representative,was present to sanction the raw lifts for the bench press and deadlift according to GPA rules, as well as to co-direct the meet with Mr. Rafael Crestani and Mr. Vilmar de Oliveira, WABDL vice-president. During the event,Mr. Roberto Heberle da Silveira, known as “Miudinho,” a Porto Alegre team coach, repeatedly transgressed Dr.Coutinho’s instructions, invading restricted areas and disturbing the referees. During the first bench pressround, Mr. Silveira shouted at the referees, demanding that they overrule a “good lift.” Dr. Coutinho WARNEDMr. Silveira, in accordance with GPA rules, telling him that his complaint should be directed to the officers incharge, at the table.Mr. Silveira began to insult Dr. Coutinho, using bad words (“whore,” among others), as well as confronting herand denying her rights as ANF’s president to warn him. At this point, Dr. Coutinho said: “from this moment,consider yourself expelled from this event.”Mr. Silveira reacted violently, insulting Dr. Coutinho even more. She went to the table and asked for Mr. Vilmarde Oliveira and Mr. Rafael Crestani, informing both that Mr. Silveira was banned, explaining her decision.Mr. Silveira then repeated the same insults, adding that Dr. Coutinho was “nobody,” that he would expel herhimself, that he would throw her out of the site of the event, physically threatening her. He walked menacinglytoward her (he is taller than 6ft5in and weighs over 330lbs and she is 5ft tall and weighs 132lbs), while shebacked away from him repeating her banning decision, at a distance of less than three feet, which constitutesimminent risk.Mrs. Rafael Crestani and Vilmar de Oliveira asked for “calm,” but were unable to contain Mr. Silveira’s physicaland verbal violence.Following that exchange, other officials were called and Mr. Silveira was invited to another location (at themeet site), while Dr. Coutinho was kept in a closed room. In this room, the officials told Dr. Coutinho thatbanning Mr. Silveira —while totally correct both under the GPA (and any federation’s) rules as well as underBrazilian law—was not possible. That, if that decision were carried out, Mr. Silveira would call his team anddestroy the place, creating an extremely serious situation for the Associação Veranense de Esportes de Força eLutas (the local sports association that organized the meet), which had received grants from the citygovernment. Also, that the athletes would be harmed by Mr. Silveira’s retaliation. And finally, that there wouldbe no way to avoid Mr. Silveira’s vandalism acts.With all that said, during more than an hour, and with total lack of support for her decision, Dr. Coutinhoretired to a more protected area and is now under medical care, given the extent of the trauma caused by theaggression she was subjected to.The ANF board of directors and permanent Assembly publically announces that Mr. Heberle Roberto daSilveira is banned for life from any event being organized by the ANF, copying, to this effect, the rule itemsfrom the GPA rulebook that backed this decision: If, by reason of misconduct upon or near the competition platform, any lifter or coach is considered to have discredited the sport, such person or persons shall officially be warned. If the misconduct continues the appointed GPA Contest Officials together with the referees on duty, have the authority to disqualify the lifter and order the coach and the lifter to leave the venue. The team manager must be officially informed of both warning and disqualification. Any lifter or coach who strikes an official an Official or other individual at a competition will be banned for all GPA competition indefinitely. All appeals against referee’s decisions or conduct, complaints regarding the progress of the competition or against the behavior of any person or persons taking part in the competition will be made to the appointed GPA Contest Officials. This must be done immediately following action of which there is a complaint or appeal. The appeal must be backed by the team manager and/or coach and presented in the presence of either or both.A day after the occurrence, Brazil was cut off from the GPA. Therefore, the ban does not apply to all GPAevents, but to all ANF events. The rule is the same as in every powerlifting rulebook known.Aliança Nacional da Força (ANF) Board of Directors and ANF Permanent AssemblyAliança Nacional da Força – CNPJ 11.077.508/0001-04 – Rua Bogos Tavitian 81 – CEP 06030-320 – tel 11-36810178 – Osasco, SP – e-mail: