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4 tips to drive unlimited free traffic to your website


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How To Drive Free Traffic To Your Website Fast And Get Ranked On Google First Page

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4 tips to drive unlimited free traffic to your website

  1. 1. 4 Tips To DriveUnlimited Free Traffic To Your Website by Marik Singh
  2. 2. Now days people are looking for more traffic or visitors to their websites, either to sell themsomething or increase their ranking on the search engines. Because of this, many Internet marketers arecoming out with software that claim to bring unending traffic to their websites and so you are nowfaced with a lots of mediocre software.About 95% of the people who have tried to sell something online ended up with frustration afteryears of spending so much money, but getting no or very little traffic to their site and theyeventually quit their internet business . Here are four tips for you to drive free traffic to your siteTip # 1Publish good quality content on your website.You should always remember that giving value to your readers is very important, it will result ina good flow of traffic to your website. Write quality content in your niche and then submit toarticle directories. Include your keyword or something important about your niche in yourarticle and when someone do a search in google or articles directories they will read your article.If it is well written and informative to them, chances are they will visit your website.Tip # 2Join Forums on your related niche market.Join forums that are full of others like minded people of the market that you are involved in. Forexample if you are selling guitars, join the forum on guitar. Make sure you put your website in yoursignature and participate in the forum actively, but do not ever leave spam, instead gain trust withmembers in the forum by answering questions and concerns of the member on issues related to yourniche, start conversations and make friends. After you do that, then you can start to link to your websitein the forum when its appropriate. This will definitely drive targeted traffic to your website.
  3. 3. Tip #3Make use of Social Networks to your advantage.Get your website listed on your Facebook, MySpace, Twitter or any other social networking sites thatyou are a member of. Look for other people who have the same interest as you. Interact with peoplethat are related to your niche. Social networking is really a thing these days, and if you use it properly,it can really help you to get traffic to your website.Tip #4Make affords to continuously promote your Website .It takes time and patience to get traffic to your site. What this means is that you need to constantly beengaged in promoting your website. Spending just one or two weeks promoting your site and thenletting it be is not going help you much in driving traffic to your site. Be consistence in your efforts towork to get traffic to your website over time. Dont give up or be discouraged, just continue with youraffords you should eventually succeed. To Help you automate your traffic, visit