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Three Signs of Zealous Service (Jan 12, 2014)


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Published in: Spiritual, Business
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Three Signs of Zealous Service (Jan 12, 2014)

  1. 1. ZEAL – ARDOR, FERVENT MIND, EMULATION Heb. ‘kinaw’ Greek – ‘zelos’
  2. 2. 1 - YOU ARE RICHER IN MINISTRY Acts 16:11-15
  3. 3. LYDIA - Rich, seller of purple cloth Worshipped, prayed with other women Heeded to the Gospel through Paul Baptized Opened up her home
  4. 4. LYDIA - Her home became the first Christian church in Philippi (Acts 16:40)
  5. 5. YOU ARE RICHER when your resources are being used in the ministry.
  6. 6. 2 - YOU ARE FULLER IN SUPPORT Acts 18:1-2, 18-29
  7. 7. PRISCILLA & AQUILA - Jews born in Italy (Rome) Tentmakers Available for ministry Leaders who trained more leaders “Risked their own necks” for Paul Known to churches
  8. 8. YOU ARE FULLER when you know your responsibilities and you do them fully for God.
  9. 9. 3 - YOU ARE DEEPER IN LEARNING Acts 18:27, 28
  10. 10. APOLLOS - Educated Knew John’s doctrines Taught accurately, zealously Teachable
  11. 11. YOU ARE DEEPER when you never stop learning and share them accurately to others.
  12. 12. Conclusion: WARNING! Romans 10:2
  13. 13. Better as the years go by (3x) Richer, fuller, deeper I’ll serve Jesus better Better as the years go by
  14. 14. What signs do you have to show your zeal?