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Theory to Practice Abstract and Links


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Theory to Practice Abstract and Links

  1. 1. Theory to Practice and Back in TESOL From Theory to Practice and Back Rebekah Sidman-Taveau, M.A., PhD  Marie Takai, M.A. Abstract TESOL students and teachers often express the challenge of translating educational theory into feasible and effective teaching methods. Misconceptions about a linear link between theory and practice complicate the task. Further compounding the issue is the situation of the teacher who has had a lifetime of experience with Audiolingualism or other traditional methods but who must grapple with newer theories that lend themselves to more alternative methods. This presentation offers a less encumbered perspective showing that the link between theory and practice is not necessarily a one way street and that theory may be applied consciously or instinctively, pre-lesson or post lesson. In the presentation, we share the experience of a non- native English speaker from Japan and her journey from an unhappy English pupil studying under traditional methods to a successful ESL Instructor in an adult ESL classroom. We detail the interplay between the teacher’s innovative practice and recent learning and second language acquisition theories, and explain how the teacher developed and implemented lessons using her experiences to make both instinctual choices and conscious theory applications. Readers will take away concrete examples of theory application in TESOL and gain understanding of the multiple routes for achieving the theory practice connection. Table of Contents Title Link to the file Description 1 Summary Word Document This document. The Summery and Links. 2 Presentation w PowerPoint 40 min presentations with text and visuals. Videos videos are inserted. 3 Presentation wo PowerPoint 40 min presentations with text and visuals. The links video to the videos included. 4 Handout Word Document Hound out. Guide to theories and references. 5 Recipe book PDF file Student written and illustrated recipe book produced in ESL class 6 Video 1: Video on YouTube How to make an Enchilada. Students’ final presentation. 7 Video 2: Video on YouTube The opening of the lesson. 8 Video 3: Video on YouTube A bodily kinesthetic activity in the lesson. Students’ use of an imperative: “show me”. 9 Presentation Word Document The notes for PowerPoint. Notes