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IEC Tech January 2017


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Project Presentation

Published in: Environment
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IEC Tech January 2017

  1. 1. IEC Technology Nano-Material Innovation BRINGING THE WORLD A CLEANER TOMORROW
  2. 2. IEC Technology THE COMPANY As the world turns each day, water clean up is becoming a major issue. Current solutions are extremely expensive and not very effective. The demand for clean water is growing everywhere. IEC Technology (Ion Energy Ceramic) has developed a new innovative Nano Material unlike any other. The original formula was developed in Japan with over $160M invested into the R&D and application tests were conducted by major universities throughout Japan. IECT is now capable of mass production by machinery at low cost. While most ceramic filters work well, the cost is extremely high and unaffordable by the end user. Our technology can clean up the water quickly and cost efficiently like no other product existing in the market.
  3. 3. THE PRODUCT IEC is a porous ceramic medium consisting of clay and minerals. It has magnetic properties that affect the Nano scale electrical charge characteristics. With IEC's proprietary Hydrophobic Activation Process, the product becomes oil- adsorbent and will not absorb water. Without the Hydrophobic Activation, it is highly water absorbent, or Hydrophilic. IEC can be sized for various applications as chunks, granular, or powder form and packaged for different markets. Used and recycled properly, IEC is a “GREEN” product . IEC Technology
  4. 4. IEC Technology PRIMARY IEC APPLICATIONS IEC can be used for environmental applications as a flow-through waste-stream filtration media. It removes high levels of oil and contaminants, as well as emulsified oil in water. It can be packaged in bags for use in filtration tanks for water clean-up, and it can also be packaged in socks and booms to contain ground spills, etc.
  5. 5. IEC Technology ADDITIONAL IEC APPLICATIONS: WATER PURIFICATION Oil-water Separation Oil Tanker ballast water treatment Ship Bilges Oil Clean-Up & Fence Contain or remove oil slicks Water Purification Improve filtration Assist in hard-water softening Filter Materials Filter reclaimed industrial water Fish preservers & aquariums Swimming pool filtration COD Reduction Treat effluent from factories PH Buffer Stabilize acidic or basic water conditions Improve drinking water quality GREENERY & LANDSCAPE ENHANCEMENT Dry Soil Enhance desert soil Help buffer acidic or alkaline soils (damaged by salt) Landscaping Assist in water fertilizer retention Gardening Houseplants Hydroponics – Special Applications Indoor plant culture (shopping malls, office buildings) Indoor Greenhouse Atriums AIR FILTRATION Deodorization Oil-Gas Absorption Removes oily smoke from restaurant char-broilers Fuel gas oil mist removal Automobile exhaust treatment Help eliminate organic odors by bioremediation CONSTRUCTION UTILITY Sound Absorbing and Insulating Building materials Acoustic materials Chimney lining for cold areas Heat-Resistant Materials Super heat-resistant tiles Construction Material Cement hardener catalyst Functional Materials Carrier for fixed ferments Carrier for catalysts RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCE Static Electricity Neutralizing Material Solvent Reclamation Dry cleaning solution High alcohol detergent Food oil recycling Anti-static agent for liquid hydrocarbon fuel PRACTICAL USES Floor Scatter Kitty litter Livestock farms Warehouse maintenance
  6. 6. IEC Technology MANUFACTURING & EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES IEC Technology plans on working with, acquiring and redeveloping existing inoperative and under-utilized brick/ceramic/refractory plants within the United States. The best natural resources for manufacturing IEC are located in the Midwest. The IEC project will provide thousands of much-needed new jobs from the resulting manufacturing operations. Help communities thrive in depressed areas where employment is needed.
