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Slides for SharePoint Saturday Belgium
SharePoint leans heavily on partner opportunities, we all know that. But that doesn’t mean you have to cough up a lot of dough to get it working properly. In the light of the economical situation and the given metric that IT departments are receiving less money but are required to give more service, this is something that is growing in importance.

In this session we are looking at real-life situations and how free tools and add-ons can make a huge difference in how you work with SharePoint with minimal effort.

This is not a sales session, but a real-life case based session on how to score quick wins in your company.

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  • Spsbe2013 free tools presentation

    1. 1. Quick wins for your SharePointplatform with free add-ons andtools#spsbe #spsbe07Marijn somers@marijnsomers
    2. 2. Thanks to ourSponsorsPlatinumGoldSilver
    3. 3. About me• @marijnsomers• Balestra (www.balestra.be)• Business oriented - Focus onGovernance• VP SPEDUC• Fencing - Golf• 4HB – Quantified self
    4. 4. Trends• IT budget going down• Long approval for software• Education / Government
    5. 5. Contents DeveloperEnd-user InfrastructureBusiness &Governance
    6. 6. ViewRescue• Lists / libraries• Add a webpart• Lose the view / ribbon tabs• www.pentalogic.net/sharepoint-products/free-stuff
    7. 7. HtmlCalculatedcolumn• add your own html to a list• Kpi’s• Bar charts• Custom links• www.pentalogic.net/sharepoint-products/free-stuff
    8. 8. SPRellowww.pentalogic.net/sharepoint-products/free-stuff
    9. 9. CodeplexfilteredlookupCross-site lookup (all sites within same site collection)Filter retrieved data using list views or dynamic/ad-hoc CAMLqueriesSupports MultiLookup with filtered dataSame look and feel as default SharePoint Lookup andMultiLookup (i.e. in list forms)filteredlookup.codeplex.com
    10. 10. Batch edit• Ribbon button• Allows you to edit # items• Vase demo• Orbit One & TamTam• sp2010batchedit.codeplex.com
    11. 11. Charts• All kinds of charts• Sum / count / avg• Background color• Chart colorwww.amrein.com/sharepoint
    12. 12. ULS Viewer• Log viewer• A lot of versions• archive.msdn.microsoft.com/ULSViewer
    13. 13. Other CamlDesignerWeb Essentials 2012 (VS Extension)SPFastDeploy (VS Extension)Developer Dashboard VisualizerSPS Solution deployer
    14. 14. jQuery • Javascript library• Code that runs on your pc (not on server)• Used for creating dynamic/interactive websites• Write less, do more• Cross-browser• Open source• First release: 2006• 117 000 000 google results
    15. 15. jQueryadvantages• EASY• Minimum development skills• FAST• “No” Test / Acceptance /Production stage• Don’t have to deploy solutions invisual studio• VERSION INDEPENDEND
    16. 16. jQueryexamplesHide fieldsModify values and attributesTranslationsSet – get valuesQuerystringEventsValidationhttp://www.balestra.be/start-to-jquery
    17. 17. SPServices • jQuery library• Abstracts SharePoint web services ->easier to use• Cascaded dropdowns• GetCurrentUser• Filter dropdown• Add item to lookup value• Arrange choices
    18. 18. SpServerNameShirin Parseecodeplex• > 1 front end server ?• What front end are you using?1. custom headers configured in IIS, and then use Fiddler to get info out2. wrap “System.Environment.MachineName” in the masterpage3. turn off the front end server one by one and see if the user can still seethe site4. develop a webpart that shows the information5. use the codeplex solution SPServerNamefor adminsUsers: ?showserver=1
    19. 19. Fiddler Web debuggerAllows you to see all http traffic & requestshttp headersWarning: you get to see a lot of information !!!
    20. 20. Project sitewww.brightwork.com
    21. 21. User adoption& intranetideasIntranet launch videos and teasersNot all are SharePointGives great insight on end user communicationCan give you new ideas on building an intranethttp://www.scoop.it/t/intranet-launch-videos-and-teaserswww.scoop.it/t/intranet-launch-videos-and-teasers
    22. 22. Governance:AxcelerPinPointinfo.axceler.com/axceler-pinpoint-download/download-pinpoint-here/
    23. 23. Harmon.ieharmon.ie/integrate-sharepoint-outlook
    24. 24. What yourusers willthink of you
    25. 25. What yourmanager willsay
    26. 26. Resources forfree toolsBiwug downloads pageCodeplexAmreinPentalogicList.ly developer tools
    27. 27. THANK YOUMarijn SomersMarijn.somers@balestra.bewww.balestra.be@marijnsomers