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Sales plan proposal


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Sales plan proposal

  1. 1. Marilee Mancuso Mar 4413 SPC CHIEF’S CREOLE CAFÉ Sales Plan
  2. 2. Customer Pain Point & Story  No good creole restaurants in St Pete  We want to eat good creole food, just like they have in New Orleans. But we can’t seem to find any good restaurants here in St Pete.
  3. 3. Chief’s Creole Cafe/About Us  Creole café located in Downtown St. Pete. We are connected to an ice cream parlor.
  4. 4. Relationship & Solution Statement/Selling philosophy  Relationship Strategy  Develop relationships with hotels, local businesses and local consumers to secure their business utilizing our establishment  Solution Statement/Selling Philosophy  Offer tasty, quality creole food in a historical St. Pete atmosphere that will give diners a unique experience.
  5. 5. Product Strategy  Chief’s Creole Café offers  Good quality food  Excellent service  Great atmosphere  Family friendly  Clean establishment  Open air kitchen  Formal dining room
  6. 6. Top Prospects Contact Name Contact Info Company Need Unique Value Propos ition Start date/end date Outcome (red or green)
  7. 7. Customer Strategy  Determine unique needs  Present strengths  Offer solutions to needs  Provide assistance  Follow up  Ask for feed back
  8. 8. Presentation Strategy  Make contact-phone call  Figure out needs  Make appointment for sales presentation  Ask for business  Close deal  Service account with follow up phone calls
  9. 9. Call to Action  Visit Chief’s Creole Café to tantalize your taste buds and enjoy a unique dining experience  Check out our website and order your take-out online for a speedier pick-up  Like us on Facebook  Tell your friends