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"Powerlifting friendly gyms" series for Powerlifting Watch


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This is the standardized questionnaire/ interview for the series. If you own a powerlifting friendly gym, download the docx file, answer it and send it back to or send it as a message to the facebook page

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"Powerlifting friendly gyms" series for Powerlifting Watch

  1. 1. Powerlifting friendly gyms series Gym name is known for [atractive text about the gym]. We have interviewed Gym Owner to learn some more about it. PLW - Whenwas [gymname] founded?Wasitpowerlifting friendlysince the beginning or was it gradually turned into a training center for the sport? PLW - How did you get personally involved with PL? What is your relationship with the sport now ( coach, athlete, meet organizer, judge, etc) ? PLW - What makes your powerlifting friendly gym different from other gyms in your area? PLW - In your opinion, does being powerlifting-friendly conflict with providing general strength, conditioning and fitness service to the community? PLW - How does your general public react to powerlifters, to powerlifting equipment and to powerlifting specific activities going on at your gym? PLW - In your opinion, can powerlifting provide helpful resources to the general public? PLW - What else goes on in your gym? PLW - Please addwhateverotherinformationaboutyour gym that could be interesting to our readers, stories, anecdotes, or anything you want to say. PLEASE ADD ALL CONTACT INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR GYM