  7. 7. IEC Technology MARKETING STRATEGY IEC will be first marketed as an environmental product to clean up waste oil in waste water. The product passively filters waste oil from contaminated water sources at any concentration, filtering the oil from the water to nearly non-detectable levels [less than 1 Part Per Million (ppm)]. IEC is made from Earth's natural resources, including select clays and processed agricultural organic waste materials and can be recycled multiple times. This will create effective recycling programs to reduce agricultural waste and increase crop value for farmers. In the final phase of recycled IEC products, it can be added to soil to increase moisture-holding capacity and increase nutrient content. Golf courses and landscapes can maintain beautiful green lawns with less water usage.. IECT will direct its marketing-focus to businesses in the following categories: Petroleum Industry, Agriculture, Federal, State & Local Government Departments, Private Industry.
  8. 8. IEC Technology Sales MFG Costs Gross Margin SALES PROJECTION Presently, IECT is actively pursuing investments to open its manufacturing facility. The funds will be used for Manufacturing Start-Up and Operating Expenses. The first year production is projected in the gross sales range of $10,500,000 U.S. (Figure 1).
  9. 9. IEC Technology MANAGEMENT TEAM MARI LORRAINE KIMURA, CEO /NANO MATERIAL SCIENTIST/CO FOUNDER Ms. Mari Kimura is the principal inventor of IEC and is an active environmental conservationist. Her unique skills in research and development has created a background experience of vast successes in the industries of fish, fashion and filters. Her successes relate to develop international administration, planning and production coordinating of commercial businesses. At a young age, Ms. Kimura had pioneered with her father to develop and produce a special politically observed project for the Government of Mexico and the Japanese Fishing Association. The achievements are well recognized for their educational and successful fishing project focused in environmentally safe capture and processing of fresh and frozen seafood products. Ms. Kimura was also the ambassador of the Japanese Fishing Association in Mexico for many years and supportively worked to support the Department of Fisheries of the Federal Government of Mexico. Administrative advisor and assistant to the president in one of Matsushita’s (Panasonic) Electronic plants in Mexico under the guideline and support of the NAFTA program. She supervised the manufacturing operations of over 600 employees and established their first Administrative Quality Control Department. She also has extensive experience as a freelance artist in textile and fashion designs featured by Neiman Marcus, Z Gallery and many other retail stores. Her experience and expertise as an image consultant/stylist for the advertisement and entertainment industries include clients such as: Coca Cola Japan, Proctor and Gamble, Kodak, Disney, Miller Brewing Co., etc. Ms. Kimura has also developed new images and worked with many top celebrity performers. Her communication skills include fluent English, Japanese and Spanish languages.
  10. 10. IEC Technology YUMI VIOLET KIMURA, PRESIDENT & CO-FOUNDING PARTNER Ms. Kimura is an executive producer, owner and partner of OPM Productions, LLC. A multimedia marketing and commercial service company with offices in Los Angeles, Tokyo, Shanghai and London. Ms. Kimura is an expert in multimedia marketing and producing for over 25 years. Specializing in TV commercials, graphic campaigns, corporate industrials, music videos, educational online media, etc. Her client list includes: Anthem Blue Cross, Shiseido, Honda, Health Net, Suntory, Coco Cola, Disney, Callaway, Toyota, Nissan, USC, Asahi, Proctor & Gamble, Yamano, etc.) Ms. Kimura sits on the board and is full partners in five other companies, ranging from software development to manufacturing of specialty California wines for export to China. Ms. Kimura is a cofounder, initial investor and assisted in market research for CFP and IEC Technology. Ms. Kimura has acquired many future potential sales accounts for IEC with fortune 500 companies and international government entities when product is commercially available for sales. DAVID MALOW, DIRECTOR OF MANUFACTURING Mr. Malow offers more than three decades of ceramic and brick manufacturing and management experience. Mr. Malow began working at entry level and was promoted to Vice-President and General Manager in Castaic Brick Manufacturing, Inc. Mr. Malow supervised all department managers including, CFO, Plant Superintendent, Sales Manager, QC/QA Department, and Office Manager. Mr. Malow worked directly with all key clients including The Home Depot and Lowe’s Home Improvement Stores, as well as other retail major vendors. Mr. Malow’s achievements at Castaic Brick Manufacturing were: Most Profitable years in company’s 50 year history back in 2000. , he made company record for “no lost time” for Safety and in 2000 he received a bonus award. Related skills include: Excellent negotiation skills, effectively handles multiple tasks, problem solver, well regarded for interpersonal, written and oral communication skills. Currently, Mr. Malow Volunteers at Eisenhower Medical Center as a Grief Recovery Specialist as humanitarian efforts for his community in Palm Springs, California (July 2008 –Present)
  11. 11. IEC Technology KELLY RYAN, ESQ., CORPORATE COUNSEL, Graduated from Southwestern University Law school in 1997, where he finished in the top 5% of his class and was a member of the Southwestern University Law Review. Mr. Ryan also attended the University of British Columbia, where he obtained a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology in 1983, and United States International University, where he obtained a Master of Arts in Educational Psychology in 1990. Mr. Ryan was admitted to the State Bar of California in June 1998 and is formerly an appointed Trustee and current member of the Los Angeles County Bar Association, member of the American Trial Lawyers Association and the American Bar Association. He is the past chairperson of the Small Firm and Solo Practitioner Section of the Los Angeles County Bar Association. Following law school, Mr. Ryan was a sole practitioner before forming Russakow, Ryan and Johnson, PC in 2001, where he was a founding partner. At Russakow, Ryan and Johnson, Mr. Ryan handled a broad range of transactional and litigation matters, construction litigation, eminent domain, trade secret and unfair competition, and employment, representing both the plaintiff and defense. Mr. Ryan has successfully litigated cases outside of California representing clients in litigation in Utah, Massachusetts, Illinois and Missouri. In January 2007, Mr. Ryan formed the Ryan Law Firm to concentrate on a more personalized practice handling the litigation of a growing number of businesses and consumer clients in the areas of employment, business, personal injury, real estate and construction. Mr. Ryan is the author of Science Classroom Safety and the Law: A Handbook for Teachers (Flinn Scientific: 2001) and has lectured to teachers and school district administrators and board members on the legal implications and duties of teachers in the Science Classroom. He has served on the Liability Committee of the National Science Teachers Association and is a co-author of the current NSTA official position statement on Liability of Science Educators for Laboratory Safety (Adopted September 2007).
  12. 12. IEC Technology WILLIAM K. KIMURA, DIRECTOR OF APPLICATION RESEARCH. The late Mr. William Kimura was a California Registered Environmental Health Specialist with over 25 years of experience in hazardous materials handling and disposal, housing and institutions, medical facilities and medical waste management, food facility operations, occupational health and safety, and medical waste management programs in governmental settings. He possessed a Master’s Degree in Health Science with emphasis in Occupational Health and Safety Administration and Hazardous Materials Management. Mr. Kimura’s experience included: program planning, regulatory compliance, enforcement, loss control and risk management, industrial plan checking, staffing, supervision and university level instruction and training. Mr. Kimura instructed courses part time in Environmental Management for the Universities of California in various locations. Mr. Kimura was the Director at Pasadena Health Department and had trained over 2,000 California health inspectors. His thesis became a teaching guide to all Health Science students in the California Universities. Mr. Kimura received multiple honorary awards from the State of California for his lifetime achievements in the Health Department. The late Mr. Kimura worked closely with Mari Kimura (a brother and sister team) to develop IEC Technology over the course of two decades. Providing guidance to applications in waste water treatment. Ms. Mari Kimura was able to perfect the modifications in the formulation of IEC Technology products with great assistance from her late big brother, who gave her limitless support, advice, guidance and the motivation for her work in the development of this technology. Mr. Kimura will always be honored for his contributions to developing this unique technology. The technology capable of saving millions of lives in the future.
  13. 13. IEC Technology PRODUCT DEMONSTRATION LINK: CONTACT INFORMATION IEC TECHNOLOGY, LLC Attn: Mari Kimura P.O. Box 1034, Beverly Hills, CA 90213 Tel: 323 394-0303 Email: © IEC TECHNOLOGY 2017